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The Elders (Part One)

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1The Elders (Part One) Empty The Elders (Part One) on Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:08 pm



The Elders (Part One)

Due to not having a proper name to use for this group, your writer has decided to create one.  So, we will can this group The Elders.  He has called them The Oldest Ones in the past but this isn't true, as they are not the oldest anything.

Oral tradition is ancient and still the most commonly used way of recording and passing along history.

Some groups and even some entire races exist to experience and witness history unfold on various planets, during various times, for many different reasons.

Some writings are done.  Often in such a way that they are not obviously historical accounts.  Most of the time, these writings appear written as one would write a fictional story and not in the style we traditionally write our history.   The writings are usually created for the groups membership, to share experiences between themselves.  The true history is retold by those who live through it, when required or deemed useful.

When Atlantis arrived and the beings inside of it began to share their culture and create their first city, they also created a group for this purpose of witnessing history.  The group they created are the group we will call Elders.

The Elders were selected by the Captain of Atlantis and eventually the acting Queens as time went on.  Those selected for this group were chosen from the Human population of the time.  They were all taught a singular method for prolonging their physical lives which they kept secret amongst them.  They were meant to live through the rest of human history and witness all events as they happen.  For the purpose of experiencing new occurrences and sharing them with future generations of humanity.

Thirteen were made in total, but the number of members the group was meant to maintain was eleven.  Nine still exist to this day.

During the time of Atlantis they would travel everywhere they could, talking to people, lurking in popular places.  Witnessing and sharing with others what they know and had learned.  They spread the teachings of the Atlantian culture far and wide for those who wanted to learn them.

They also acted as a sort of council who the Atlantian Queen would share ideas for furthering  the culture with.  The Elders became representatives of humanity, doing their best to ensure the interests of the majorities and minorities were heard by the rulers of Atlantis.  Any decisions that needed to be made would be agreed or disagreed to,  by these Elders.

When Atlantis left, and the culture was in ruin, humans turned to the Elders for guidance and leadership.  Which they attended to for a long time.

Until the Draco arrived.

It was the Elders who made the deal with the Draco.  They were acting on behalf of humanity because humanity asked them to.  They advised against the deal with the Draco but allowed humans the choice.

We can all see what choice they made.

This is not unlike the choice you will be making now.

Posted by The Ruiner at 6/27/2015 12:42:00 PM

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