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1 All is POSSIBILITIES on Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:04 pm



Posted on February 26, 2017 by omnipulse

Forethought: INACTION can be the most powerful option.

Repetition or Intensity

What you do repeatedly or with great intensity empowers you and defines you. These are two pathways to creation in the actual universe. We are in a cascading set of reflections and gradients. What you do in one moment literally reflects not only into the other moments forward but backwards and into possible realities where you did and didn’t do one thing or another and this lead to one or another outcome that you may or may not experience here and now.
This is literally the basics of a multi-dimensional reality in time and consciousness, everything is POSSIBILITIES.

Repeating Concepts, Different Expressions

The possibilities that you COLLAPSE or MANIFEST into a REALITY extend in time and mind and recreate themselves in your experience. What you do repeatedly or with great vigor carries more impact and thus can influence more around you, in you and through you than that which is done unaware or without intention and will-power (heart).
That is all there are, POSSIBILITIES extending both ways in for as long as one can possibly see. That is what this reality is made out of and the possibilities are directly connected to your observation of them.

Physical Reality is Consensus and Concrete

This reality is concrete and collective, meaning someone can pop up and slap you without you observing it first. However, what you achieve and overcome in any sense of your existence is dependent on your observation and awareness of your ability to do so, that is the point.

The Sine Wave and The Parabola

What are they depicting? What is the flower?
I’m telling you.
When they used technology to view the entire universe, they thought their equipment was malfunctioning because THIS is what they saw!
The last one is a doozy but that’s how things begin to look when viewed from beyond the confines of the singularity biologically limited perspective of the slice and diced time-stream the brain has access to.
We think the brain is perceiving the single world, it is generating it out of a interference patterns. In reality, there are every other possible interference pattern in existence that we are NOT tapping into which is what is generating this reality, NOT the mere generation of this reality. It is the singularization of a multitude of potentials that this experience is manifested from.
That is directly from the underground bases.

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2 Re: All is POSSIBILITIES on Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:05 pm


Belief is the Shadow of Knowledge, Duality, the Observer Aspect and Human Existence

Posted on February 26, 2017 by omnipulse

“Every day is a new chance to rise above all fear and obstacles. Eternally optimistic. Thanks Aug Tellez! the world is abetter place because of you!”
“Aug Tellez And just for the record, my experience of the darkness of the universe is also making this possible, so the darkness of the universe also makes the world a better place through this. However, realize, the observer is neither, that’s the point! To make a judgement you’d have to be removed!”
Think about this (remember, if BELIEF is the shadow of knowledge, then THOUGHTS are the shadow of AWARENESS).
Two points here:
1) The darkness I have experienced pushed me forth towards the light of reason. If this helped one person, including myself, then the darkness is also responsible for making this world a “better” place, or more accurately “a place”.
2) The observer of either end of the duality is is NEITHER. That’s the point, the observer is REMOVED in order to be the one who OBSERVES and can “JUDGE” either end for what it’s worth.
That’s the point of this all!
Realize YOU are the NEEDLE of CONSCIOUSNESS measuring back and forth across the spectrum.
The very notion that you can say, “Oh hum, this is hot”, or “Oh gee, this is cold.” Indicates that you are neither!
And since nothing is nothing!
The more accurate conclusion is that you are both, while simultaneously being one and the other!
By realizing this you are held to neither side and the coin stops spinning! The world becomes still and timeliness with your observation. THAT is eternal because you will either get that, or you won’t, because you have no where else to go other than up or down in the spectrum of sideways extremes and so on!
So realize, now, in the moment, that you can SEE and OBSERVE who you are and what you’re doing IN THE MOMENT and that by doing this, you are REMOVING yourself from the experience by creating a THIRD-LAYER of self and observation beyond either pole!
And realize that this layer ALREADY EXISTS and this is the layer that ALL EXPERIENCE COMES FORTH FROM. All you’re doing is connecting that layer to the NOW and creating a clear pathway to be in the present. To enable your PRESENCE. This is all word-games but this is because you are literally in a MIND-GAME LABYRINTH of light, mirrors and reflections. Which reflection reflects the real you? When is the real now? Who’s the original?
The most basic or fundamental of the poles are OBSERVER and EXPERIENCER. Watch, sit back and watch how you fade in and out of the one who OBSERVES, far removed seeing how you operate, and the one who EXPERIENCES and feels involved and ready to engage. They are both occurring simultaneously, that is the greatest trick of perspective! Get it? The necker cube is a demonstration of this. They are both superimposed over one another and deviated into experience via the perception of the observer/experiencer agent.

They are both there at once! So that is the two-dimensional version of two possible flat realities.
Then the next is the literal translation of two 3.5-D realities superimposed over one another. We have two-times simultaneously occurring in parallel to create layers of possibilities and trajectories that all map out across a similar storyline.
Every person’s life matches the cosmic creation story line of the universe, otherwise they don’t exist!
Get it?
“There are 3 worlds of the same reality and their possibilities to be exact past, present and future.”
Yes indeed! This is another discover! There is a fore-thought, an actual occurrence, and an after-thought to every thing in the universe! Existence in this physical reality is an interplay of the three aspects of the universe combined into a continuous cycling of seemingly fluid experience.

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3 Re: All is POSSIBILITIES on Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:06 pm


Belief Determines Reality

Posted on February 26, 2017 by omnipulse

History Occurs in Repeated Cycles because they are Managed

History goes in cycles because they are being managed! People went from believing one thing, then they’ll go to the other, and this cycle continues in faster and faster cycles until everyone who has the tendency to hold on to anything is flung off!
This literally occurs in the same way some information will threaten people’s conceptual limitations.
Reality does the same! Everything reflects into itself. We are all being tested and will continue to be tested until only those remain who are willing to let go of all misconceptions to find the truth of reality.

The Dream World and Programming

The DREAM-WORLD is the key to PROGRAMMING the mind. Deprogramming is a thing, if you didn’t know…

Is Genuine Intelligence Possible? What does it look like?

Here’s a question, does true intelligence exist (in our domain) or is everything at this level artificial? If true intelligence does exist, then where does that intelligence lead in respect to the larger view of the universe?
Is it possible to have an intelligent *anything* at this level and that be genuine and not artificially intelligent?

Belief Determines Reality

I’m telling you, they found out what you believe dictates or maybe, runs the parameter set for your REALITY. Why do you think there is such a heavy emphasis on WHAT YOU BELIEVE?
Prepare. See this is in the works.
See this is being set up for what is coming.
And BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF and a SOCIETY that can do the same.

The Deus Ex Machina

The idea is, what saves you CANNOT come from the future. That would break the temporal equilibrium, you MUST create your Deus Ex Machina in the here and now.

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