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Archangel Michael - The Fire of Love

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Archangel Michael - The Fire of Love
Archangel Michael - The Fire of Love

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial militia. Children of the Light, We install our Communion [with you], sharing the gift of Grace. I come to you today as Christ Michael, Ruler of the Solar Logos, to explain to you, beyond the simple words that I shall choose, what the Heavenly Fire is and its action on humanity.

After three years of living the deconstruction, after climbing the nine steps, and after discovering the meaning and the Essence of who you really are [Divinity], by the Vibration and by the Absolute [the totality of every Divine thing that exists], by the blue mantle of Grace, and by the Transmutation of this body, today this meeting with your Eternity will proceed.

What is the Celestial [Divine] Fire? Fire, as you have experienced either as the Fire of the heart or as perhaps sensations in different parts of your human body, has nothing to do with the Fire that you see on this Earth. The Celestial Fire is Love, the Heavenly Fire is Light. It allows you to complete all of your wedding activities and your return to living with Divinity before this incarnation and these reincarnations end [no more recycling the souls of those who move to 5D since they will have eternal bodies], before even the existence of this world and its various forms of life end [there will be a new Earth, not a better Earth as many want]. Fire is one of the primordial elements bearing and bringing Love and Light to you in a vibrational sense and in its Absolute [Ultimate] sense. These [4] elements [including Fire], released in you and on the surface of this world, have given you the opportunity to reintegrate yourself with Eternity and with your human consciousness.

This Heavenly Fire comes from what you call the Central Sun of this Galaxy [Alcyone] where this solar system will be aligned with in a short time. A number of items given by Ourselves [Angels], the Elders [Melchizedek], and the stars [assistants] of Mary have prepared you in various ways to live what is to come. The Celestial Fire is burning not life but the illusions, the transience, and the brevity of this [matrix] world. This Light (not what you see with your eyes, but the Light of the Heart and Eternity) is a consuming Fire, burning any darkness and leaving only the existence of Eternity and the Absolute. This is the final phase of the liberation of this solar system [from the Anunnaki control and duality] in its entirety, reconnecting all with the Source [Creator] and the Central Sun which is the origin of this solar system as well as yourselves [we are from the Source although we don't believe it now, and we will soon return to Divinity], all of which had to be prepared and has now been completed.

The Confederation of free worlds [Unified ETs working with Divinity] gives thanks once again for your works of Grace. What is becoming visible to the eyes of all of those in human bodies who are spiritually sensitive corresponds to the total liberation of the Unified consciousness as well as the Absolute [most of what we see around us now are illusions, and mankind is still ignorant of reality]. Only because of the relentless persistence of your brothers and sisters to ignore the Light will they see anything other than the Light [they will continue to live in blindness and darkness by their own choosing]. This Fire is Love and only Love. It substitutes for the absence of the Ethers [that created a spiritual vacuum] which human consciousness has endured for tens of thousands of years [ever since the Anunnaki and other reptilians took over].

Dates were given to you by a number of what you consider primitive people, by a number of ancient people [like the Mayans and their calendars], by a number of monuments [like the pyramids], and by a small number of enlightened prophets who have understood the meaning and effects of the Heavenly Fire on mankind [most spiritual teachers are still ignorant of Divine truths and the future]. It will be a total regeneration of mankind into a Unified humanity [no more duality or evil for all] and a reconstruction of the Urantian solar system in which you live [major changes will also occur in this galaxy soon].

The action of this Fire does not require intervention or any other performance on your part because this is completely natural and requires no further work on your part at all. It brings peace, tranquility, and joy that are the important elements that you will now possess as you welcome "the one who comes like a thief in the night" [these events are unexpected by many, and they will not welcome them], accompanied by a number of physical [cataclysmic] events, both Celestial [in the skies] and terrestrial [on Earth]. This Fire only awakens and releases by the Grace of Love what has already been released on Earth as it has in the Sun.

