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Zen Gardner – An Inspiring Interview on Raconteur News

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Zen Gardner – An Inspiring Interview on Raconteur News

by Zen Gardner -  Apr 8, 2016

Zen Gardner Interview with Andy Young and Jason Holmes on RN

Andy Young and Jason Holmes were joined by Zen Gardner for an Inspiring Interview .

Zen discusses what he perceives is going on in the world and how it affects our awakening!

Raconteurs News Podcast No35

Zen Gardner Interview with Andy Young and Jason Holmes on RN

It was our pleasure to welcome Zen Gardner for his first visit to Raconteurs News this Friday.
We discussed as many aspects of Zen’s recent work as time allowed and the 2 hours just flew by.
We started by talking about Zen’s Recently published book You Are The Awakening .
We also touched on the article he had just posted on his website moments before we went on air entitled Apocalypse Now – Falling Idols and Spiritual Adversaries
We then went on to talk about more of Zen’s work including his recent interview with David Icke  and discussed the point David makes about fear being a computer virus and what that means for all of us.
Zen and the boys also addressed many questions posted by our listeners in the chatroom, including inquiries about rhesus negative blood, religion and also Darwinism.
A great article by Zen is Western Politics: The Pissing Contest of the Impotent Parasites
The 2 hours of the interview flew by so much so that we didn’t even mention the Fact that Zen Gardner will be over in the UK this year for AV7  so if you are able you can go there and meet him in person. It’s 4 days of terrific talks and mingling together and a lot of fun and empowering information. You can find out more and book tickets at
You can find out more about Zen’s work by visiting his website or by looking him up on Facebook
Many thanks to Zen Gardner for making the time to talk to us and also to all our listeners for their continued support.
This show was first broadcast on 08/04/2016.

Thanks to Zen at:


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