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Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth

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Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth
By Carlos Tavares

Something is happening to the ground beneath our feet
The earth is literally opening up
Before 2010, sinkholes were a relatively uncommon phenomenon
Now they are appearing almost daily
But why so many sinkholes and why now?
In a word… electricity
Strange as it may sound

The Electric Universe theory, or Plasma Cosmology, can account for this unprecedented phenomenon
Plasma cosmology sees the universe as a giant electric motor being driven by the exchange of charged particles
“Gravitational systems are the ashes of prior electrical systems” – Hannes Alfven
Which explains the mechanical and electromagnetic forces responsible for sinkhole formation
Sinkholes are usually explained away by ruptured underground water pipes or gradual soil erosion
Even in places where no such piping exists
While standard scientific theories may account for a few
They do not explain ones like these
Nor can it account for the vast number of new sinkholes forming around the globe
Here is a simple illustration of the electromagnetic and mechanical forces behind sinkhole formation
The activity of the sun is directly related to the rotational speed of the earth
The more energy that is produced by the sun, the faster the earth spins
Like an electric motor, there is an charged potential difference that drives our planet’s rotation
The sun is currently in a period similar to the Maunder Minimum, with very low solar activity
Low solar radiation means less positively charged protons reaching the upper atmosphere of the earth
The potential difference between the the positively charged upper atmosphere and the negatively charged earth decreases
Resulting a slowing down of the earth’s rotation
A slower spin causes the earth to become less oblong like an oval and more circular like a sphere
The induced mechanical stress causes deformations
Resulting in cracks, cavities and fissures
There is also a potential difference between the earth’s crust and the core
And because the upper atmosphere is now less positive
It also attracts less electrons from inside the earth to its surface
Thus decreasing the potential difference between the surface and the core
This potential difference acts as a binder of the planet, pulling the surface and the core together
When the potential difference drops, the earth’s crust becomes loose, creating pockets of space beneath the surface
The stress on the crust produced by these two combined mechanical and electrical forces results in an increase in earthquake activity
This loosening of the earth’s crust produces cracks and openings resulting in an increase of volcanic activity
And lastly, the subterranean space created by the loosening results in the increased formation of sinkholes
Sinkholes are not not an isolated phenomenon
They are also related to earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, strange sounds and extreme weather
This is only the beginning
For more information…
Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection
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Music: Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess
Uploaded by relicsongs
Animation by Michael Rasmussen

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