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Invisibility When You Need It

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1Invisibility When You Need It Empty Invisibility When You Need It on Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:06 am


Invisibility When You Need It 307826-5-serious-attempts-to-build-an-invisibility-cloak-300x214
Most thinking people and almost all military veterans recognize that you can have the best preparations and training, equipment, contingency plans and a great stash of stuff ready to go but, when the time comes, if you are exposed or can be easily located you are vulnerable and all the time, effort and treasure you’ve invested could be all for naught, attracting unwanted attention. Communications signals can be quickly tracked back to the source by simple triangulation of cell towers or by satellite and regardless of where you are, once you’re exposed there’s no place to hide. Watch any television program like CSI or NCIS; you know how they catch the bad guys — by tracking their cell phones. It’s child’s play and there’s nothing sophisticated about it.
For anyone with a reason, your cell phone can be tracked even with the battery removed. Here’s a simple test; remove the battery for a few minutes and then replace it and check, did you have to reset the clock – no. There is another small battery in there. And the newer Smartphones cannot be opened anyway.
And it isn’t just tracking; your devices can be remotely turned on without you knowing, — the microphone and camera engaged as if they are right there in the room with you. Talk about implanted tracking chips is unnecessary, when you choose to carry your own little homing beacon with you. Granted, if there is a total breakdown of infrastructure for whatever reason, such as an EMP event man made or natural, or a disaster, your cell phone won’t be working anyway – nonetheless, I am betting most people will keep them handy for if and when the grid comes back up. Regardless of the circumstances, you’ll have your cell phone somewhere within reach. In order to shield your signal you will need a sealed pouch of some kind, a Faraday cage within which to house your cell phone or other electronic devices that emanate electronic signals.
There are a lot of supposed solutions on YouTube, for example. However, I have a link (posted below), which is the best that I have seen at demonstrating the varied threats to personal security in our everyday world — as well as providing a trustworthy solution to protect against identity theft, tracking and eavesdropping. Take a look for yourself and you’ll recognize the obvious implications. Having the means to physically shield your cell phone when you choose to should be an addition to your bug-out bag. Of course, while your cell phone is enclosed and shielded you won’t receive calls but, so what, in such a scenario it’s doubtful you’ll be calling to remind someone to buy milk on their way home – but most important, you won’t be broadcasting any signal and, therefore, leaving no bandwidth breadcrumbs leading back to you and your location if you’re trying to lay low. Together with others with whom you’ll want to communicate periodically, you might organize a timetable for communication. At the appropriate time leave your refuge, safe haven or shelter, and once you are at a safe distance you can remove it, use it briefly, then re-conceal and shield the phone, moving smartly out of the area – if in the case you’ve been found out while exposed.
I know what some may be thinking; if you aren’t doing anything wrong there is nothing to worry about, right? Of course most of us have no intention of wrongdoing, but you see it in the news every day, the rules keep changing and frankly speaking, when veterans are increasingly portrayed as potential trouble makers; when preppers are regarded less than favorably and if there might be those who, when the day comes, want what you’ve worked so hard to set aside, just in-case, isn’t it wise to add this consideration to your contingency planning? But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself and draw your own conclusions.
That’s the beauty of being a free person; you can make your own choices – and it’s worthy of preserving and protecting.

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