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Agree To Disagree

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1 Agree To Disagree on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:21 am


Agree To Disagree
October 25, 2016 omnipulse1

Sometimes it is best to agree to disagree regarding certain topics.
Often it’s best to not argue about topics that have to do with a person’s subjective perspective. One cannot force one to take their subjective perspective unless they are taking them from a higher level to a lower level. Even then, the person must accept and continually poke their attention into such frequencies in order to generate an entanglement through coercion.
Intuition guides an individual through their subjective experience. Intuition cannot be passed to another person like a set of instructions. As a result, if one speaks on something that known from subjective experiences to be true, and others have not had these experiences, then there is nothing that can be said that will truly instill that knowledge in the other.
As a result, a big issue will come up with people who will engage with one another on the internet where there is a blanket of anonymity and many people will voice their opinions in ways that they would not in person and people try to convince one another of subjective, internal truths. This is impossible.
It is often best to disagree when speaking on subjective experiences or intuition. One must accept the challenge of thinking freely and have an open mind in order to begin to see out of their comfort zone. In such situations, it’s best to only speak in a non-emotionally engaged and personal manner. At best, an individual in the know can only produce a nudge and a hint that points the direction to more information which will hopefully lead to knowledge.
This is how consciousness tends to work and it is righteous this way because people have every right to choose to remain ignorant or to choose to accept more information. No one is forced, if people use their intellectual and emotional ability to connect with sources of information and experience around them then they will find very quickly that things are not what they seem.
A book that works to define this well is, “The Extra-Dimensional Universe“, by John R. Violette. This book explains the nature of psychic phenomena and how they are innately connected to the energetic presence of the immaterial self. Ideas within speak on how this entire universe in itself is just a single layer of a multi-layered multiverse or omniverse of frequencies. One could describe the multiverse as the entanglement of the various versions of this universe and the omniverse as the entirety of the existence.
Everyone has had those kinds of experiences in life where they come to know the memory of an event before or as it occurs, or they experience a glimpse of the identity of a certain individual they haven’t seen in a period of time and then they appear as if a sign. Then there are signs and synchronicities, mind magic and realizations.
This leads into the notion that some people are naturally inclined to have these kinds of spiritual experiences and others either choose not to or do not naturally have access to this.
Then we get to the concept that when people interact with each other they exchange bio-photonic light which enters the energy system of  the other person. People share their similarities and where one’s energy is heavier and less free than the others it will act to weigh down and restrict the energy that is not restricted. This only occurs if both parties allow it. Yet, here is the kicker. If one attempts to heal or connect with another on a spiritual level and that other person’s intentions are superficial in the sense of being honest about their inner experience or they are entirely unaware and ignoring the awareness on that level, then that other person will drain and pull from the less restricted person. This occurs through an accept of that original person by attempting to heal or connect with someone who does not truly seek help and will abuse their trust and their connection.
Sometimes the other individual is doing this purposely, in this case it is often referred to as a “spiritual vampire”. Other times the person is completely unaware that they have an inner experience (or maybe even they don’t) and they will not have access to opening up and communicating on that meaningful level. Objective reality will guide every whim and notion of reality for these people and if it hasn’t first been explained and confirmed to them by someone in a position of perpetual authority then they won’t be able to comprehend it. Do not get angry, there are some people who actually lack the ability to be able to make the comprehension on their own directly. Through a negative reinforcement that is challenged, and this is the degradation we see in society today. Yet, if they choose to accept the superficial nature of their acceptance to an authority outside themselves for too long without connecting, then they lose that ability to connect and it becomes like a foreign awareness to them. This is not a laughing matter any more than individuals being attacked and burned at the state for trying to help others.
We have to ask ourselves is the energy required for the experience is worth the results for either party.
Ultimately. There is larger issue. There is what has been described as a spiritual virus connected to the vampirism issue.
The idea behind this is that it is treated as a biological virus that operates through very refined energy waves, relating to the natural bio-emissions and that it can harbor in these electromagnetic fields as well as artificially produced electromagnetic fields from certain plasma generating devices. This works like a biological virus so when an individual who has a level of heart connection to the mind that is a clear pathway to the world and they are interacting with others in the digital or physical world who do not have that connection then any energy given from that heart level will not be returned. This is like a black-hole of energy absorption and a keen vampire will have studied this process so much that they will be able to trick and reel in even the most suspicious of heart-aware individuals.
