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Spiritual Health and Injury: Definition, Expression, and Healing

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Spiritual Health and Injury: Definition, Expression, and Healing
December 5, 2016 omnipulse

Often what helps is definition, expression and healing. The first step in changing a pattern of emotional and mental responses is to change your attitude.


In order to focus on the issues that are most important to the goal of healing we must analyze our behavior and mental and emotional states to identify where there is disruption and where the possible sources of this disruption may be.


Then we must express how we feel to ourselves and those involved. An important part of this is going through an exercise of expressing what you feel is limited by the restrictive or judgmental person or situation.
Sometimes we can become so set back by the intrusive mentality and emotionality of others that we may feel we’ve forgotten how we actually feel about the issue as a result of pushing our own sovereignty back far out of sight. To reverse this process, imagine what it is you would say, do, or feel in the situation if there was absolutely no restriction whatsoever and total mental and emotional freedom. Be honest and commit to this projection by emitting these mental and emotional states in order to bring forth that state of being.
Exercising this process can help you to find what aspects of yourself are being restricted as well as the source of the restriction. This is to induce an expressive flow which allows one to communicate to others as well as themselves.
Expressing yourself diligently without overstepping, under-stepping, or distorting your true bio-emissions requires balance and is an spiritual art form.


After doing this we must heal by being aware of the internal frequency of mind and emotion we are emitting while we process these expressions and be aware of our behavior by gently observing without becoming attached or too involved with the expression.
As we do this it will become easier to process the experiences without attaching to the emotional or mental responses that restrict us from achieving true expression without hindrance.
Once we become detached from the restricted lower mental and emotional emissions we have given ourselves the power to shift the vibratory frequency to a higher state. This is to shift the mental and emotional status from a low state without self-control or clarity to a state that is much more free and capable of processing the information without attaching to our ego or filtering the experience with bias.
This will free us from the continuing cycle of re-engaging the same old problems with a reactionary mindset which ensures that the same lower mental and emotional responses are produced. That repeating cycle is what is draining and harmful to self-awareness and free-will.


We do this by experiencing peace and joy from the experience, even if it is previously a negatively recorded experience where we feel lower bio-emissions every time we re-experience or analyze the memories or the situation and all involved.
Once we uplift ourselves through this, the experience will no longer have the power over us by causing a reactionary state where self-awareness slips out of view and the freedom to choose how we react is less and less.
The goal here is to be more and more aware each time through the day where these issues may occur and to predict where these reactions will happen before they do. This way we can learn to stop the projection from fully expressing itself which will have that repeated draining effect. If we can conserve our energy from being put into these lower expressions then there will be the energy required to convert the attitude or frequency of the experience into something that is beneficial for the mind or soul and this is part of the growing and learning process of life as well as the healing process where there has been spiritual injury.

Self-Awareness and Responsibility

The lack of self-awareness can be comprehended by examining how someone who is entirely reactive to stimuli or a situation will experience a very high emotional response and their conscious mind will be largely non-present in the decision making process. This can be experienced with pleasure, such as from a massage or a tempting snack or this can be experienced in horror such as a frightening surprise or frustrating experience that one without self-awareness continues to expose theirself to.
The more one is enabling the calm center of detachment in times of stress the more self-control and thus true self-awareness they will have over their role in life and the way they respond to situations.

Sovereignty and Self-Responsibility

Learning to relax when there is resistance as well as the opportunity. Making use of the opportunities to express ourselves as well as to utilize our creativity. In a society where stress is the norm, the ability to relax and convert one’s lower mental and emotional states back to higher should be just as normal if not more so.
Another important aspect is learning to maintain our sovereign sense of self and choosing what situations and individuals we will place our energy and allow around us. If we take responsibility we must also except that we have a right and a duty to protect ourselves through our minds and our energy as well as our physical bodies. This is an important nature of this reality as who we are around will energetically reinforce or disintegrate our own mental and emotional bodies. We do not have to be around people who do not respect our energies and we do not have to agree with situations where our energies are not respected.
If people are artists who paint a painting or create a work each day then they would very quickly know when someone who disrupted their mental and emotional energies was in their vicinity. Their ability to express themselves and transfer their emotion and mentality to their work would be hindered greatly.
After a short period of putting up with that, people would quickly tell the intruder to get out. Instead, because people are not informed of this option people often hear of people who live their lives as if putting up with mental and emotional intruders is an acceptable part of daily existence. This is not true and although the intruders must learn to respect others if they want to be respected through unification, the individual must also learn to accept their own self-responsibility for their mental and emotional states.
In many ways, growth through suffering is a part of life, yet the collective nature of experience is not inherently based on suffering and intrusion unless that individual doesn’t utilize their own free-will to navigate around obstacles and to use difficulties as catalysts for change.
The question here is whether accepting suffering and ignoring the capacity for free-will and spiritual sovereignty is a large part of society because of the excess of intruders or the lack of spiritually motivated individuals. Did an initial intrusion grow out of control, or was it a general lack of free-will on the behalf of many people?
Regardless of the initial or metaphysical initiations of this era of civilization, the solution is simple. People must take control for their own self-awareness, they must accept responsibility for their own mental and emotional states and protect these energies just as one would protect their physical body. They must define the intrusion and the mental and emotional injuries. They must express their true self and regain that intuitive connection from within and they must apply effort in healing their mental and emotional states by re-adjusting their frequencies of mind and spirit by using their will-power to perceive difficulties as a catalyst for growth and learning.
An earlier step that is also a last step which must be maintained is to assume a role of sovereignty where we accept that we can choose how to interact with others and who we will allow into our lives to share our energy with us.
If we maintain this process regularly or in times of great stress and spiritual injury then we can undo the damage that has been done while freeing ourselves from the recycling trap of continued mental and emotional involvement with abusive or non-supporting individuals or situations and we can regain that sense of self-control and self-awareness which is a gift of the liberated mind and spirit.

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