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The Third People You Meet Will Help You

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1 The Third People You Meet Will Help You on Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:09 am


The Third People You Meet Will Help You

Posted on January 14, 2017 by omnipulse

Being Used, To See The Nature and Fallacy of The Acceptance of Being Abused

Sometimes one has to fully accept and acknowledge the disgusting qualities of another to see how they were being used and in essence leeched off of to the point where they would eventually become like that other if they did not change.
When one refuses to be lowered by the frequencies, and actually accept that this is what is happening, then they can make sense of the situation. That acceptance of the darkness in another is actually the revelation of the light within one’s self.

Those Who Can Neither Hear Nor See You Will Always Be Hungry For The Sensation of Being Full Without Ever Having The Means

The first people you meet are those they dark-factions sent out to greet you in place of the light. They will simply pretend they are like you and have any connection and these people will only know of you as a result of secrets and whispers they were given in another life. They know there is a person there, but only because they can feed when that person is around.
They can neither see nor hear what they actually desire in life. Therefore they cannot find or walk the path that they require to get to the fulfillment of those desires. They see hate when they should see peace, they see an opportunity for pride when they should see togetherness.
Instead of welcoming the changing tides of self that bring to them what they desire, they push this away and covet what others have (spiritually) while rejecting the path of self-empowerment in favor of false-victimhood and feinted wisdom. Their very presence contains the tools to acquire their new knowledge of self, yet their inadvertent dejection of all things truly self-empowering renders them as mere leeches upon their spiritual environment. For them, there will always be something or someone in the way. Something or someone to fear, a darkness that casts an in decipherable shadow around where they are looking for the light, because that is the shadow of themselves that they refuse to acknowledge directly.
If this group changes their ways by accepting their folly, becoming fearless and focuses their will-power in accepting the confusion of their previous ways then they will move to the second group for a period of time where they will learn. Usually, if a person from the blind and deaf comes to be with the blind, they will either quickly realize where they are and gain vision and the power to listen, or they will return to being blind and deaf forever.
In rare cases the individual will realize they can then lead the blind and deaf as long as they regain some semblance of vision, however this will usually default or degrade into false-sight whereby they may only lead others and themselves into further blindness.

Those Who Can See But Not Hear Will Always Require More Even Though They Have The Means

The second people you meet are those who are going to appear to be helpful but will wait for you only if you continue giving to them like a charity. They know something about you but do not intend to actually get to know you. They see what they can gain materially more than the individual.
These people can see you but they won’t hear you. They will know there is a truth to be felt, a person there around them, but they will only learn how to ask for more instead of taking the steps to applying themselves and acquiring the self-empowerment required to obtain what they accept from others who can help them. These people, by definition and association (see “lukewarm” reference in linked post) will fall to the same fate as the first group. They will not eventually receive what they seek from life unless they make the self-willed choice to change their ways and apply themselves in a new manner rejecting the tendency to rely on others and fall prey to ego, laziness, and spiritual weakness or accepted blindness.
If this group simply takes upon themselves the realization that they are withholding from themselves the self-empowerment by the ability to let go of vices and distractions from themselves and others and that they can attain everything they desire by simply changing their mind and their behavior in simple ways, then they will go on to obtain what they desire.
If a person fails, they will usually remain where they were at, with the ability to see but not here, and in rare cases they will become blind and deaf without the desire to see the situation they are in any more. If this occurs, usually the individual will not regain their vision again until the end of their life and at that point they may have a sudden intense realization of the ability to hear and listen and through this they may live the remainder of their life as an awakened person however short that may be.

Those Who Can See and Hear, Can Appreciate, Listen, and Know

The third people you will meet are those who can both see and hear you. They will help you by offering a clear reflection of who you are without distorting the results to bias and skewer your projection so that they can feed on you or simply keep you around for their own pleasure. These people will be the truest with you, sometimes harsh, but never for their own personal enjoyment to see you suffer. They will help you grow strong and nurture and care for your energy, giving respect and fulfillment in the same embodiment.

Your Duty To Respect Yourself, To Beware of Where Your Energy Is, Who You Are Sharing Your Energy With, and Thusly How Your Energy Will Be Utilized In Life

Your duty is to learn to discern between the different groups of people and to know what “time” you are in in your life experience.
Your energy is the energy of creation, so in all times our energy will flow into, be absorbed by, and dissipate into certain realms.
A person of high energy will only be able to profit from and benefit the high-energy realms.
In order to feed on this individual, legions must appear to drag this person down frequency-wise and then when that person is in angst from disrespect and the turmoil caused by allowing themselves to be tricked into repeatedly attempting to help those tricksters, then their energy is sufficient enough food for these lower-energy beings. The lower-energy beings prey on the weak-mind and hearts of those who are ready to turn on their fellows to use them as chattel or mental-emotional fodder as if this world is their battle field and people are their expendables. This action is never reversed because once a person is used by these entities they are marked for life. Whether the individual continues to make a groove in this realm through this process or not is dependent on their ability to see, hear and feel. If  a person can see and hear, eventually they will feel and when they feel they will know all the things that are happening energetically.

