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Steve Pieczenik Exposed ! Is he of the Light or Dark ? It's all here !

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Steve Pieczenik Exposed ! Is he of the Light or Dark ? It's all here !  Sddefault

Published on Mar 10, 2017
This video exposes Steve Pieczenik, and whether or not his mission is one to help the masses – or - something else? His links to the Light Alliance are reported here. His connection to Alex Jones is analyzed.
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(1) US Takeover May Be Near
By: Steve Pieczenik
Published on Nov 4, 2016
The United States may experience a transition of power however this transition will not be abrupt, nor cataclysmic, nor unprecedented. As a matter of fact, in a republic such as ours power shifts quite often.
In this Talk, Dr. Steve Pieczenik shares his unique experience as a political insider and offers his advice on how to handle the upcoming transition without compromising the strength and autonomy of our great nation.
By: Steve Pieczenik
Published on Mar 21, 2013
An eye-opening exposè revealing Pope Francis' nefarious past and a call to action to the Catholic church and Catholic community of the world to renounce his appointment.
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Drake Bailey of the light?


Steve Pieczenik Exposed ! Is he of the Light or Dark ? It's all here !  3820109341


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