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1 BORN INTO DARKNESS on Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:51 pm



August 11, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorizedreincarnation

As we are moving forward into time/future, we are starting to or have already figured out who we are. One thing most of the readers on this blog agree on is that we not humans with a Soul, rather a Soul occupying a human body. We can also agree to a certain degree that we have been tampered with. Most of us don’t buy the biblical version of God creating Adam and Eve. God created man in the image of him and genetically created Eve using Adam’s DNA. We can conclude that most religions today are set off from this alien god who proclaimed himself as God, though through many different cultures, many gods have been worshipped.
Where am I going with this? We know pretty well with certainty who we are and how we got here, but we are still debating what happens to us after we leave this body. We are born into this world without our memories so we have no clue who we are and where we came from. Some of us are fortunate enough to remember past lives, but most of us, including myself can’t remember how many lives and where we lived throughout the Souls existence.
The popular notion is that there is a tunnel one goes through when one dies to be with the loving light. This concept of going towards the light is now a source for jokes and movies. I believe it’s a trick and that our souls are lured to the light by alien beings on the moon and used as a source of energy. Perhaps they are not from the moon, but they are not of this world and this dimension. I also believe these aliens or entities are archons, but I don’t believe they have exclusive rights to conning us into going to the light.
It’s our destiny when coming here on how to win the game of life and escape the prison planet Earth which is an illusion or holographic matrix that we dream, that we have created to be our reality here. There are many different versions of this topic but I for one don’t believe that we are living in a hologram, if that was the case, the program can be changed by Creator at any time and not have us suffer like this. I don’t believe any God/Source/Creator would allow us to have to deal with what we are dealing with right now. Even if we made mistakes, or created a reality we didn’t know would turn out like this, I just don’t believe this is a hologram or computer program.
Souls on Earth live in a holographic prison and are being farmed as energy source? At death souls are lured to the light and the moon by beautiful sights and sounds or by entities posing as loved ones in order for our energy to be harvested?
There is some kin of tower or technology on the moon that enables this. I believe the moon was brought into our solar system as a means of controlling us or blocking our ability to travel beyond the solar system.  The souls minds are scrambled, the souls are contained inside the moon for a period of time until they are transferred to the sun as a fuel or energy source. It most likely occurs during a total eclipse. Souls memories wiped clean, bleached or dyed by the light and are recycled to be reincarnated or reincarcerated back to Earth as a food source that is farmed by entities which feed off our energy.
So, we get mooned and are SOL (shit out of luck). The soul is dyed or bleached and is released and sent to Earth where it’s recycled or reincarnated and where they feed off the negative emotions generated from our stressful lives as slave and imprisoned by our body cells and our chemical compounds.
We are kept here by gravity. We’re tricked for it is a game of life for the human race.
You know, there is a mystery to life. From the moment we are born as babies, we have amnesia or complete ignorance as to where we come from and why we are here. Something is really wrong.
This reminds me of a few movies I watched where the person was in a car accident or severely injured and upon awakening has no recall of who they are. They begin their journey backwards trying to figure out who they are and can’t stop until they put all the pieces together. We are born in this condition except for the age difference, it takes us at least 30 years to realize who we really are. Our parents pre-program us to start in school where the education system takes over. If our parents are religious they will shove their religion down our throats without ever asking us if that is what we want. Catholics baptize a baby at few months of age. Like myself, nobody asked me if I wanted to be anointed with the water of ignorance. We go through life believing we are mortal humans, victims of our genes therefore live in fear that we will get the same diseases our ancestors did and parents. We are taught to judge others by their education and money. We are helpless humans depending upon the mercy of God to give or take. We blindly go through life and some of us NEVER figure it out so they fear death, they kill to postpone their death, they spend thousands of dollars pre-purchasing their graves and splitting up the family because their will was not conducive to some of the family members. It’s sad isn’t it?
Contributing to our ignorance are secrecy and lies. If there is a God, then why does everything die, breakdown, we get sick, suffer from diseases, age and die in suffering. Creatures eat each other just to survive. We have insects and animals that serve no purpose in nature, but only to poison and kill us.
We can be influenced or controlled by the Sun, our thoughts are largely based on what we are taught growing up or conditioning, there is a lot of brainwashing going on or mind manipulation so what we see here, that is words that we see around us and we’re inundated by them constantly.
