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Essential Oils – An Essential Part of Your Medical Preparedness

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As preppers we stock up on medical supplies, we count bandages, tape, gauze, and bottles of liquids on our checklists. Many of us store and grow herbs to supplement medical needs with tinctures and decoctions. We take our family’s health seriously and try to prepare for every possible scenario. This is all very important and each of these things play a part in preparing for a future where the availability and quality of healthcare is unknown.
Personally I have lists of medical supplies, grow herbs in my garden, I have taken Medical Prep and herb classes, and many medical books line our library shelves. I’ve also learned yet another level of preparation, another way we can care for our family’s medical needs both now and during uncertain times ahead – Essential Oils. I have discovered that essential oils are safe, compact, and inexpensive, they last forever, are easy to transport, they are very effective as well as versatile and these oils belong in every preppers medical arsenal!
Essential oils are the life blood of the plant, when organically grown and distilled properly without solvents or synthetic additives they contain concentrated amounts of amazing healing properties and have the ability to heal where drugs don’t. Stored properly with tightly closed caps in a cool dark place they will last forever and maintain integrity and healing properties.
The small plant molecules in essential oils are quickly metabolized by the body, they find the receptor sites that need them and jump right in to heal, detoxify, strengthen, and restore. Within 21 minutes of applying essential oils the molecules have reached every cell in your body and determined if they are needed or not, and have cleansed and healed – leaving your cells healthy and restored.
Experiences with Young Living Essential Oils
Soon after learning about Young Living Essential Oils and purchasing the Everyday Oils Kit I had a chance to put them to the test. I burned my wrist on the wood stove one drop of Lavender no pain or blister or scar. My oldest daughter cut her finger deeply and could not get the bleeding or pain under control. One drop of Lavender essential oil and the bleeding stopped and pain was gone within 5 minutes. My youngest daughter uses Lavender oil every month for cramps. My father got a spider bite and had a large hot red 6” area on his arm. One drop of Purification oil the next morning could barely see the bite mark. My grandsons often come to me with owies, bumps and boy injuries and there’s always a special drop of essential oil to heal, comfort and send them on their way and when it comes to sleepovers at Grama’s house they love the relaxing foot massages with Peace and Calming that send them into sleepy land. Cold sores have a lifespan of only hours when a drop of Thieves is used. PanAway has relieved sciatica and sore back muscles. Peppermint quickly halts headaches and clears sinuses. Thieves in a neti pot cleared my chronic sinus infection. There isn’t a day when we don’t use Young Living Essential Oils in our home.
Uses for Essential Oils
Lavender stops bleeding, cuts the pain of burns quickly, soothes menstrual cramps, stops allergies and allergic reactions, and also kills lice and ringworm. Bruises, open or closed wounds, rash, skin eruptions, eczema, Lavender heals all of them as well as headaches, insomnia, and high or low blood pressure. Lavender is the “Swiss army knife” of essential oils – when in doubt use Lavender and always keep it close in your first aid kit! Lavender heals so quickly that you want to be sure to use Thieves or Purification first on deep or puncture wounds to assure healing from inside out.
For broken bones, shock, trauma, convulsions, back pain and sciatica Valor is your essential oil of choice in fact it is referred to as “chiropractor in a bottle” because of how it helps realign the body both physically and emotionally. Valor is wonderful for emotional strength, stress, as well as labor and delivery. If your children need courage for a test, or you need to perform a difficult task or stress is affecting you or those in your group, a drop of valor on the back of neck will calm and encourage everyone.
Thieves essential oil will quickly kill infections, soothe sore throats, stop a cold, flu, strep throat or tonsillitis. As well as killing fungus and athletes foot, it will get to the root of a toothache quickly. Thieves oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, it kills germs and cold/flu viruses and lyme disease if caught early. Mouth care gums and gingivitis, cold sores and more are gone when you add Thieves to baking soda while brushing teeth or in your water pick. You will want to store many bottles of Thieves.
