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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » [Exclusive] Jade Helm 15 Exercises are now Popping up in “Unlisted” Locations

[Exclusive] Jade Helm 15 Exercises are now Popping up in “Unlisted” Locations

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[Exclusive] Jade Helm 15 Exercises are now Popping up in “Unlisted” Locations

Posted: July 20, 2015

Andrew Pontbriand | July 20, 2015
Special Report:
Many people around the country are still waiting anxiously, day in and day out, to see if Jade Helm 15 is really a nefarious “martial law” drill, or just another military exercise that is routine, but blown a bit out of proportion. We do know some things for sure, one of them being that the military — SOCOM specifically, has not been exactly transparent as to what Jade Helm 15 really is.
As we reported a couple of days ago, it seems the military drills for “unconventional warfare” and the training on American soil to ready soldiers for “urban environments,” although that very thought is scary enough for some, is really just a cover up for a much larger agenda. The agenda, is the Artificial Intelligence “takeover” of the US military.
We also know that the military straight up told the media in general, nobody will get close enough to see what is going on as the drills take place, and that soldiers will also be “blending in society. There really is no doubt that Jade helm is really two-prong, and there is no question that the “urban environment” training they are partaking in, is desensitizing a select group of men to operate on American soil if need be, even if that isn’t the stated mission. Many people do agree that US soldiers wouldn’t take orders to execute gun confiscation, military arrests, and the like, and i do as well, however the provision that “legalizes” this in the NDAA, coupled with the likelihood that the 1,200 or so men involved in this drill were selected for a reason, shows this is more than possible. Do I think the exercise will “go live” or something will happen to trigger our worst fears? No. I do however believe that if people want to monitor JH-15, that is their right and their prerogative. 

JH-15 Taking Place in Undeclared Locations?
Earlier this morning a reader of mine sent me a picture of a Press Release that originated from the Schaumburg Police Department. I checked it out, and sure enough Lt. Shawn Green, Public Information officer,(I left a message on the Departments telephone, and then with the P.I. officer directly, to no avail) issued a Press Release that stated the following:
The Village of Schaumburg is providing support for routine military training exercises in and around the Chicagoland area over the next week. This routine training, which has been planned for several months, is being conducted by military personnel in cities across the country. The exercises are designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments overseas, as service members meet mandatory training certification requirements and prepare for upcoming deployments worldwide. As part of this training, residents can expect to see increased aircraft activity, including helicopter flights. All training activities have been pre-coordinated with federal, state and local officials, and the locations have been carefully selected to minimize the impact on the daily routine of residents. The training is not open to the public and the sites will be secured to ensure the safety of residents and the participants.

Interestingly, there are a few key words in this [url= Training Exercises.pdf]Press Release[/url] that are eerily similar to what we are supposed to expect out of Jade Helm 15. For example, “The exercises are designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments…” is exactly what JH-15 is supposed to be used for, and of course, “The training is not open to the public and the sites will be secured to ensure the safety of residents and the participants.” The exercise in Schaumburg is slated to run from July 20 – July 25, but that does not have any relevance in whether this is part of Jade Helm or not, since we know JH-15 will run altogether for about 8 weeks, regardless of location.
So, is Jade Helm 15 actually taking place in more places than they originally showed us? The official map is shown below.
We now have rather strong evidence that suggests Jade Helm 15 training is going on in places that the military did not disclose directly. This of course has been something people have speculated on, but now we have a solid lead. The interesting thing (I am not connecting dots, just pointing it out) is that there is the now notorious “black site” that was exposed at Homan Sq. in Chicago. Is there a connection? Probably not. However, given the nature of the horrid rights violations that occurred to the people who were sent to the Homan Sq. rendition site, it does not mix well with the already deep fears people have of Jade Helm 15.
If anyone else has any information, or evidence more than hearsay of JH-15 operating in your area, please contact us directly at

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