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Anna von Reitz - Why Not the ITCCS — An Answer to Pamjit’

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Why Not the ITCCS — An Answer to Pamjit’

Posted on February 17, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
 Sorry it has taken a while to get through my email roster and reply to your plea regarding Kevin Annett and his work.
I became suspicious of Kevin and his motives when, about three years after he broke the story about genocide at Indian Residential Schools in Canada, he still hadn’t come up with any hard evidence to back up all that he was saying and he inexplicably changed his attack from a logical complaint against ALL the various churches and groups that had allegedly participated in these atrocities to a single-minded concentration on the Roman Catholic Church.
Surely, my own complaints about and to the Roman Catholic Church stand as testimony to my own dissatisfaction with their operations, and particularly that of the office of the Roman Pontiff, so that nobody need wonder where I stand on criticizing the church which allows this kind of criminal activity to flourish in its bosom. Likewise, it goes without saying that if they could foster and create these other crimes of enslavement, press ganging, inland piracy, and unlawful conversion, these same groups and parties within the Church who are using the Church as a store front and shield for their venal activities are surely capable of all the other crimes Kevin Annett claims as well.
However— (1) Where is the hard evidence? (2) Why prosecute only one group among all those accused of the same crime? (3) Why the falsification of jury actions that occurred and was reported by the jurors themselves?
Thus far, all that Kevin’s efforts have turned up (to my knowledge) is evidence that is questionable at best. Canada over the past 150 years has seen every kind of pandemic and natural disaster known to man.
Read the book ‘Mrs. Mike’ written by an RCMP officer’s wife toward the beginning of last century to get a flavor of what life in Western Canada was like. Entire towns and many native villages were wiped out by the scourges of wildfires, communicable diseases, and (more) wildfires.
As a result, finding mass graves and charred bones is not necessarily hard evidence of any Satanic ritual practice, but is fully explained by the known and documented history of the places where Kevin Annett’s researches have taken place.
As to my second question— when I go after criminals for committing a crime, I treat them all the same, regardless of their appearance, nationality, religion or any other criteria beyond the fact that they committed the crime. That is, to me, an Anglican who murders a child is just as guilty and reprehensible as a Roman Catholic doing the same, and I prosecute both with equal ferocity. Why has Kevin fallen silent on the same atrocities supposedly committed by other churches that ran residential schools at the same time?
Finally, it came to my attention in various news reports and especially those of Canadian Alfred Lloyd Weber, who interviewed actual jurors associated with the ITCCS, who said that their names were used as jurors and associated with findings and orders that they never heard or considered.
In other words, the supposed jurors who handed down indictments and made other decisions, never even heard the evidence.
Their names were being used as rubber stamps to accomplish whatever Mr. Annett wanted and no actual Due Process or lawful consideration was being followed.
So, that— for me— was the icing on the cake.
For Law to mean anything, it has to follow Due Process. Due Process is, in fact, a major part of the Law—- like the body is part of a man, without which the rest fails in its earthly expression. Without full and fair and unprejudiced vetting of the facts and the lawful determination of the facts by a jury, there is nothing to base a judgment upon in the Common Law.
So both Due Process and an unprejudiced and competent jury are necessary for the Law to have force and meaning and for any judgment of any court to be lawful and enforceable.
And here I have jurors whose names have been attached to official findings and judgments of ITCCS saying that they never even heard the cases?
That can never pass muster with me.
I am a judge, not a witch-hunter, and though I know the Roman Catholic Church to be infested with a most virulent and hateful form of Satanism as a result of harboring both the office of the Pope and the office of the Roman Pontiff under one roof, I do not allow that knowledge to mislead me into vain suppositions or to a disrespect of Due Process owed.
Otherwise, we follow in the footsteps of the Inquisition and not of Christ and become both victims and perpetrators of the same evils that we despise.

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