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1 HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE on Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:01 pm



August 26, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorizedhappiness

What is happiness? Don’t you want to be happy? We’re all searching for it are we not? That illusive happy state is always around the corner, just another $500 purse, another $1000 leather jacket, another set of new shoes and I will be happy.
When I was searching for it years ago, I could afford to buy all those things and more. In fact, I would walk into a shopping mall not needing anything, but the big wad of bills in my wallet just didn’t want to stay there, so I bought more stuff because I could and on the way home I was happy, unpacking the boxes I was happy, putting the stuff on made me happy and then getting all dressed up and sitting in a fancy restaurant all by myself didn’t make me happy. My friends had to work all day long for less pay and could not afford the place or time to have lunch with me while I enjoyed working for myself as a highly paid consultant and could eat lunch everyday.
There was a period in my life where the kids had left home and I was finally able to dedicate my time to my career fulltime. By then I had acquired enough skills and experience to demand good money with a new car and company shares. It was the first time I could be selfish and spend money on myself and live the life I always dreamed about. I considered that financial success because I was not yet 40 years old.
Then one day, my world came crashing when my doctor told me I had a rare form of liver cancer and there was nothing they could do. I am grateful it happened to me then because it was early enough to get my shit together and start over. I realized all the material things I had acquired were through unhealthy living, chronic stress, deadline pressures and constantly travelling and eating at the wrong times. My whole existence came into question because I had just completed my work and issues with money. It started to come in as thanked Universe for all that I had and this happiness didn’t last very long but at least I could afford to be treated at a private hospital in Mexico for 5 weeks using natural therapies.
Of course the story ends happily otherwise I would not be writing about it, but I wanted to share my experiences about how I too thought happiness was out there just waiting for me to find it and that I could buy it with money.
During those time of healing, I learned that I caused my illness, holding rage inside for years manifested in the liver and I would spend the following 4 years deeply involved in spirituality and seeking the path to true happiness. This is where I discovered Nichiren Daishonen buddhism, joined the organization and made truly wonderful friends. There was no god or authority to bow to, no rules or regulations, it was about finding happiness and clearing our karma by chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO.
Our group studies were all focused on our personal growth, community work and removing the blocks we place to keep us in a state of suffering. There was no god to worship, no authority to bow down to, only our own enlightenment and it worked, I was cured of cancer in 9 months. I can’t say it was the natural treatments, the acupuncture or the chanting, but I was free of all pain, illness and suffering.
What is happiness? It means different things for different people. Right now,  a hungry child might consider a bowl of rice happiness, or a family running from bombs into shelter. Happiness can mean sitting with your loved one and watching a movie together but these are all fledging moments, none of them are permanent. Without looking up the meaning in the various dictionaries, let me define happiness.
Happiness is a state of being when despite chaos around us, despite problems and all the negativity in our current reality we can look at it with joy and just see it for what it is. Happiness is the Inner State of peace, love, joy that does not stop just because external sources are difficult. It’s how we respond to life. I doubt that anyone lives a problem free life, but it’s how we view our situation. This is what I define as happiness. When it rains you’re happy. When it’s thundering you’re happy. When the whole world is falling apart, your inner state is happy.
Can we truly be happy despite the chaos happening on this planet? I believe we can thought no one said it would be easy. Before we can even venture into being in a state of happiness, we have to remove the blinds from our eyes, we have to remove ourselves as participants of this world and become observers. The systems are put into place to keep us unhappy, therefore, we have to remove ourselves from those systems of religion, education, mass media and measuring time.
We have to overcome our Ego. The ego is young, it wasn’t introduced into humans until much later than the original human body. It’s design was to keep us fighting with the Ego. It only knows that it exists by relativity to other egos. The ego knows it exists in company of other egos. Only humans have Egos by the way.
We must form relationships with light, with darkness, with animals and plants. Your happiness is not about making love with your partner or having a huge family dinner. It is the force that we derive from being part of ALL that is. It is knowledge about nature and how it is so intelligently designed to keep us alive. Without trees and flora, there would be no oxygen to breath, without rain we die and all life dies dependent on water.
The false matrix sold you a pile of bullshit what true happiness is so that you can spend more money looking for it. Happiness is not being in love, it’s BEING loved. It’s about ‘feeling’ your greatness in this reality, it’s about ‘knowing’ who you truly are and what you are capable of.
I spent many years healing the wounds of my past using Psychology. Sure, it gave me a better understanding of why I did certain things or why I thought a certain way. It didn’t bring me happiness.
I discovered happiness when I discovered who I was. When I realized how powerful I am, why I am here and what my purpose is for being here then I became happy. You see, without purpose you are just walking among the rest of the zombies either drugged on anti-depressants or overworked in this slavery system. You were never designed to be a human playing the “let’s stall the death game”, you are a beautiful Soul who came here to “play the game of life”.
Once you truly “feel” and “know” this, happiness manifests on it’s own because that is your true state of being. Love is happiness, happiness is love.
Do you have a relationship with the light? With the air (winds)? How about your breath? Prana? Music? The constant changing of the sky? The water? Are the elements your best friend? Do you have a personal relationship with the ocean? Have you hugged a tree and talked to it? Have you felt it’s energy when you hugged it?