This allows you to free yourself, not by your intellect and logic, but by the acceptance and reception of your Eternity [we are Divine beings who don't know it]. Many of you have for some time lived and felt the beginnings of this activity coming ever since the heavenly wedding [with Divinity] and more recently with the release of Earth [from the Anunnaki slavery] and the arrival of the Wave of life [a new wave of Divine energy]. This Galactic alignment, which will occur at the end of this year, will release you totally, irreversibly, definitively and irrefutably [from this 3D matrix, this prison, and this hell].

There should be no fear, apprehension, or dread in those who has cultivated and strengthened their unlimited consciousness and in those who have understood the meaning of the vibrational Light that was relayed to you from the Central Sun of this galaxy [Alcyone] since August 18, 1984 [when the Holy Spirit permanently and Creator briefly arrived here, and Divinity returned to start the clean up process and the restoration to what it once was only much better. This also appears to be about the time when Herlocubus known as the "Nemesis" and the 2nd sun returned to this universe in its orbit that is 90 degree perpendicular to the planets. There is no need to be fearful or to worry about the future since for most people things will only get better whether they continue in a Unified 3D elsewhere or on a new 5D heaven on Earth. These Earth changes are a necessary part of this phase although they may seem unpleasant at the time.].

Today, this cycle ends [thank goodness]. The preparation was rude and unpleasant [all reconstruction is], but the work was effective, and now everything is complete [for ascension]. The best way to prepare for this is to live the shock of humanity with what has already been installed in you individually. The appeal of the Light by Our presence at your side will only grow. Signs both celestial and terrestrial will appear anticipating and announcing the Fire [you know in advance that it will happen because you have been foretold] by the Sons of Heaven and Earth and by the presence of the Intergalactic Confederation of free worlds in your skies. You are called on to do nothing other than to live in peace, joy, and serenity.

[It appears that UFOs may finally appear in our skies, and they will stop hiding in the clouds. This would be necessary for the evacuation of mankind that Mother Mary spoke of that precedes the pole reversal that AA Uriel described. They are still subject to some change however. The Cabal has denied their existence until now since they want us to believe they are still top dog and can do whatever they want to us slaves. This is part of the shock of humanity that may lead to the awakening of some. Alarm clocks are not pleasant but necessary, and some will still sleep right through them anyway.]

Beginning experiences by many of you in this body may include the withdrawal from ordinary consciousness [where you enter a higher trance-like state] due to vibrational events of the Light, or moments where you lose your ordinary consciousness [you feel you are no longer in your body], even if for the moment you do not live the Divine Absolute state now but will live this consciousness when the proper time comes. This preparation beyond any higher alignment, beyond any meditation aims to transcend and remove the final elements of attachment to what are called limitations of your mortality [so that you feel like you are immortal which you are].

What is the result of your regeneration [transformation], your renaissance [awakening], and your resurrection [ascension] into the Unified Dimensions? Symptoms experienced by your body, whatever they may be, are nothing but the elements involved in your ultimate release [from duality and the evil of this matrix]. There is nothing for you to do to prepare for this since the work that you have accomplished as anchors and sowers of the Light has shortened the time of the Tribulation [that we are now living in as described in the Bible] to a minimum [it is not as bad as the prophets foretold].

Wherever you are on the surface of this Earth, your ultimate barriers, fears, disbeliefs, and [false] beliefs will all fall one after the other. If you are attentive to what takes place in you through your varied experiences in your temporary body where you exist, you should only do one thing: bring yourself to a state of Supreme peace during the short time that remains. For those of you who are not yet living the [Divine] Absolute consciousness, only your resistance [to the Light] due to the unknown can result in questions and doubts in this perishable body. Don't let any such questions and doubts arise. Whatever the actions and panic attacks of your brothers and sisters due to these coming events of the Light, this should in no way alter you or draw your attention or distract you away from the Light. Your peace, your quality of joy, and your quality of acceptance will result in the ease of your Ascension, whatever the conditions.

