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Quake Hits New Madrid Seismic Zone Illinois

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1 Quake Hits New Madrid Seismic Zone Illinois on Sat May 30, 2015 12:26 pm


Quake Hits New Madrid Seismic Zone Illinois
Friday, May 29, 2015 19:13

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New post on Dutchsinse
5/29/2015 — New Madrid Seismic Zone Illinois Earthquake — 3.4 magnitude hits FORECAST AREA  DIRECTLYby Michael Janitch
[ltr]Get the word out, earthquake forecast direct hit near my home town of Saint Louis Missouri.
This morning an earthquake forecast was issued for the New Madrid
Seismic Zone , calling for 3.0M to 4.0M activity to strike South Illinois towards the Indiana border over the next 7 days.

Move forwards about 12 hours, and we now see a very rare 3.4M earthquake has struck South Illinois towards the Indiana border in the EXACT area warned, for the exact magnitude warned.

This is proof earthquakes can indeed be forecast to issue warnings for small regions over a specific time.
See the earthquake forecast calling for activity for the New Madrid Seismic Zone / Illinois here:

Keep in mind we haven’t called for New Madrid movement in over a year, and we haven’t seen any activity in Illinois like this in even longer.
This movement was expected to occur across Missouri , Illinois, and Indiana due to the excessive craton pressure we’ve been seeing build over the past week.
Information on this earthquake from the USGS:
M3.4 – 9km N of Fairfield, Illinois

[/ltr][th]Magnitude[/th][th]Location / uncertainty[/th][th]Depth / uncertainty[/th][th]Origin Time[/th][th]Number of Stations[/th][th]Number of Phases[/th][th]Minimum Distance[/th][th]Travel Time Residual[/th][th]Azimuthal Gap[/th][th]FE Region[/th]
3.4 mlg
38.461°N 88.355°W± 0.6 km
26.2 km± 0.6
2015-05-30 00:41:14.690 UTC
9.31 km (0.08°)
0.3 sec
Illinois (488)
[ltr]Michael Janitch | May 29, 2015 at 8:27 pm | Tags: aardbeving, ज्वालामुखी, भूकंप, विस्फोट, Bulkan, de vulcão, earth, earthquake, Earthquakes, erdbeben, Erupção, erupce, eruzione, σεισμός, του, έκρηξη, ηφαιστείου, jordskælv, jordskjelv, l’éruption du volcan, lava, magma, quake, quakes, sopky, terremoto, tremblement de terre, volcanic, volcano, volcanoes, volcanos, vulcano, Vulkaan, vulkaanuitbarsting, Vulkanausbruch, vulkanudbruddet, zemětřesení, 地震火山噴火 | Categories: earthquakes and volcano a
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