Magic is that thing that happens when you open your eyes in the morning. It’s not something you attain or find in some secret society in order to be. It’s the initiation of opening your eyes in the morning. As soon as you open them in the morning before the whole Ego system starts to work, the actual act of being in the world is magic. Sorcery is what tries to hide that from you. It’s about hiding the source of all good things and preventing you from finding it and being happy.
Thinking should be an act of gratitude. Our mantra should be: Thank you, thank you for all that I am, thank you for my experience and existence, thank you for allowing me to play this game of life, thank you for creating me.
When the light hits the pupil of the eye, that’s called a miracle, the fact that you have waken up to the day. you are embraced by the thing called the day. Time embraces you like a brother. Time is an entity you can talk to but you ignore it all your life.
This is where the fragmentation, aloneness, alienation, and fracturing of our society happens because we put our entire psychic focus on to other equally, depressed, equally lost individuals. You lost your Earth by wearing shoes and disconnecting. You lost your roots.
You shouldn’t be demanding that experience is always fresh and new, it’s the mind of the experience that needs to be fresh and new. What we have are these people with a dead mind going “turn me on, give me more stuff, I need more stimulation, I’m dead, animate me”, this is our current condition. How sad.
When we wonder why the world is in the state it is in. The mind is what needs to be continually incarnating, refreshed not experience. This is what the world should understand.
Instead of using and striving for Enlightenment, we should use the term Luminescence, which is a very masculine way of looking at things. We look at it like “lightness”, not accumulating, attaining, acquiring and having but BEING. We are Light Beings.
Instead of trying to embrace, allow yourself to be embraced. We’re not hearing ourselves. You can’t own the oceans of the world, but you can dive into it.
I love the way Michael Tsarion defines our life: ” There is a river, the river of time, I look at it as the river that carries the cosmos or as the Mayans call it the river of creation. That’s a silent river we don’t hear anymore because of our own clutter. Now, on that river is our life. We’re born not into the world but from the womb of the world, we’re born from the womb of the Universe. We’re born into this movement and you deafen yourself because on the river is a boat. The boat is consciousness and the boat is a creation out of the womb of the world, but on the boat there are oars. 
The oars are the Ego, and the oars is the Ego of you thinking you are directing your life. That’s sorcery. The magic is to let go of the oars and to let the boat go on the river wherever the river wants to take it. 
Oh no, no, no, I can’t trust the river, give me the oars and then you row yourself into a huge rock, into a whirlpool, you start banging into other boats, losing direction and some idiots want to actually row upstream against the flow of the river. This is the Super Ego man. So the Gods looked down and they laugh. They put the oars there to see where we are at. 
The Donald Duck moron in the boat who is paddling away is the one caught in his own ego thinking: “If I don’t paddle, Im not getting anywhere”. 
It’s all about effort, it’s about me. Although the Universe rains down horrors of pain and suffering to that kind of person’s life, they will never learn. They get to like the sound of their oars, the adrenaline rush and feeling they are directing their own life. 
But the real art of life which is the magic of life, which is the enlightenment is to let go of the oars and then slowly acculturate yourself to the sound of the river. Because that river by the way for all your paddling and for all your rowing and hysteria is taking you precisely where it wants you to go. So you can spend your whole life rowing and it won’t matter because the river is still master. All your rowing is just sending you up shit creek without a paddle, it’s a futile waste of time.”End of quote.
Many of us don’t get it until we are near to death or dying and start reflecting back on our lives wishing we did it differently.
In the end, it’s not even taking you to where you want to go because you missed the sound of it and this is where the New Age movement misleads people in teaching them they must hold on to the oars and control their destiny. After all the paddling from not going anywhere you are tired and then you fall for the “don’t worry, a savior is on it’s way, relax”. If would have been so much better if you had the courage, know how and trust in your intuition to let the boat go. In the end you’re exhausted and then the new age movement says: “everything’s an illusion and construct, you’re a prisoner of your own mind, don’t worry, just meditate and raise your frequency so you can ascend”.
But man doesn’t want to hear this because the Program installed is that you must be in command. The program is Ego. They’re selling us the false ideology of individualism and a false understanding of freedom.
They do not want you to be happy because when you are in a state of happiness, you need nothing, you’re connected to mother Earth, when you’re happy you don’t want wars and don’t need to be right or black or white.
In order to find the happiness inside, you have to let go of everything outside. All the obligations, responsibilities, the guilt, the clock watching and you have to accept each individuals for who they are. Being happy may require getting rid of people in your life or setting boundaries so you can’t be manipulated.
You don’t have to stop living your life or change your life to be happy but you have to change the way you view your life and understand why you are here. Attaining joy or being in a state of happiness is not a decision or spontaneous evolution. It requires a lot of inner work.
When you can say: “I’m feeling good, life is good, all is well and I’m grateful to be alive”, you have found your place in happiness. You see, the world around you can be a mess, the people in your life can be miserable, you may even hate your job but that has nothing to do with happiness.
When you notice the sky, hear the birds, smell the wind or air after it rains, drops of rain on your face, that is happiness. When you’re sitting on the beach, take a stone and throw it in the water, feel yourself fall to the bottom of the ocean floor. You are that stone, you are that ocean, you are all that is.
When a bird flies above you and chirps, know it’s saying hello and when you hear thunder know that Mother Earth is thirsty.
How difficult can that be? Choose happiness. I can tell you that each morning IS magical and that means I’ve lived another day, how divine is that?
I didn’t mention cars, jewelry, big homes, yachts or designer purses. Actually being happy can save you a lot of money. Happiness is a choice but before choosing to be happy you need to know what it means. You will never get bored of it, you never get tired of it and it can be contagious if shared with others.  Happiness is a permanent state of mind because once you’re truly happy, you will never want to go back being unhappy.
I made my choice long ago, boy I wish you everyone could be happy too. Being happy together is even better, don’t you think?

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