Whatever becomes of the body will be spiritualized and will help you to be free, regardless of the processes. What occurs in you is also occurring on the entire planet. The Elements called the [4] Horsemen of the Apocalypse were released on this Earth today in order to release and free you, advancing and elevating your perceptions, your experiences, and your spiritual conditions. Your observation of the elements on the surface of this Earth, regardless of the names that you call these events, is the anticipation and a preview of the Celestial Fire. This includes heat, water, earthquakes, and volcanoes [many areas have suffered record heat and droughts this summer, and there have been numerous 5+ earthquakes recently].

Wherever you are, wherever you may be, no harmful actions of these Horsemen will reach you the moment that you surrender to the Light, the Fire and the elements. This Fire destroys nothing, unlike demonstrations of fire that you observe with your eyes that destroy all life on Earth such as plants. These events at the present time will not have the same effects on you. With the anticipation of this heavenly Fire in you through the action of the element of the Fire of Earth, you will find yourself experiencing lightness, ease and a growing sense of peace.

If this elevated peace is not in you, you need to look at these weaknesses and remove them in a natural way. This Fire is a transmutation and transubstantiation [the changing of one substance into another like the alchemical transformation of metals into gold so that the former no longer exists]. The opening of the KI-RIS-TI door [in the middle of the back which gives immediate access to the heart without going through the head and intellect] by Archangel Metatron a year ago and the opening of the AO gate [in the head] by the action of the blue mantle of Grace makes possible this transformation without any difficulty. The resistance by the ego personality either in the individual or in the collective consciousness may represent only a minor obstacle to this ascension [all will return to living in the Light of Unity in time].

There is nothing that you can do to avoid this Celestial Fire. No one can escape it because it is released on the entire Earth. Only through the experiences of this period starting today and the accompanying Galactic alignment can you comprehend the elemental manifestations of resistance, fear and dread. There is no other way than to observe what will take place without taking part in it in any way. Those of you who have chosen the abandonment of your ego self due to the momentum of the Divine Waves of Life and sensed by the head will not be affected in any way by this.

If you who have not yet attained the Absolute consciousness agree to do this now, none of your concerns, your bad memories, your questions, and your doubts will remain. Apart from the intelligence of the Light and the Heavenly Fire in particular there is nothing in the human body, including your limited consciousness and the presence of the ego self, that can understand what is now happening. Only by your lack of logical explanations, only by your contact with nature and your deeper nature in meditation or other activities will you be able to receive complete satisfaction and an explanation of what is actually happening and what is to occur. No date should be sought because it may appear to each of you individually at different moments during the days, weeks, and months until the end of this year [your experiences will differ based on your level of consciousness].

These elements [Earth, air, fire, and water] are pure and simple logic. These actions of the [4 Horsemen] on this Earth will as you watch trigger changes in human consciousness that are extremely significant [and painful], ranging from total disruption and chaos to total peace [depending upon the amount of Light that you possess]. These dramatic activities of the seas, volcanoes, land and air [the 4 elements] will unfold and will be implemented and become more obvious to all, regardless of your consciousness, regardless of whether you agree with it or not. [Dramatic Earth changes will occur regardless of what you want to occur or what your conscious level is. This is the Divine plan and is unalterable even by the Galactic ETs. It will not wait for the awakening of all mankind as some new agers teach because many will continue to sleep and will remain ignorant even during these events.]

Celestial Fire is Love and nothing else. This Love has no actions, no analogy with what you might call Love in the human sense [to us love is merely loving those who love us in return]. To most of you who have not yet experienced the Absolute of Divinity, this represents a total unknown. Humanity will be called on by the Heavenly Fire, the Fire of freedom and liberation [to return to Divinity and the Light]. This will be accompanied and visible to your eyes by the arrival of elements called meteorites and comets as proof. Beyond My presence that some of you will sense on your left side [including your ears and your brain] I will announce this to all using these elements in the skies that will be coming to Earth [Divine fireworks] so you can see for yourselves.

