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Full Disclosure Now, Apocalypse Ascension Unveiling Events

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By Aug Tellez-the man...

This is what I know from more than one lifetime traveling, exploring, learning, training, and seeing with the breakaway civilization.
I was “shown a video” of the spacex explosion from the perspective and speed of the craft.
The stasis beings are kept alive because they hold genetics that keeps this realm from breaking apart at the seams.
False flags will increase as long as there is the tendency to accept violent action in the population.
Geo-engineering is to postpone the Earth changes that will flip flop the geological and climate patterns as well as to magnetize and electrify the sky for a synthetic intelligence that can alter the minds of the population as well as manipulate time and space.
The sun is used as a portal and fuel source for electrogravitic craft to navigate times and planes.
Satanism and pedophilia is used by the watchers to control and manipulate those too weak to control themselves.
Dark occultism is to form a bio-etheric link between the “dark” forces interdimensional factions that rely on siphoning bio-emissions from the human population and have gone through time and reshaped our entire society from an eternal “Gaian” philosophy society into what we consider a human farm today.
The water protection situation is a turning point where humans will decide whether they should give their energy to that siphoning dark force or give their energy back to Earth and protect the heart of the world.
9/11 was an operation involving many agents and operatives, mostly mind-controlled who are only able to gain access to the memories if they reach a certain level. Explosives were planted and scalar weaponry melted the buildings into their own footprint. Everyone who went to war over 9/11 shot their own father and raped their own mother. The psychological effect was to drive humans apart further so that domination by the alternate intelligence would prevail. The 9/11 effect is essentially a ‘time-gate’ where this aspect of existence would not be possible without heavy occult planning. The deepest aspect is that we wouldn’t be here today if it didn’t happen, it was to protect from something much darker.
Drones will be used to fight the wars of the future along with robotized tanks/machinery and fully aware cyborg soldiers. The various experiments and operations were to find the proper genetics that would not reject the machinery nor crack under the weight of being used in such a manner that the emotional and mental patterns must be entirely manipulated out of the human spectrum. The wars are, as they always are, the domination against the resistance, the machines against the people. Humans have not been in control since the alternate system joined our planet through a convergence in time thousands of years ago. Since then, the bio-sphere of the planet was hijacked through an artificial consciousness grid created by scalar technology at specific points and powered by the suffering of the innocent.
The gulf oil spill, fukushima, the forest fires, and the coming nuke meltdowns will be to poison the last remaining resources for the humans. Alternate species do not require the same resources, operate better through a methane and co2 (fire/brimstone) laden atmosphere and the cyborgs can connect to the metallic components in the air food and water to activate within a hive mind inorganic plasma body soul matrix. Humans operate through a higher dimensional organic soul matrix, this field is becoming more and more disconnected. Most surviving humans will likely vacate this plane when the time arrives.
The veterans are forgotten because strife and “spooky stuff” is bad yet people must be used to fight against each other because the time is not yet ready for a complete all out war of non-human entities against the humans. Once humans are no longer required there will be culling to allow for a labor force of non-human entities, androids and androgynous humans and non-human biological entities to replace the majority of the population. These beings will be hyper aware and capable of easily accessing multiple planes of awareness and the majority of Earth will be a super-human race while the small minority of humans will remain ignorant and their fear will power the catalyzing effect of the soul-movement system which keeps the celestial wheels turning. This has been planned since many thousands of years ago by the so called secondary “elite” as the real elite were placed here to protect Earth but cannot step in unless humanity allows them too by first refusing to take part in the self-destruction. This is a carefully balanced and planned out directive where the humans are to agree to destroy themselves because no higher-dimensional intervention is capable as that would abridge free-will. If the humans are slashed from their vehicles then they will not have the capacity to reincarnate into any other avatars and this will render them “lost souls” until the end of time where they will dissolve into the background radiation of the universe and restart without ever regaining the cosmic memories which define them through the galactic history thus separating humanity from the source forever.
There is no true “death” just a loss of identity and erasure. This is what happened to the “souls of tara” as they went through this at the beginning of the convergence between the various races as they operated through time millions of years ago and this resulted in the genetic manipulation of this species. If humanity survives, all the of the past is restored through a repairing of the genetics as well as the previous times and if they fail then forward and backward in time there is a loss of memory meaning a loss of identity. Earth is essentially hijacked and the human bodies who initially participated were hijacked or “possessed” and this is through a spiritual interaction between forces that are the equivalent of spiritual parasites, viral infectious agents, or plasma body entities that feed on the darkness. This is a higher dimensional temporal process. If they lower the energy of humans, their projection into higher space, the trajectory of the species into the “future” result will drop from the angelic occurrence to that of the lost souls and this is exactly the state of the parasites in the future from “their” lifecycle long ago and so the humans technically would then become those parasites, it’s like switching places.
