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Anna von Reitz ~ The Rest of the Story—- and a Correction (or Two or Three….)

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The Rest of the Story—- and a Correction (or Two or Three….)

Posted on December 9, 2016 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
I am very happy to report that Frank O’Collins is not dead and not really missing, either. He is continuing his work, which is good news for all honest people. The publication of my last article about the Reign of Heaven Society and “The United States of America” caused some jingling and jangling of the grapevine between us. I renew my hope to meet Frank in the flesh someday.
Based on additional, new information, Frank O’Collins never completed his studies with the Jesuits and did not accept a position with the Vatican. My sources were confusing our Frank O’Collins with another older O’Collins —- also a very serious scholar — who left the priesthood and the Jesuit Order some years ago.
All that is good to get cleared up and on the record and corrected, but the real “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say, is that the Reign of Heaven Society has nothing whatsoever to do with Frank O’Collins, is not his brainchild, and is in fact plagiarism and bastardization of his work by……Keith Livingway.
That’s right. The same man who thinks that you can buy and sell trustee offices and who pretends to run something called “The United States of America” out of post office boxes in Costa Rica, has plagiarized and twisted O’Collins’ work to create his own spin-off organization and deceitfully marketed it “as if” it was associated with O’Collins and his vision of Ucadia.
This gross disrespect and misuse of O’Collin’s intellectual property is a travesty of the first order. So now we know and we know who is responsible.
Let’s do a quick fact check against the deceptions promoted by Keith Livingway:
1. Misrepresentation Number One (from my standpoint anyway): Livingway says that I, or rather, my innocent pen name, “Anna von Reitz”— is a foreigner and an agent of the Vatican.
In fact, I am a birthright non-citizen national of the Wisconsin state, just as my Father was a birthright non-citizen national of the Illinois state before me— so I am not a foreigner. I also never “worked for the Vatican” in my life. What I did do was accept an unpaid mission from Pope Benedict XVI to inform the government officials in this country of their errors and correct them to the best of my ability—-which I have done with no apologies and no regrets.
2. Misrepresentation Number Two: that the office of “Postmaster General” is the same as the office of “United States Post Master”. Do they look the same? Sound the same? Are they written the same? No, they don’t and there is a reason—- they aren’t the same.
3. Misrepresentation Number Three: Issuing deliberately deceptive “legal tender” in the name of “The United States of America”—- which turns out to be a defunct religious non-profit organization formed in 1863 and bankrupted in 1907. The business name “The United States of America” is Public Domain, so Livingway seized upon it and began using it in deceitful ways, tricking people into thinking it had something to do with our lawful government.
4. Misrepresentation Number 4: Presenting the “Reign of Heaven Society” as if this elitist Lucifer-loving organization had any legitimate or consensual affiliation with Frank O’Collins, when in fact, Livingway and his group plagiarized and twisted O’Collins’ work to suit themselves, and then deceitfully presented their corrupt regurgitation “as if” it was Frank’s brainchild.
Keith Livingway is proven by these repeated deliberate misrepresentations to be more than just a man making mistakes and deluding others as a result; he is shown to be a knowing repeat offender who has no regard for truth and no respect for the intellectual property rights of others.
I wouldn’t trust Keith Livingway any farther than I could throw the Empire State Building. I wouldn’t join or support any organization associated with him no matter what it calls itself or purports to be. And I certainly would not accept any “legal tender” issued by Livingway’s version of “The United States of America”—-because all that can stand behind such currency is drug cartel money laundering and a lot of hot air.
There may be no copyright or trademark preventing Livingway from issuing legal tender with the words “The United States of America” on it, but it is still constructive fraud and attempted international counterfeiting. It should net him and his followers ten to twenty years in jail and we may all look forward to Livingway’s peculiar brand of dishonesty catching up to him yet.
As for Frank O’Collins—- please accept my sincere apologies for ever thinking you were responsible for the Reign of Heaven Society and the other misstatements. Even I was taken in by the deceitful way Reign of Heaven Society was linked to your Ucadia sites and the natural presumption that it was set up to function as a Jural Society supporting your Pactum.
I should have known that you would not have anything to do with such sleazy, self-important, elitist ravings, and would not be taken in by Livingway’s bogus claims regarding “The United States of America”.
Now that I know the actual source of “Reign of Heaven Society” it all makes sense at last.

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