Remember in these moments that Love and total freedom are inconceivable by the mentality, the reasoning, and the intellect of humanity. There is a part of you that already knows this, but it is still hidden in the human body of many. It corresponds to what is called the Kundalini Fire, the Fire of the Heart, and now the Fire of the Ethers. The Adamantine particles in growing numbers are triggering on your skin new mechanisms of perceptions [side effects] that are much more intense also. By accepting this process in advance and anticipating them, you will discover the effects that they have on your consciousness and on your sense of Eternity. Nothing more in this world can affect you, none of the limitations of this body can alter who you are beyond this [3D matrix] illusion.

Your only preparation is to observe what external opposition may prevent you [from completing this transformation]. It is necessary and indispensable at this time to simply observe and follow what I call lines of least resistance, simple paths that involve little action on your part as you travel during your movements in this body here on Earth. Signs that are manifested in your conscience during your meditations at night, during important contacts, and during your communication with Mother Mary and with Us will become more clear and will be easier to sense [do not take an active role in opposing the evil around you since it will soon disappear along with duality].

Signs in the sky will also become more obvious so that at some point in time no one can any longer ignore them, even though they will still deny this is happening. [They will for example see UFOs and will still not admit that they are present despite proof since they don't want to see them and society says they don't exist.] I invite you to therefore continue to cultivate your inner peace, remembering that you are only the result of your fears and your doubts in this body of flesh and this consciousness.

Accept that you have already taken this major step in order to find the essence of who you really are. There is no other way and no alternative but to go through this process. Desire to live in peace, communion, fusion [Union with Divinity], and termination [of the ego]. Love is at your door, it comes knocking on your door asking you simply: "Will you follow Me?", "Do you want to be who you really are?" As [Mother] Mary, custodian of the keys of the Conclave, Her stars [assistants], and the Elders [like OM] will tell you, remove yourself from confrontation even during times when there is strong and formal resistance manifested by your brothers and sisters [ignore this and don't fight back or argue with them].

In the meantime, just go on with your life. Alleviate any problems and deal only with what is necessary, especially in your thinking, your reasoning, and your intellect in order to assist you in maintaining your mental health. I repeat to you that you have no intellectual or mental ability to understand and receive what will come other than by living in this body, this flesh, and by experiencing this in your life [you cannot understand it by listening to what others say about it].

To do this just go [by yourself] and live in nature. When some of your dreams communicate with you or when Mary calls you individually or collectively, make sure that you follow what your dreams tell you to do, what Mary tells you to do, or what beings [ETs] from Unified spiritual dimensions manifesting in your Marian channel on your left side and above instruct you to do.

The moment when you feel a Presence at the top and left of your head, on your left cheek or on your left shoulder, you will need to pay attention to the meaning of what you hear that is related to what you will receive, related to what you will see. You should then comply with all of the individual information that will be issued to you. This will for you be the best preparations you can make for the Celestial Fire, there is no other way.

And so as Christ Michael, the Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia and as the Solar Logos, I describe here the formal elements that have been given for Me to issue to you. I have nothing to add to what I have just said. I propose that you live these final moments in Communion [with Divinity]. As for Me, I will return precisely a week prior to the day when Earth has chosen to celebrate My day [the Festival of the Archangels on Sept. 29]. Live these coming moments in Communion.

I announce to you now a formal meeting that will occur wherever you are on this Earth on September 22 at 2200 hours [10 PM French time] so that we might together live in Communion. This period will be silent, there will be no comments nor will there be any words on My part. This will be a preferred time of communion with all humanity as well as for each of you individually with my Presence.

In these moments, live your Communion in Love. I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. In Love and by Love, in liberty and by freedom, live these Communions, sharing the gift of Grace. Go in peace, because you are the peace. I will see you again.

My comments: There are several important subjects that are discussed here. Archangel Michael comes as Christ Michael the Solar Logos (the foundational structure of everything that is built on Love apart from logic), and He mentions Urantia (Earth) which He has not done until now. He also talks about the galactic alignment in December that many have talked about which will bring changes. He suggests that this is important and accurate and will begin this transformation that we want although not in the manner that some would like. Most only want a better 3D Earth with better governments and money systems, but it appears that 3D is over and will be forgotten forever.