For spider, bug, scorpion and snake bites, Purification is the answer. It will calm hives and poison oak/ivy, heal boils, puncture wounds, and blisters. Diffused it will purify the air and lungs of carbon poisoning. Purification is natural detoxifier, bug repellant, and will kill lice and bed bugs, prevent infection, and toxemia. Diffuse to clear air of chemicals, smoke, and use as a natural deodorant.
Peace & Calming can help wean a person off medications as well as preventing depression, help assure a restful sleep and over time even cure insomnia. There is bound to be lots of stress and anxiety in uncertain situations and Peace & Calming will soothe crying babies, calm out of control children, and anxious animals, as well as over stressed adults. This oil will also help regulate an irregular heartbeat.
For soothing and healing calluses, bunions, and warts Lemon is your oil of choice. Lemon oil will turn water into a wonderful treat, quickly rehydrate as well as detoxify the body and cleanse the intestinal tract of parasites. Lemon will ease sore throats, freshen the air, and the fresh aroma relieves anxiety.
For those aches and pains, inflammation, bruising, headaches, sore muscles and injuries we know are inevitable PanAway is the best pain reliever available and it doesn’t harm your liver the way other OTC medications can. PanAway is the best pain relief for sore muscles, migraine headaches, muscle and ligament sprains as well as arthritis and bruising. Just one drop gives hours of relief.
To strengthen the immune system, amplify concentration, lift depression and balance the emotions, Frankincense shines here. This versatile oil is also wonderful for head injuries, shock, respiratory difficulty and skin issues. Frankincense has high anti-cancer properties, imploding cancers and tumors.
Any digestive issues such as indigestion, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, and heartburn are treated with Peppermint essential oil. It quickly brings down fevers when applied to the feet, relieves headaches, clears sinuses and sooths bug bites as well as quickly cooling you down during heat exhaustion or heat stroke. For headaches and digestive issues, stomach upset, nausea, indigestion and heartburn Peppermint is your oil of choice.
To cover larger areas Young Living Essential Oils can be added to aloe vera gel or coconut oil for soothing relief. Although entirely safe for children and babies the oils should be diluted 50/50 with coconut or olive oil until you see how your children respond.
Your pets will also benefit from using essential oils to repel ticks and fleas and prevent heartworm, as well as treating injuries and wounds and to keep them calm during stressful situations.
There are many and varied uses for essential oils. You can simply inhale the aroma from the bottle, use in a ultrasonic diffuser; apply topically; and take internally either under the tongue or in capsules. Parents have used the oils in capsules rectally for severe cases of fever, constipation or diarrhea. The oils can be added to a 100% cotton tampon for female issues.
Young Living Essential Oils are oils that are therapeutic grade, 100% pure and safe enough to take internally, use on children as well as adults and your pets and recommended for every ailment in this article. They are never diluted or synthetic. Quality from seed to seal is guaranteed by Young Living.
Use these amazing oils now and experience natural healing, health and wellness, as well as stocking up for the future medical needs of your family.
An excellent book for your preparedness library is The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness by Julie Behling Hovdal. This 400 page guide shows you how to use Young Living Essential Oils and herbs for your family both now for prevention and healing as well as in a survival situation.

All nine of these oils I have mentioned are found in the Everyday Oils collection available from Young Living, (or call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515 – distributor #1408353) to get started taking care of your family health and wellness with essential oils by Young Living.
Disclaimer  this article is not intended to treat or prescribe, please see your doctor whenever necessary. If the time comes and you are the only medical provider available use these guidelines sensibly and after due diligent research on your part. Young Living oils are the only essential oils safe enough to use for internal and external use as described in this article. You cannot get therapeutic, medicinal results from using other scent grade oils!
About the Author: Judy Shewmake
Judy and her husband of 36 years have lived off-grid for the past 29 years, raised four children and have three children-in-love and 2 grandsons. She is passionate about helping people understand the importance of taking charge of their own health care at home as much as possible, she home schooled, home birthed, homesteads and does as much at home as possible – including preparing.


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