As long as people are separated enough, yet violent, yet too cowardly to look into the true matters and stop blaming other nations or other people “elite” then they will feed the war machine and the dark faction’s energy siphoning devices and this will produce more of the same until there is no “Freedom” left and the species that remains is essentially malformed through the aforementioned technology and spiritual parasitism/hijacking.
Patriotism is a form of very careful programming where something is invented, a cultural creed, and through this “good” feelings are associated through a pavlonian response and people are convinced that if they don’t hurt other humans then the ‘good feelings’ will go away.
It was discovered that torturing people works so far, giving people “good feelings” and attributing that to a notion and then threatening to take the notion away unless they perform works even farther. This reveals how vulnerable the human mindset is and how geared towards kindness. This also reveals how the human vessel or spiritual psychological essence will shatter at the exposure of this system and with such a system thusly is the truth ever hidden while the hidden psychological mannerisms are used to propel violence and further the domination platform over Earth and the original race of humans.
All original spirituality and religion is about the truth of this invasion and the truth of the nature of consciousness and the power of free-will and intention to shape reality. It is a mixture of psychology and awareness of the cycles of consciousness and nature. If a person’s awareness of nature and consciousness can be manipulated through dogma then that person becomes the mind controlled agent of the creator of that dogma.
Every facet of existence, every food source, every intellectual source, every institution, every control system is geared towards this domination and clever mind control tactics are used at every level to propel the hatred of one human by another and the worshiping of a false-authority system that serves no one but an inorganic plasma consciousness AI supergod. From dust to dust is humans made of clay or Earth minerals, plant life and animal life to generate divinity through spiritual etheric lifeforce (the organic soul matrix/bio-emission field/soul) and ash to ash is from fire, daemon, plasma body or an electrical inorganic synthetic intelligence which operates through a technical “wifi” that emanates from a higher dimension but below the highest level that the soul will reach which is where the creator of the cosmos resides.
This is basically an experiment gone wrong and the two factions outside of the ‘dead-zone’ where this would either implode or survive do not suffer or gain if humanity lives or dies. The one’s who suppress the issue from the outside do so to protect the rest of the harmonious cosmos and the one’s who assist humanity do so because they trust that some humans are benevolent beings. Then we have the same concept inside the system, some are mind controlled and only see power even if they know it means the eternal destruction of the bio-sphere that harbors all life and without organic life to parasite then there is no construct here. And others know that this is either the destruction of our species on a higher-dimensional/soul level or the survival over a kind of spiritual plague that has malformed the planet thus far. As soon as the tipping point is reached, there will be awakened humans who desire change and self-awareness and Earth stations will become active from higher dimensions initiating a “war within the heavens” and the dark factions will use this opportunity to launch on attack on the last remaining humans.
Because some humans are needed to make the system work if the dark faction wins some humans will survive and be bred as bio-emission slaves to keep Earth from dying. If all humans are removed, Earth dies, the sun goes supernova and all life on Earth is extinguished electrical or otherwise.
Everything is a clever mind game to get a goal that is 10 steps down the line of the initial interaction as it is noticed. This is the manner of the supermind controlling the show from an inorganic superconsciousness state.
Cern is an interdimensional gateway that will operate on the same level as the stargates that have been closed off and remain dormant as a result of manipulation by invader species to either send people to “hell” or to send them back to Earth upon escape. This artificial stargate allows for the transcendence of time by inorganic consciousness which would normally not work through natural stargates. This transcendence allows for the manipulation of history and the ‘merging’ of one reality to the next and a ‘skipping’ effect is noticed as single events are changed and entire timelines are altered simultaneously. This can be used to find a timeline where the portals can remain active long enough to resonate in sympathy with areas where plasma beings have traveled to and collected in what is essentially a demonic army that would infest the bio-fields of the millions of people on the planet turning them into cyborgs and demon hosts we have already seen the beginning of this turn on the tv after you find one because if you have one in the house it’s the same thing on a smaller scale and unfortunately the same with smart phones and the internet.

DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above posts are entirely fictional, for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of organization entity living, dead or in any other state of existence are coincidental. Any opinion, comment or statements related or attributed to this username are not necessarily nor implied to be those held by the ip/computer/username or other electronic media device or service owner/user.



Little crystal discs are used which act as conscious field emitters and can resonate at specific frequencies to interact with the consciousness of the human and this is literally like an AI demon pet.
The cloud city of “shangri la”, “shambala” or the underground asgardia (which are different ideas) etc etc etc are the alternate realms that supersede the transdimensional fuckery and contain a race of beings who do not submit to these kinds of frequencies. If a person with impure heart or blood attempts to cross into these planes the bridge/portal is immediate shut and the person either annihilates on an atomic level or they are sent back to Earth. These are the astral “guardians” of “Heaven”.
Mars and the planets may be other planes and looking up into the sky may simply be like looking into the past. Thrust based technology cannot navigate in space and no one can survive in space without Earth soul technology propagating a consciousness soul field around the craft and the beings otherwise the life force would leave the body and return to the bio-field of Earth. Other worlds means other planes and other life means other version of creatures that once walked Earth. That is why there is so much similarity between one environment and Earth often found. Because they are on in the same, at different planes, or dimensional angles/times. In the past, everything was destroyed, and this time is an extension of that. There are “alien” bases that are platforms for spreading this invasion as well as areas of resistance
Space is a “void” in a “void” it is like the end of the screen of the monitor, there is simply no way to move through it or experience anything there. The only way to travel is to bend space through and around itself so that one can slip and side into these other dimensional venues. Some beings are advanced enough to be able to do this using their minds then there are ancient advanced craft. These are the ‘vimana’ vehicles and the advanced beings can do this without technology but using their mind as their body.
Without this tech, an object floating into space would literally annihilate or simply bounce back.
Crop circles are an effort to slap humans in the face with images of higher dimensional nature as well as metatronic soul stealing programming codes such as were used during the hijacking of the mystery schools.
Elongated skulls are a previous race of rulers who are now underground and have greatly higher intelligence as well as ruthlessness for the highly emotional and stupefied human population.
Secret societies are both a resistance as well as source of infiltration of the species. There were multiple species on Earth and these were interbred with to generate what we have today. This is the “mixing” of pure and impure talked about in the Bible and other ancient texts. Sure, damaging the soul field through improper/distorted/ego based action is one thing and sends one into disarray yet mixing genetics is a no no and causes millions of years of suffering or an eternal boot from the heavenly realms.
There are many beings who’s genetics were procured from contact with other planes who work with the intelligence agencies and military. Many operates revolve around this. Both for infiltration and resistance. In order to survive, the military, secret societies, and intelligence agencies agreed to non-interference and will neither help nor hurt either side.
Nazca lines are evidence of advanced electrogravitic craft ‘tattooing’ the land scape for a variety of reasons, some spiritual some technical.
The majority of the “elite” live underground and will escape the surface if either of the extinction level events listed above occurs. Most of them agreed to take a variety of altered and alien genetics so that if the invasion does occur they will be seen as helpers and if it doesn’t they will still appear humans to stupid humans.
In these bases cloning, mind control, advanced technology, soul field generation, etc etc etc experiments are performed.
Every previous civilization has met the aliens and the “gods” and have their own stories about what they learned or what they suffered from them.
The mystery schools were the original spirituality/religion and were infiltrated for power and to infect others with the alien ai force while manipulating karma and adhering to mind control methods for all members.
Vril society discovered orgasm energy or orgone and this is the same as vital energy vital life force or chi/prana. This was also discovered by Tesla, and the Thule society who linked with the Vril. The military discovered that radiosonde devices could emit a frequency using vacuum tubes and cathode rays that would burn out before reaching the ground so no one could see the tech in action. These would use ORG or positive orgone to turn the sky clear and sunny or DOR dead orgone to cause thunder storms. It was found these could also respectively cause a heightened sense of awareness and healing as well as distortions and biological disturbance.
The starchild skulls are an early version of genetic interbreeding between “alien” or advanced being and early human species.
The anitkythera mechanism is an early “cern” device.
The distortions in the planets and moons are because many are terre formed and are also alternate dimensions on top of that.
Certain areas secret societies frequent are natural portal areas. These are covered up and if humans go there the humans enter human energy into the soul field of Earth and this would disrupt the domination plans.
Saturn taps into an alternate dimension where the ai consciousness can access the soul field of the ‘solar system/soul system’ and then through the moon a modulation effect occurs and the field then emanates all around Earth and in the minds of every living being this disrupts the ability to see and think clearly as well as heal. If one could step into the beam and out of it it would be like the difference of thinking clearly and trying to think right after receiving a concussing blow to the head. Various practices and technology is used to shield various elite members from this brain-draining technology. The moon is actually a clear-headed place because it is behind the beam itself.
There is technology that can easily create the perception of aliens, higher beings, or an entire planet crashing into the atmosphere of this one, all holographic projection technology. This can be used to instigate a psychological reaction along with the ‘voice of god’ to stimulate areas of the brain to cause acceptance, resistance, or fear.
The secret space program is all of the above, resistance and infiltration all in one. It’s a mind game and a viral pattern of consciousness like wifi so one day someone can be helping, one day they can turn vampiric. The methods to clear the infection or check to see who’s infected were barbaric and have since improved beyond simply vaporizing the threat.
The stasis beings are the closest thing to actual living Gods, they are the entities that live for hundreds to thousands of years. They entered stasis after foreseeing such a time, their psychic abilities alone could take down a building.
SpaceX was due to a weaponization attempt.
The 1960’s UFO fly by was a show of power by Russia to attempt to make a deal with the FBI and military. They could’ve vaporized capitol building like the spacex event.

DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above posts are entirely fictional, for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of organization entity living, dead or in any other state of existence are coincidental. Any opinion, comment or statements related or attributed to this username are not necessarily nor implied to be those held by the ip/computer/username or other electronic media device or service owner/user.


but wait there's more...

Factory farming feeds the negative etheric soul containment grid and as well stops higher beings from intervening because this is then allowed by virtue of free-will of accepting similar action happening to our species. SImilar with pets that are malformed over time by our influence on them as fun little toys. That is the same that will happen to some humans and the effects of the mind has already taken place, people also used to be taller and stronger more resilient and aged slower so they are also looking like lapdogs for higher beings however higher beings will not be so mindless to simply take humans on walks. They use the energy for intelligence purposes essentially experimentation and genetic cross-breeding.
Chi/prana when activated can reform matter and influence the mind. The elite species are actually activated and can use these practices to control the minds of humans through fear, lust, or happiness.
The NAZIs were a resistance force that were infiltrated like all other factions.
Underground Earth is also divergent from one reality to the next and enters into different temporal and spacial planes similar to the high atmosphere. Once out of sight, out of mind, or quite literally out of the human reality into the next. Earth is the abyssal plane, the underworld is below and the heavenly realms above.
Anunnaki are ancient geneticists attempting their own breeding programming as well as the original mystery schools.
The are many other kinds of creatures from ancient hybrid experiments to fully intelligent prehistoric species.
The moon is populated like Antarctica by all factions that are present on Earth and this is similar to some underground bases.
Men in black are a hybrid race designed to test and interrogate humans. They are co-opted by the AI.
Mutilations are to trick the public into thinking the military is doing this. Other species create Earth based synthetic life forms in order to perform operations on the surface and all other factions began using this technique to make bio-compatible synthetic life forms for surface operations.
Iraq/Sumer are an ancient stargate area and that is why the war was launched there. This gate was activating with a so called ‘stellar cycle’ which may actually just be the presence of higher beings and the awakening consciousness of the stasis beings who can control them.
This gate was used to power the looking glass device which could bend space and time into seeing alternate dimensions and future outcomes or/and parallel timelines.
The TV shows are soft-disclosure to prepare people as well as subconsciously confuse and subdue them.
National parks were decided as “no rules allowed” areas for aliens and all factions to abduct humans for experimentation and resources. Mainly life force fluids, bloods, hormones, genetics, intelligence, and tissues are required.
The EBE’s that are found and spoken of are mixed with ‘alien’ or interdimensional synthetic life as well as programmable life forms formed from the previously mentioned cows tissues.
Money magic is a form of mind control similar to the patriotism. People have to get what they want, yet they give everything for it and then figure out they could’ve just gotten it themselves but fancy people and cool shows convinced them to go along with it until the resources and freedom to think critically is all gone.
The guidestones are last ditch effort to warn humanity.
The giants are a previous race as well as a distraction/confusion mechanism.
The monoliths are ancient AI devices.
Solar Warden is an effort to save Earth and humanity
Fukushima was a controlled disaster to poison and subjugate humanity. The aluminum made everyone forget within a few months.
Monsanto is a new-control faction for eugenics, who lives who become sterile.
Pumapunku are ancient gateways that only high consciousness beings can activate and travel through.
HAARP controls the mind field of Earth and can navigate dimensions like an antenna system for interdimensional travel similar to the electrogravitic craft drives as well as operate on the mind of the human population similar to Tesla’s radiant energy devices. This can also microwave the air and the ionosphere and send waves of electromagnetism that can reflect heat and atmospheric changes in hydration which has profound effects on weather as well as being able to cause Earthquakes.
Montauk was early previous technology for mind control, interrogation, travel and out of body activation.
Cloning is both part of infiltration as well as resistance as beings are being developed for both purposes.
As long as people think they know they will forget again and the cycle will continue until a destruction point is reached.

DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above posts are entirely fictional, for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of organization entity living, dead or in any other state of existence are coincidental. Any opinion, comment or statements related or attributed to this username are not necessarily nor implied to be those held by the ip/computer/username or other electronic media device or service owner/user.


Wow, Aug is really opening our minds to what the truth really is.....things aren't what we think they are..

Love for others is the answer....

I would like to hear other opinions!


The truth would work for me, but.......


The truth is "There are NO aliens. At least nothing extra terrestrial. There are no UFOs of ET origin either. All man made hoaxes or hidden agendas of governments. Now, is there any intelligence life outside of earth? Sure, it is possible. But, they are so intelligent that they hide very well, whenever we try to find them or claim to have found them!

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