OM said that the Akashic records (they describe all events and thoughts that occurred during our known history) and the astral realms (duality where reptilians and ghosts live) will soon be deleted forever here in this universe. This would erase our history so we could start over with new lives and clean slates. AA Michael appears to say that we may finally see UFOs uncloak and show themselves along with the violent quakes and other events that are part of the Divine plan in the few months that remain in 3D here. This UFO disclosure is necessary in order to assist in man's evacuation, and it sounds good if it occurs. The Galactics have said so far that they will not show themselves to the world since it would create fear.

The Anunnaki hijacked our universe and prevented this return to alignment, but they have been removed permanently, and we are on schedule to reunite with Divinity soon. He mentions earthquakes and meteors that have yet to occur in large amounts but will in time, and ETs cannot prevent this no matter what they do. Galactic messenger Greg talked about magnitude 16 earthquakes that they see in the near future that will destroy most everything that exists here. He said ETs hope to prevent this by building huge sea walls that will stop the 100' + tidal waves that will result (no way). The USGS announced a magnitude 7.9 earthquake for the Philippines on Friday, August 31, 2012 but quickly downgraded it as usual to a 5.7 level since people shouldn't know the truth.

AA Anael on August 30 2012: "There will be three days between the time of the announcement of Mary and the beginning of the final phase [the 3 days of darkness where Earth will stop rotating and reverse its rotation, resulting in a pole shift. This will be heard by everyone in his left ear as a warning. This is the start of ascension and a new Earth.] We along with your help have successfully worked to upgrade all of the consciences of the Earth so that the time interval between the warning and the release will be limited [it will not be as devastating as originally expected because of our work]. No one will then be able to any longer ignore what is happening on this Earth. After the announcement of Mary and the three days of waiting [where Earth will stop and most will be in darkness], there will be three days where you will be in either Absolute consciousness or resistance [opposition and panic].

After this period, each of you, whether in a body or not [this includes ghosts and others who died and are waiting in limbo], will be assigned to where you should go according to your vibration, your energy, and your truth [the Angels have said that many will continue 3D on the huge planet Arcturus]. The signs in anticipation of the announcement of Mary include the action of the [4] horsemen of the Apocalypse in various parts of the world. It involves the awakening of all of Earth's volcanoes, the oscillations [shaking] of Earth, the tilting of the poles (magnetic the first time and physical the second time). It includes signs in the sky that correspond to the Angels of the Lord, and it includes visible objects in your sky as stated and set forth by Archangel Michael. A number of humans, not knowing yet what will take place, can only sit back and observe a multiple number of increasingly larger celestial signs."

He spoke of a physical pole shift which will have cataclysmic consequences. Mary will announce to the world in the left ears of all mankind 3 days before the 3 days of darkness and the pole shift which will then begin the ascension process. I sometimes find that what I hear in the left ear is different than what I hear in the right ear like during meditations and other quiet times. This may be tied to the left and right brain functions. There are left-brain thinking people like scholars and there are right-brain people like artists and spiritually conscious individuals. The left side of the brain is logically and rationally oriented while the right side is spiritually and creatively oriented. Most people use their left part much more than their right which is why the left ear may have been chosen. When I am writing at my PC like now I often hear choirs in my right ear singing "ahs" in simple melodies that repeat over and over.

Montauk Project - Experiments In Time by Preston B. Nichols

Preston discussed telepathic waves that are sent out over Cabal transmitters like microwave antennas for mind control that can have major effects on mankind. Some believe that the LA riots in 1992 were an experiment using these programs. I often hear these voice transmissions in my left ear that sound like radio programs which can override the choirs at times. I first noticed this many years ago. He also talks about his work with the Beatles and other early rock stars using music as mind control tools, and this also applies to TV programs that we watch. It is very evident in today's rap music.

Al Bielek worked on the Montauk mind control Project on Long Island near New York city so he saw the horrors first hand. This project was headed by a 12 foot reptilian dragon weighing 1/2 ton who had large wings. These wings showed that he was in the upper class hierarchy similar to the royalty in Europe and Asia where most are slaves at the bottom of the pyramid.

