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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » Moving forward with and from yesterday’s eclipse

Moving forward with and from yesterday’s eclipse

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Moving forward with and from yesterday’s eclipse
Posted on February 27, 2017 by Ann Kreilkamp
To follow up on yesterday’s post on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, please pay attention this whole week to the Sun’s applying conjunction with Neptune. Remind yourself to remain centered and grounded amidst weird, confusing, swirling energies of high high spirituality and/or addiction, deception — which leads to the question, of course, as usual, during the continuous barage of “fake,” “alternative,” and increasingly sensationalist news, which is which? Ever wonder why Pisces is balanced by (opposite to) Virgo? Because Virgo brings discrimination, discernment, utterly essential qualities to develop during this long Piscean moment!
On March 4, Venus in Aries will turn to go retrograde, backing up into Pisces on April 4,, and then finally turning to go forward again on April 15, moving back into Aries on 29, and finally out of the shadow of the entire retrograde period on May 12. During this entire period we are tasked with an inward exploration of the feelings that attend, first, independence (Aries), then communion (Pisces), then independence (Aries) again. Ultimately, we are being asked to learn how to simultaneously feel ourselves at one with the mysterious cosmos while sensing and acting as our own independent agency. Both. This is one of those powerful contradictions that, when we finally learn how to grow large enough in spirit to embrace both, shifts life from difficult to easy, from combat to flow, from fear to love. 
Meanwhile, the Eris/Uranus background configuration in Aries continues to ignite all sorts of chaotic events and feelings. All the more reason to remain grounded and centered. Above all, I tell myself, pay attention to what my body is telling me. Eat well, exercise and do my meditation practices daily,  sleep enough, and above all, step back from identification with surface phenomena into awareness every single moment. We are inside the hurricane, and it’s not going to get any easier for the foreseeable future. YES! Let us surf the creative edge of the living cosmos!
BTW: Worth contemplating:  (positive and negative) interpretations of the Sabian symbols for the degrees of, first, yesterday’s eclipse at 9° Pisces, and second, and entire period’s background influence of Uranus/Eris conjunction at 22° Aries:

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