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Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent?

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1 Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent? on Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:34 am


Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent?

Posted on January 19, 2017 by omnipulse

Socio-Spiritual Changes

I feel there are big changes coming and that we just went through a period of spiritual ‘darkness’. Now there seems to be a more rhythmic flow occurring.
There is so much to learn and so much organizing to do. Maybe everything is already organized and we just have to access the knowledge.

What to do

The important part here is to remain calm and stay focused on the spiritual goal of enabling and maintaining interpersonal and intrapersonal development.
As the world situation becomes more active and potentially more stressful everyone’s self-image amplifies to produce stability and self-empowerment or instability and disempowerment. The more change is occurring, the more one must adapt and the more ego is tying down and restricting internal freedoms the more caught up and entangled one becomes with destructive patterns or relationships that do not serve to benefit the whole.
The whole is the union of each individual and another, as well as the overall unification of society. In the same sense, the way one’s own internal dialogue and introspection occurs will produce a greater union of the conscious mind with the unconscious aspects of the self or there will be a discontinuity.

The Conscious and Unconscious Self

This discontinuity can be seen as any situation which causes us to become less prepared for challenges as well as less capable of agreeing with the path we have taken. A maximal example would be a drug user who is unable to cope with their addictions, or a person with extreme rage who destroys an object or relationship because of their emotional instability.
This also doesn’t have to be so exaggerated as someone who misses opportunities to learn or to complete a project will also experience the lack of self-empowerment and direction that generates a discontinuity between their conscious mind and the experiences they encounter.
The idea is that the conscious mind makes choices at various points along the path, while the unconscious mind develops habits based on how the conscious mind operates. So when the conscious mind generates patterns that are undesirable these will become part of the unconscious aspect of life and those patterns will continue to exist until they are managed directly either out of necessity or through an intention of taking control of one’s experience even down to the smaller details.

Stress and Change

When there are times of stress or change these are indicators that there are patterns in the unconscious mind that the conscious mind has enabled that are not serving the whole of the being. The whole of the being is both the mind and the body, the material and spiritual, and the conscious and unconscious aspects. These triggers are reminders that we have a duty to take care of those issues which we can detect.

Awakening Will-Power

Sometimes people go so long without handling these issues that they forget what the sensation of stress or beneficial change actually indicates. In these situations stress is allowed to build up until the pain develops suffering and the suffering develops into dis-ease. The changes that are faced are met with fear instead of confronted and the individual senses a continuing discontinuity at every change or chance for an opportunity to exert their will-power. This is because their will-power has gone exerted for so long an the natural harmony of the emotional and mental patterns have nearly flatlined to a casual numbness or a fight or flight spike of adrenaline from heightened stress that the higher faculties of creativity or self-expression become dormant and secondary.
This is a major problem with this society today because people can be cared for, they can be helped, their problems can be alleviated, they can have a shoulder to lean on, they can have a voice and be heard and they can express themselves, enjoy themselves, and exert their will-power and creativity to produce beneficial changes in their lives and the lives of those around them.
People have been degrading in these self-empowerment rhythms for so-long that most agree the only change that can occur now is a complete drop-out into something far worse than any other time in history in terms of the long-term plan for humanity, or a great revival in the spiritual energies and self-awareness of the population.
I feel that the choice is ours even if the majority of people cannot handle their emotions well or use their minds to find a better solution than the most abrasive.

Connecting With Each Other

I want to ask you to remind yourself to make a connection with an individual that you feel may be suppressing their emotions or may feel oppressed by certain aspects of their life. Reach out to these individuals and offer them a branch out of their darkness into self-empowerment. A friendly gesture, some small-chat is fine, but really getting at the core of the problem is often painful and cumbersome but if done correctly will help the person realize their situation and reawaken that vital energy within them to change themselves or certain triggers or inhibitions around them.
Give someone the chance to express themselves, to exert their will-power and to be creative in looking at their situation differently. Chance is always occurring but we only get certain opportunities where change allows us to navigate into a higher potential. Truly we can do this at any point, but eventually one will realize their potential depends on how they influence the world. Subtle energies aside, timing and opportunity is largely connected to these potential shifts.
However, one can degrade at any point, by simply letting go of self-respect or upkeep.
Yet, one can also make an effort to give another person the opportunity to express themselves and heal through interpersonal emotional-mental or spiritual exchange and everyone has the power to do this at any time for another person. There is an art form to this from not being nosy, annoying, or simply allowing a person to rant and rave and end up amplifying their own perceptions of the problems you sought out to help alleviate in the first place. Allowing people to come to their own power is key and at any point we can make a connection with another person and ensure them that there is at least one portion of this world that is still loving, open to their creativity and self-expression, willing to listen and assist in producing beneficial change for all.
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