Preston also discussed the Phoenix III black ops project that occurred from February 1981 until 1983 where they explored time itself looking at past history and into the future (these are alternate realities that are being deleted by Divinity). Those who traveled through the vortex described it as a swirling spiral tunnel that was lit all the way down similar to the movie Stargate that was released in 1994. If they lost power during the operation, you'd be lost in time or abandoned somewhere in the vortex itself forever. Remember this was 30 years ago, and these programs have advanced far beyond that since, but they are still top secret to the public.

Some of my work is not always pleasant just as Jesus' actions were not always uplifting when He lived here. He condemned the Jewish Pharisees as hypocrites and the bankster money changers in the temple as criminals, and He cursed a tree for not bearing fruit as it should have. The Angels say that He dictated the Book of Revelation to John which is not pleasant either.

The Armageddon that He talked about has been canceled by ETs although the Cabal has tried to start it for the past 60 years. OM said that we are in the midst of a limited Apocalypse now (the Cabal is still in control). The Revelation of Jesus Christ described the mystery of the woman (church), and the beast that carried (controlled) her had seven heads (the 7 hills of Rome) and ten horns (her allies the US and NATO) which represents the Holy Roman Empire (Vatican) and its parts. The so-called "Fall of the Roman Empire" never occurred, it just took on new leadership.

In the book Veil of Invisibility ( ) starting at page 57 remote viewer Dr. Sue Ann Arrigo talked about her work with the CIA until leaving "in 2006 in a successful move to publicize her detailed insider knowledge to avert the planned global nuclear war by pre-emptive strike". She was forced against her will by the Cabal from a child on (her father worked for the military), and she helped destroy evidence of 9/11 atrocities by the US as part of her job. She even faxed over to the International Court at the Hague a warning of 9/11 attacks by the Cabal in late August of 2001 (they already knew about it and ignored it as usual). "The remotely controlled 9/11 planes were equipped by an Israeli company owned by Rabbi Dov Zakheim, coordinated by Mossad through an Israeli-owned airport security company handling the 9/11 flights." This control was coordinated from Building 7 which was why it was demolished also.

In October 2003 the Bushes, Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney talked with her about a nuclear first strike that would kill most useless life and the possibility of survival by the elite existing in underground cities without radiation affects for 20 years before they could return to the surface. "Rumsfeld wanted me to go point by point through my report on why a nuclear first strike would not be survivable." Since her report discouraged this they abandoned it temporarily. The Cabal would like to remove 80% of humanity so they can more easily control them as slaves, and ETs have prevented this so far. Not only can these nuclear devices destroy the fabric of time and the souls of those who die in them permanently (no reincarnation), but it can destroy Earth itself like the planet Maldek was destroyed long ago.

Sheldan said this week that the new global financial system backed with gold is almost ready to be unveiled. If this is true it could shut down the US Corporation and the Federal Reserve that pays them with worthless Cabal fiat dollars since he who controls the money controls the world. This is part of the NESARA provisions that would also shut down the military mercenaries and their war machines along with canceling all debts like mortgages and loans. This new financial system may be the result of Tolec's ETs and the removal of the Cabal reptilians that he discussed.

This is not important for the future since money will not be needed in Unified worlds that most will continue in probably next year if what is said here occurs. It would however show that major changes will begin, although not in the way a majority of people want it to. Most ETs that communicate with us here want only to create a better 3D world for us, not a new Divinely created Heaven on Earth in 5D.

The books that I mentioned here are not uplifting, but they do educate us to the corruption that still exists today. I have often said that nothing major will change until Earth and this universe are transformed, and AA Michael seems to say that we shall see this soon. He said that we should sit back, relax, and watch the fireworks displays that will bring the end of 3D to Earth. We should not get involved in attacking evil around us since evil and duality will cease to exist, and change will occur very soon the Divine way. It will not be pretty like new agers want but will get the job done completely.