This is the spiritual virus that is talked about by those in the know, even for thousands of years. When a person spends time with other individuals who do not give respect to their inner self, the immaterial sense of energy and interconnectedness, and that individual accepts a connection because of a sincere desire to help, that is the invitation the vampire needs. Without that, any direct attempts to pull energy would become more and more noticeable until the individual would be exposed as a sociopath.
This is how people in this society can be participating in this without even realizing. The majority of the social activities, social norms, institutionalized ideologies, and the general routine of this society is through one or another form of vampirism. Whether it is over another person, a friend, an intimate partner, a family member, an employee, a subject, a child, or a peer, most of what people are led to believe is normal is actually a form of degraded energy manipulation which slides right under the radar under the guise of being popular. This can even be over animals, nature, the environment itself, or even the concepts of our ancestors and the respect that could be given around but is lacking. This is spiritually degrading and this is referenced in many ancient texts, some of which are being used as a psychological playbook.
So the conclusion here is that vampirism doesn’t work unless we accept it and by attempting to repeatedly heal or communicate on a personal level with those who do not respect that or maintain an awareness of their own will actually cause a drop in frequency which results in distortions which is considered a kind of energy sickness.
Note: This doesn’t mean that we do not have to help others, try to get to know, or communicate with those around us even if they are like this. This means that trying to communicate and interact on a level that we are comfortable with knowing what we know will only result in wasted energy and an increase in vulnerability via the individual who has access to the helpers energy field and may knowingly or unknowingly implant distortions and vampire the bio-photonic light emissions.
What one can do instead of completely separating, if there is someone close or that they are forced to be around for a time, is to learn how to maintain a low level of interaction without disconnecting or ‘flatlining’ the connection but without engaging in any form of spiritual energy interaction on the level that the challenging individual seeks to communicate on. We don’t have to go so high that we heartfully open up to danger, but we don’t have to go so low that we begin to the process for ourselves and close off from others in life, later on as a result, which is the eventual result of vampirism infecting someone’s life through one individual.
Instead we can use each experience as a challenge to refuse to connect on that level. There is no use trying to “toughen” up to those kinds of frequencies through repeatedly interacting with them from a sincere manner. There is no sincerity or honesty in those frequencies, there is nothing there for someone who has already passed through that boundary of the temptation of self-destruction that the distortions in this society represent.
This has been explained as a kind of experiment where all of the distortions have been “rolled back” in time to this society so that they may be dealt with here, once and for all. Once people get passed this aspect, then they no longer have to interact on that level and can devote their energies and focus to communicating in an intellectually viable and emotionally healthy way. That is what is starting to happen now with all the various texts, shows, blogs and websites that are coming out. You can see a hefty amount of disclosure, disinfo, inner knowledge as well as manufactured ideologies based on an over-blowing of the real issues whether to produce docility or rage.
The truth is somewhere in the calm center without the extremism and so we can find solace in knowing that those who interact in this manner can be helped with information, facts, and bare-bones communication on the issue while some will respond to the heartful acknowledgements and expressions of a more spiritual nature. These individuals are already on their path and are sure to reach fulfillment someday as that is the only result of a person who is born and sees the spiritual side of things.
Those who either choose not to or are born without access to those frequencies will either remain that way or will require a kind of catastrophic shock to wake them up to sincerely checking their own free-will, their own inner experience, and the energy flow of their bio-photonic light emissions.
That is part of what this is all about, extending from previous times where civilizations came and fell. If we can observe the calm center throughout this then we will see the world that flourishes when the two ends of the duality cancel each other out and reveal harmony.
Part of the sacred knowledge and the sacred process is being able to experience and fully expel such disharmonious energies and thought-emissions in ways that produce a spiritual progression without threatening the safety of the physical body, the physical world, or the infrastructure for progress. The extremes can be merged together in mind and body through a great display of what would seem like a dream or a magicians trick that unveils the inner psychology and the phantoms of blind belief and false paradigms as stepping stools towards cosmic awareness and true spiritual connection with each other.

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