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Genetic Engineering Disclosure and the helpful Wes Penre Forum

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Genetic Engineering Disclosure and the helpful Wes Penre Forum
November 21, 2016 omnipulse

Thank you, everyone involved with this process is uniformly working towards disclosure (leading to actual closure instead of what we have now, the illusion) and the progress of this civilization and humanity towards higher awareness and self-control from within rather than a control system).
We are all working together and this kind of interaction and assistance is what links people together as a strong force of improvement instead of a chaotic attractor based on primal fears and urges.
I feel we are very closer to changes being reached which shape the experience of this civilization throughout time. Thank you for the connection.
Now for the specific post that this thread is based upon. This is a difficult aspect to comprehend. Each of what we call “other beings”, or “planes” can be described in a variety of ways.
I’ll try to give a quick summary that may help to better define some of the details.
Because of the genetic experimentation that was done some groups of people were basically separated from the ability to continue to progress and develop in ways that would allow them to continue to interact as this civilization progressed. Part of a plan was to hold this civilization back so that a solution could be found.
A later plan was developed to enlist individuals from the human population that would be able to add the necessary parts of genetic information to these fallen bloodlines in order to salvage what they could. In short, the disconnected bloodlines forgot how to produce the inner light that allows for interdimensional travel and experience without advanced technology.
From this whole plan came the ‘fallen’ version of each layer of that. Implants, mind control, and basically manually harvesting the population for their spiritual energy which would sustain these bloodlines. Yet instead of working for progression, it just became a continual harvesting situation.
The “codes” of the DNA, the genetic information and the mind or immaterial self indicate which realities and frequencies one has access to. The DNA was manipulated so that only base level frequencies and realities would be consciously connected with on Earth. This has gone on to the point where now either all involved will “die” to those frequencies and realities or those realities will be ‘unveiled’ for the first time since this all began.
Then it gets strange. All of time is simultaneous. What we see happening on one level, IE: physical Earth, is actually matching up with events that are simultaneously occurring on higher levels. So what we call the fall from genetic purity and access to these higher levels also marks a collapse of an entire civilization from another frequency into what we call “Earth”. This is literally as if there are frequency bands around the cosmos and that Earth is a lower frequency band which is experienced frequency and simultaneously there are higher and higher bands totally to somewhere around 7-12.
Part of this means that when these frequency band implants and manipulations are removed, this civilization will consciously and energetically synchronize in experience with the higher frequency band. There are apparently two to move into according to what was revealed. Tara is the half-way point that Earth can match frequency with and then Gaia is a point beyond both that is the destination. These represent the stories of the “higher worlds”.
So the catch here is that the “fall” from the previous version of reality is not what shaped this reality so much more than what it was, it was the literal collapse of what our world was into a new world that is what we call Earth. Apparently these secrets have been kept by power groups since the beginning and from their point of view they do not lose memory or succumb to the density barrier by using advanced technology to create solutions. This ultimate caused a problem because the advanced technology does not enable a shift to the highest levels we are sourced from and so it is like a bandage which then inhibits motion over time.
Maybe that is the basics of it and will help people see how the message relates to this very time we are in. Thank you.

Thanks to omnipulse at:


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