The Mayan Calendars were given to the Mayan people by a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization, and the Long Count (13 periods of 144,000 days each, starting on August 11, 3114 BC and ending on December 21, 2012 AD) is the most accurate calendar ever found on Earth. The December 21, 2012 Mayan date is significant because it marks the end of the precession of the equinoxes, and a synchronistic galactic alignment, an event that occurs once every 26,000 years. The Mayans expected this cycle to end and a new cycle to begin then. They made no apocalyptic prophecies about it however. The next period of the Maya calendar will reach 13 ( - a sacred Maya number - which will come on Dec. 21 of this year.

The stone referring to the year 2012 was carved to commemorate a royal visit to La Corona by the ruler Yuknoom Yich'aak K'ahk' from the capital of Calakmul on Jan. 29, 696 A.D. On a 1997 expedition ruins of a line of five closely spaced Mayan small pyramids were discovered which were called La Corona ("The Crown"). In them various other calendrical cycles charted by the Mayans besides the Long Count were found: the 365-day solar calendar, the 584-day cycle of the planet Venus, and the 780-day cycle of Mars. During the Mayan era Europe still believed that Earth was the center of the Universe and that these planets revolved around it. This Dec. 21st date is not concrete, only a guideline, so do not rely on this exact date since it can occur at any time now. OM said that it is dependent on Earth alone to decide when to reboot and start over with a new operating system.

Tolec's Asteroid Update as of Aug.29
Question: Tolec, recently we've been hearing a lot about a celestial object out in space headed toward Earth in the very near future. Is this true… is there one? Is it Nibiru?

Tolec: "Yes, there is one. No again, it is not Nibiru. It is an asteroid. This celestial object is an asteroid approximately 6 miles long x 10 miles wide. It is called: "Nahiei Nimi" by the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere in his native language of the planet Dakote. By the astrometric scientists on the Andromeda Council biosphere using the Andromeda, planet Terial, dialect, this asteroid is called: "Ouskaar Nata". Using either set of words it means: "Silver Ray" because when it passes by Earth people will see a huge silver glow around it (about 20 miles around) and it will present a silver tail as it flies by the Earth. Perspective wise, it will appear in the sky to people looking at it from Earth… to be about half the size of a high mid-day sun.

It will not hit Earth, only fly by it at a distance of approximately 450,000 miles from the surface. There are likely to be some minor temporary electromagnetic cause & effects to the planet, and it will cause earthquakes, tremors and magma flow under the Earth's crust. To quote the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere he said, "…it will rattle your cage a little." As of this date: August 29, 2012 – it is now presently located out around Saturn… coming through this solar system toward Earth space."

Tolec - Time of Transition for Planet Earth
"To assist and prepare all Earth humans to make the step-up, this "upliftment", in spiritual awareness & consciousness to the 4th dimension [5th] as Earth is crossing the galactic equatorial plane. The official beginning of 4D, fourth dimensional energy, will begin to affect Earth's solar system on 11.11.11 as it encounters the galactic equatorial plane region - as a universe & galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of space. Whether people call this phenomenon a stargate or portal this area of faster higher fourth dimensional energy is real. This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4D dimensional energy onto your planet. It will affect Earth & its people in a positive, uplifting way like never before experienced in your planet's history.

The saturation of this higher frequency vibration will continue from the end of 2011, through all of 2012, reaching full strength during the time of December 21, 2012 - which will bring a completely new, even higher level frequency vibration - such that the experience & measurement of time as we have known it... will begin to go away. These changes will continue to happen throughout 2012 into March 2013 when the final rotation of the 90 degree shift of Earth's crust happens with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new North/South orientation. There will also be a magnetic pole shift, a reversal, during this time, but will likely not cause any problems for the people of Earth [not true as I see it. I feel this reversal will have major results that will result in a new 5D Earth.].

The 23.5 degree off-axis tilt of the Earth that presently exists will be corrected as well, and will be no longer [a problem. I feel there will be a major physical pole shift based on Divine data]. This will mean a much more temperate climate for planet Earth overall. Think of the whole planet as having a climate much like that of the Mediterranean region. These changes are expected to settle down throughout remaining later half of 2013, and will begin the completion of this cycle by the end of October, winding down in December 2013."

