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El Hierro Volcano at Canary Islands over 750 Quakes in 4 Days

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El Hierro Volcano at Canary Islands over 750 Quakes in 4 Days - EMSC publishes some quakes but USGS doesn't

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Thursday, 28-Jun-2012 19:47:19
Alert: 4-5 Inch Bulge in Just 4 Days At Canary Islands El Hierro Volcano Over 750 Quakes 28/2012/06

Published on Jun 28, 2012 by Marygreeley1954
Original source for above video on Spanish website (click here: to view).
Earthquakes Today: Largest Earthquakes in the World - EMSC
2012-06-28 18:55:58.3
27.67 N 18.11 W 21 3.5
2012-06-28 15:33:23.1
27.71 N 18.11 W 23 3.4
2012-06-28 13:18:42.5
27.72 N 18.12 W 17 3.1
Scan through the USGS list (link provided below) and you will not find any 2.5 or higher eq's listed for the Canary Islands region for the past week.
Latest Earthquakes in the World Past 7 days (USGS)



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