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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » PIPELINE PROTESTS » Authorities Move In On Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Authorities Move In On Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

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Myron Dewey’s live video./Historic Declaration of Indigenous Eminent Domain Made Today Myron Dewey

October 27, 2016 by Ann





shared Myron Dewey‘s live video.

shared Iron Plume Ranch‘s post.

‎Iron Plume Ranch‎ to I Stand With STANDING ROCK
October 25 at 11:42am · Pine Ridge, SD ·
I love when the ignorant people who support the pipeline say “when it gets -30° and 10ft snow drifts they’ll be heading home”. Well little do they know I transported 4 artic shelters to the camp, the largest shelter is 85ftx40ftx22ft, second shelter is 80ftx30ftx20ft, along with 2x 500,000 BTU diesel heaters. The protectors will be warm and sheltered!
Our fight isn’t done, our fight won’t stop!
shared Indigenous Environmental Network‘s photo.
6 hrs ·

Indigenous Environmental Network
This solar was gifted by the 100% Dine owned solar company Native Renewables; in partnership with Empowered By Light!
#IndigenousRising #WaterIsLife #OneFight #DefendTheSacred #NoDAPL

Lani Bear at Oceti Sakowin Camp.
October 25 at 12:36am 2016· Cannon Ball, ND ·












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