The Andromedans generally have a better understanding of the future than most ETs although they too are only thinking of a better Earth, not a new one. Only the Divine plans are important, not the ET desires. According to Edgar Cayce, around 50,000 BC Atlantis created a "death ray" to remove the dinosaurs that were terrorizing mankind and creating fear that reptilians feed off of. This resulted in a pole shift and an ice age that destroyed most of the dinosaurs and many humans also. These dinosaurs had been introduced by the "Sons of Beliel" as described in the book "The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis". Cayce used that Beliel term since it was mentioned in the Bible and reptilians were unknown until recently.

Some reptilians mated with humans and created bluebloods who became our rulers. It appears that they had been brought in by the Anunnaki and others to attack mankind and to provide food for their reptilian brothers. According to Kryon, around 3,000 BC a meteor struck Earth and created such a shift of the mantel of the planet that the Earth moved from 28 degrees tilt to 23 and 1/3. About 25,000 years ago Earth became a quarantined planet under the occupation of the dark forces. That quarantine will be lifted when these forces are removed and disclosure occurs.

As a result of wars, great devastation took place on Lemuria and on Atlantis. They were battling over ideologies. The Atlantians sought to control the less evolved cultures, while the Lemurians fought for their right to evolve at their own pace, according to their own understanding and pathways. The Annunaki during the end of the Atlantian life-times interacted with the Atlantians. They utilized the current genetic structure of humans to manipulate it to their benefit and to deconstruct our DNA. We were left with only two strands of DNA in order to keep us from remembering that we were whole and connected to other realms and dimensions. During the Tower of Babel they introduced many languages to keep mankind divided and in continuous wars with each other.

Tolec & The Impending Cosmic Event
"I..have been following Tolec's interviews... I had what felt like a prophetic dream a year ago that matches up very well with this prediction. It was the most amazing dream I've ever had and marked the tipping point toward a massive planetary awakening. I'll just say that the sequence of events involves a visible asteroid, some non-catastrophic seismic activity, an undersea volcano, the destruction of an undersea reptilian base, a visible blue orb, the awakening of humanity, and for those of us already awake, the unlocking of some amazing superhuman spiritual abilities. My dream involved the orb and subsequent awakening and Tolec's recent intel has filled in the blanks about how this will supposedly transpire. The power of this dream has stuck with me for an entire year so I really feel like it must mean something. It's time for a worldwide shift in consciousness and I can't think of a more beautiful and awe-inspiring way for it to happen. According to the intel, it's right around the corner."

Orionis (former head of the Elders) said in August of 2007 that the pole shift of Earth corresponds to the complete disintegration of the four elements and a reversal of Earth's polarity. This suggests that everything we know about Earth will change. He described it as a black hole where all matter disappears into it. The physical carbon body as a result of this vibrational change will disappear from the third dimension.

He said that the consciousness in this new vibratory level will reset our current consciousness and experiences, and we will have a new blank slate to start over again. This is the first time that Earth will experience this process in its entirety and will be born anew. This will not be a better Earth, it will be a new Earth. He said that this Fire of Love will manifest itself by fire from the sky, the clouds, and by the awakening of the fire of volcanoes so it will not be a nice new age experience where things will only get better.

Everything including these messages is doubtful until they occur since most of what we are told are half truths and lies. Some say they are also speaking for Archangel Michael, but their messages only sound like new age words that although uplifting seem to be merely their own words. There are also many impostors and liars who only want fame and fortune. Using discernment helps but is not totally reliable since it involves the intellect. Even if you resonate with some message does not mean it is true, and people believe what they want to believe regardless of physical proof. Some mothers still consider their sons as little angels that they knew as children even after they have confessed to killing a dozen people.

Much of my Angelic work deals with ideas that are advanced and unknown until I discuss them, so I feel they are accurate myself, but it is up to each to determine these truths for themselves. They are unique and unlike the recycled works of many others, but they are only words until they become reality. It appears that Divine change will begin soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N

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