Avoid The First Group Like The Plague, They Will Be Fixed When Their Ways Prove Themselves Treacherous To Even Them

Stay away from the first group, they will never help you or anyone else except for those who must feed on individuals like they do. They will twist your words and secretly hate you, even when you have only given them graces and literal charities and benefits that others in the right mind would pay for. They are not who they claim to be, or who they see themselves as. They are the blind and the deaf.
Sometimes we must encounter this group in order to know they exist. Sometimes we must encounter them in order to realize that we have fallen into the likeness of the blind, regardless of the vision we may have. Allow the truth to become apparent and accept without distorting in favor of preserving the ego or the false sense of self. Preserving the ego only prolongs true self-discovery.
This is a matter of ego and self-discovery, as one must only refuse to allow their ego to become pervasive entering in all places that are to remain clean of personal bias if one is to see and hear properly.
Know when you are right and acting honestly in truth without bias or preference. Stick to the truth, stay on course and do not let your guard down when you realize where you are. Always accept that you may be wrong, but until you lose first the ability to feel, then the ability to hear, and then the ability to see, know where you are, who you are, and what you are doing. Then see how your actions and feelings impact others and provide the highest-possible outcome, which in relation to the first two groups, is almost always harsh.
You cannot blame them, however, eating the soul of another person is the only way they know how to survive in this place.
If you are able to see, hear and feel enough, you will know where we are. We are not in Heaven, we are one-dimensional layer away from the beginning of what is termed The Underworld”, this is what people refer to as “Hell” and is merely an area of spiritual experience of a certain frequency range.
This realm is “Middleground” or “The Abyss”, where the energy can go either way, and either side can rule and reign or cherish and protect.
7 Layers above this realm now is the “Deity Plane”, or “Heaven”, and this is simply the place where all can see, hear and feel. Hell is where the blind, deaf and dumb of the universe stay, mostly lower-spiritual life forms a strange place for a human soul. And the Abyss is where all come to play.

The Deal

This world was handed over to an Overlord of Hell who is literally simply a sub-contractor for real-estate within the Underworld. The controllers of financial and power based group-structures of this realm have been overtaken by those of the Underworld and therefore all who participate in the tortures of public and private spiritual abuse are owned by or part of the conglomerate of that spiritual business owned by a select few spiritual Overlords. This is part of the deal of the changing of energies of this time and previous times and a test as well as a kind of trap Humanity has fallen into look ago. This relates directly to the “Fall of Man”.

Shift of the Ages

In the coming time we are told that the energy has shifted and there are more who can see, hear and feel present in this plane now which will change the circumstances required to enact a Deal in this realm, a contractual agreement of spiritual servitude, similar to what people call citizenship today (unacknowledged indentured servitude). As a result, eventually all deals will end because they have no backing to provide for them and the business will surely fail rendering all investors and owners responsible for the debt if they do not simply close the doors.
We are told this time is fast approaching or already beginning to present itself and will be a part of a larger cycle which can eventually bring about a repeat of the same in continuing 1000 year cycles of spiritual mind-control and  debt-slavery or endless self-empowerment, spiritual fulfillment and the ability to see, hear and feel indefinitely.
Remember you are a spiritual being, not just a human body and that you have a trinary aspect of an emotional field, a mental field and a physical form that must interplay equally in order to generate a whole and balanced individual. The imbalance, the loose emotion and mind, this is what is traded deal by deal through the contracts which beings unconsciously agree to and fulfill no differently than citizens becoming slaves to the state in which they must work and gain debt just to pay it off.
The simple message, be aware, be present, and be your self! No one else can do that for you and the reward is unending and unlimited! Depend on yourself because there is an overabundance of the first and second group, however this is also a benefit and a lesson because the highest-moral and spiritual achievement is to become self-sufficient. However we never truly are because there are always higher-beings above us guiding us and protecting us on our way if our way is that of seeing, listening and seeing. Do not sway in your knowledge of the truth, no matter how hard they may attempt to draw you into obscurity.

Final Conclusion:

Sometimes you may feel like dancing in the face of adversity. When safe to, go right ahead. Enjoy your powerful and spiritually stimulating emotions and sense of self, they are yours and yours alone to shine on the world.

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