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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Cindy Kay Currier » Rise Together ~ ARREST WARRANTS 11/14/2016

Rise Together ~ ARREST WARRANTS 11/14/2016

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1 Rise Together ~ ARREST WARRANTS 11/14/2016 on Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:03 pm







3 Re: Rise Together ~ ARREST WARRANTS 11/14/2016 on Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:21 am


Cindy, I appreciate your insights through this video and question a bit, of what all has been going on, in the wake of a DJT win in the elections. There are number of possibilities open, available and significant in this matter, as you'd understand too. 
#1) Military Coups don't happen the way this gentleman, Dr. Steve Piezcenik has claimed "It has happened now." Military Coups happen in broad daylight with armored vehicles and tanks out on the streets and uniformed personnel swarming the federal buildings and cordoning off any movement from the opposite parties and in this case a "Democratically elected government." 
#2) Whenever an unknown or unfavorable candidate comes to limelight and uproots a long-standing, experienced and well-backed candidate like H.R-Clinton, such "Rumor mills" like ALEX JONES and CO, get active in hyper modes. Especially, if you look at the HAND-GESTURES of Roger Stone in that same video you posted, you'd understand what I mean. Study the body language of these men. It is all a well orchestrated "Takeover of our intelligence" they think. But, any intelligent person can clearly SEE THROUGH their agendas, easily and can point at the "Holes in the story" they present to the world "We are behind this incredible WIN that DJT pulled off, though the odds were tremendously against him."
#3) Dr. Steve Piezcenik has some serious issues with the Government, administration after administration. Otherwise, how many Intelligence Officers of that league or caliber do we really see on ANY TV? Not even MSM, but ALEX JONES' INFOWARS show? Let's give them a bit of benefit of a doubt here. Steve Piezcenik might be who he says, he is. But, he is not someone who has the clearance and access to the (Powerful) "Pentagon" officials like Generals Flynn, Wesley Clarke, Admiral Mullen, Mabus, et al have. 

#4) Steve Piezcenik has some beef with Obama admin, clearly and he is rightfully attacking them for their incredulous behavior with the "Creation of ISIS" -- keeping the Ben Ghazi attack and deaths of 4 American front men, as a pretext -- so that American citizens don't object to any of their ISIS-Making. Here's a thought -- Maybe, Steve Piezcenik wanted a part, a little side role in it? And he was shunned away as an "Old hag?" So, he turns vengeful against Obama and talks of bringing them all to their knees by doing what? Going on AJ show and Youtube to suggest "Our men and women in the intelligence community have committed a soft Coup?" No, something smells rotten there. Then his high praises for GHWB, HNZ-K, WB, Bill-C, Nixon, et al makes him very gullible in people's eyes. Then, he is advocating the appointment of Petreus back to the Defense Department as Sec, which is "Kindergarten" intelligence to begin with and for this narrative. Because? General Petreus did the same thing that Anthony Weiner and HRC did. Only difference was PETREUS was wearing a Military Uniform when he was complicit. The Military Courts don't reverse their court martial decisions.  

#5) This election season has shown us one thing for sure. It has brought forth the ZENITH of SPENDING getting out of control in donations and via advertisement, ending in Billions of of dollars in revenue for the MSM TV channels. So, Alternative Media groups like AJ-GB-Blaze, etc are trying harder to capitalize on their opportunities to counter the earnings of CNN-CNBC-FOX-ABC-PBS-CBS-RT- and co, with their own SPINS about "How did DJT really win this election?" It is not hard to understand this. If you go back and watch all DJT videos from the very beginning of his becoming a Billionaire, it becomes crystal clear that "This guy has some incredible leverage over the Elite and will definitely try to buy into the Presidency one day". So, basically, he has bought the Presidency because most other and much bigger than DJT 'Billionaires' like him, "Believed" strongly that their money would be managed better by a "Brother of their own kin-hood" than a woman, whose shady deals had become too obvious in the eyes of the people. 

$5) The one factor nobody is seeing is, the "Clown in the mix". Tim Kaine as the possible VEEP candidate, was a real "Drag" on the Ticket with HRC to even come close to winning. Because the guy has no class. On the other hand, VP Pence is going to be the BRAIN behind all "Administrative, Policies and Governance" matters. DJT can safely play his Golf and build more walls. 

#6) Last but not the least, you can take my words to the bank -- Come 2020, DJT admin will have survived (Or drowned in) major scandals / threats from inside and outside. And in all probabilities, he would have taken more serious "Personal attacks" and scandals than anybody has done so far in the history of Presidencies. There's a LOT of to come. Just wait and watch. The DEMS are collecting that DATA quickly and they will strike at the most opportune moment, before they select and field their next Candidate. Maybe an "Elizabeth Warren" like "Nut-job". And if "DJT" loses that election, then AJ-SP et al would come back on air and claim "We did it again. DJT was a loose-cannon and we had to stop him too. And we did it!" 

Last but not the least, American Presidential Elections are the biggest SCAMS and it is matter of "Ridicule" outside the US. I have already BANNED MSM TV CHANNELS in my home. You can too. Don't think Youtubers are going to honest too long, either. You will see, in the coming years, how things are going to get worse. This is, rightly claimed by the ancient Indians, "KALI-YUGA" or the Darkest of Eras. And then there would be TRUTH!!!

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