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Occupy Adam's Calendar,Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation: Geneticist W. Brown"

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Occupy Adam's Calendar,Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation: Geneticist W. Brown" a film by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 26-Jun-2012 22:28:11

Occupy Adam's Calendar,Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation:Geneticist W. Brown" a film by Alfred Lambremont Webre

lor=red]]"Occupy Adam's Calendar" is a tour de force on film on the science of extraterrestrial intervention and genetic manipulation of our Earth human species as seen through the genius of University of Hawaii geneticist William Brown. The film grows out of Occupy Adam's Calendar, a 280,000 year-old Annunaki extraterrestrial site in South Africa. On November 28, 2011 international researchers including University of Hawaii geneticist William Brown joined activist and author Michael Tellinger to Occupy Adam's Calendar, break the cycle of Annunaki extraterrestrial occupation, and reveal it to the world.

"Occupy Adam's Calendar, Part I - Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation: Geneticist William Brown" is the first release in a multi-part film, "Occupy Adam's Calendar" by Alfred Lambremont Webre
"Occupy Adam's Calendar-Part I" has been getting excellent early online reviews, and the film appears it will increase public interest in the extraterrestrial genetic origins of humanity.
Online Reviews YOU TUBE (June 26, 2012):
"It's true. Truth is stranger than fiction! Great film"
"Well done Alfred! Excellent interview!"
"Thanks so much Alfred. I can't wait for part 2! Very hopeful information."
"Amazing stuff thanks for sharing."
"Thanks William and Alfred, extremely thought provoking presentation. Will need to re-listen a couple more times, walk lots and let these ideas and concept roll around up there. Part-2 is much anticipated."
"Thanks William and Alfred, extremely thought provoking presentation."
"Interesting. Thank You"
"Awesome awesome awesome, sharing"
"Very refreshing and worth the price of admission! Thank You William and Alfred, twas the best explanation i've heard thus far of our evolution. Namaste"
"Fabulous information! This not only tied together some loose ends of information I did not quite understand, but it also assists me personally by reminding me to keep my vibration and frequency out of the fear zone and in the love zone."
"very interesting. great video. bro Alfred"

"All in the Bible. The slate wiped clean from past civilizations, and 7 sub-species of humans planted, created in their image, approx. 5-6K years ago. Some of us figured it out long ago as Darwinism contradicted all emperical evidence of the current species. FYI, the moon is an artificial satelite under intelligent control. Check out the fission reactor, bright spot lower left, with a 100X scope on a clear night-a 22 miles wide. Get a 3rd gen night scope and watch the visitors nightly antics." "i echo the sentiments below, many thanks for this and the links ALW"
"Thank you, Alfred - Can hardly wait for the next part of this fascinating subject."
"Queen Elizabeth Windsor is current Annunaki bloodline planetary ruler. And she just had her jubilee or celebration of matriarchal leadership. what has changed my friend? the Illuminati is still in control and killing our Beautiful Mother Earth.
"Out-illuminating the Illuminati. Dazzling Humanity Awakes."
"William Brown's viewpoint is fascinating. I look forward to the other parts of this presentation. Many thanks to Alfred L. Webre for sharing this information with us."
"Thank you~~~~~~~shared~~~~~~)"
"The midnight Tokers say total respect Alfred"
"Classic dissertation"
"let freedom reign!" [/size]

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