Art imitates life and life in turn reflects the bigger picture. We have language and logs and media that also influences us subconsciously and the beliefs about the sun and the moon, light and dark so that would include music, television and movies.
Also, religion and politics can use our emotions against us and provokes us into flag waving in justifying the cause for holy wars. The devil is in the details I say.
We languish in our language because we are spellbound by the spelling of words which pronounced a life sentence with prison terms. In our language we use curse words and cursive writing. English has Germanic origins and it’s likely that the English letters have a recent Germanic runes which were used for magic and casting spells. The ancient magic books of Europe which contained instructions to summon demons were known as the Grimoires, French word for “grammar”. A “grimoire” or spellbook is a derivative of the french word “grammaire”.
Another language which is subconscious is corporate logos. Logos are symbols that speak indirectly to the conscious mind and their colors, shapes and images can influence thoughts without even being aware of it, and product names such as Sunkist and Pinesol and logos which include the sun, moon and stars; manipulate our emotions to associate the product with the symbol and vice-versa.
We can see the mind manipulation through logo’s such as Dreamworks Pictures where a boy is sitting on the moon with a fishing lure cast down into the waters below. A Miller Highlife neon light shows a siren with a witches hat sitting on the moon and holding up a golden beer like the goddess Columbia holds up her torch in the Columbia Pictures logo.
The Miller Highlife sign reads: “Fishing, reel in the highlife”.
The moon eclipsing the sun is shown in the movie poster “The Ring”with the tagline: “Before you die, you see the ring”., of course it’s depicting a total eclipse and it’s an uncanny coincidence that the moon’s diameter is 400 times smaller than the Sun’s, yet it is 400 times closer to the Earth so that it just about perfectly blocks out the sun during the Solar Eclipse.
The backside or so called darkside of the moon has another eery coincidence and that the moon just happens to rotate slow enough at the same side always faces the Earth. Also, there have been structures seen on the moon such as towers and conical shaped buildings.
The sun has been connected to sacrifice since the dawn of time. The Aztec, Mayan pre-Incan priests built pyramids of the Sun who’s unfinished tops were alters for bloody rituals of human sacrifice taking place. Human hearts were ripped out of the victims chests and offered up to the Sun and thrown into the sacrificial fire in order to keep the Sun alive and moving along it’s journey. In return, the Sun God would continue to sacrifice it’s life and energy so that man could live.
In Christian theology, the Son of god representing the Sun of God was sacrificed and gave his life for us so that we could have eternal life in return. And in return, we give our hearts to Jesus, the morning star of the world who walks on water or the Sun of God.
You have the hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Order of the Solar Temple, United Order of the Golden Cross, Knights of the Golden Circle. Freemasons have the Blazing Star emblem and the letter G which I believe is the Sun since our dictionary defines our Sun as a G-Class star and also defines SOL as the letter G in the music scale. DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI,DO. Do the research and it will confirm what is written here.
In the music industry we have seen a huge increase in Illuminati symbols and gestures such as the One Eye symbol, 666 gestures and other hand gestures. They make these gestures with their hands as if they know something we don’t.
Perhaps they’re just puppets of the Illuminati, just doing what they are being told to do or perhaps they have sold their souls for fame and fortune. The music shows seems to be steeped in on-stage rituals even involving blood in some cases.
Magic wands were always made out of the wood of the Holly tree, it’s made out of Holly wood. Hollywood is a druidic establishment made up of symbols, the words, the stories are designed to manipulate us.
Movies and books titled “Saved by the Light”or “Embraced by the Light”are all subconscious programs to make us believe that going to the light is heaven. Most messages we get in society favor the light but there are few lesser known people who perhaps boldly come forward to warn about the lies such as Ex-Cia Pilot John Lear.
In an episode of Voyager, an alien enters the human mind trying to get it to accept the light. These alien entities are what Gnostics called/warned are the Archons. They warned us about them. They look similar to small gray aliens only in Embryo form.
As above, so below, supposedly god created us in his image, so concepts such as humor, entertainment and games exist here, so they must exist at the source or higher realms and dimensions.
Good news is that life is a game. Games are fun and for our amusement. The human race is obsessed with games. We have the Olympic games, Big ball games, big gamehunters, virtual reality computer games, word games, game pods, game shows. The Game of Life is one of the best selling games of all times.
By the time we figure it all out, we are preparing to die. We spend our lives searching for truth that is so cleverly hidden from us, every segment of our lives is planned and programmed to keep us in the dark.
Did we come here to play the game of life? Or did we come here in a competition to see who would figure it out first?
You tell me.

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