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Already well in hand

Posted on March 16, 2017 by David Robinson  
  Judge Anna von Reitz
It has come to my attention that patriotic Americans all over this country are spending time and resources delving into things that have already been delved into and explicitly determined with exactitude and proof. In the interests of saving a lot of unnecessary effort, I am publishing a list of topics we have firmly and well in hand already.
1. The existence of the original constitution called The Constitution for the united States of America.
2. The existence of the “original” 13th Amendment, called the Titles of Nobility Amendment.
3. The current status of the Reclamation Acts (still mostly in force).
4. The non-existence of a Declaration of War commencing the so-called American Civil War.
5. The non-existence of a Peace Treaty ending the American Civil War.
6. The destruction by operation of Law of the original Confederation of States.
7. The publication of a new “Federal Constitution” called “The Constitution of the United States of America” in 1868, applying to a union of corporate franchises operated as States of States.
8. The unlawful forced conversion of 11 Southern state legislatures following the Civil War.
9. The unlawful forced adoption of new “state” constitutions following the Civil War and the usurpation of the original States of America by federal franchises operated as States of States under the same or deceitfully similar names.
10. The unlawful forced adoption of new names in the form “California State” to designate land jurisdiction states.
11. The fact that neither the United States nor the United States of America have ever been sovereign nations. Both have always been associations or federations or confederations of sovereign nations. Our states of the union are the only sovereign nations here.
12. Our nationality is based on our states— Texans, Wisconsinites, Minnesotans, etc.
13. The fact that the required ratification of amendments to the Federal Constitution including the 14th and 16th Amendments by the member states never took place.
14. The fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Governors of the “States of States” acting as franchises of the United States of America worked a constructive bankruptcy fraud against the actual land jurisdiction states and the American people.
15. The fact that the Federal Reserve has mercilessly and fraudulently bilked and made false claims in commerce against the American states and people since 1913.
16. The fact that the members of Congress have served themselves and promoted usurpation against the actual states and people of America.
I am sure there are more topics that have been nailed down already that I am presently not mentioning, but all these above have been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.

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Incompetence — and Really Crazy Stuff –on Parade

Posted on March 16, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
Once again, the honest efforts patriots all over this nation are being undermined and discredited by four or five leaders who are way off center and headed for disgrace and quite possibly jail.
Tonight, on the “Judges and Marshals” call their true colors came out. We heard people pretending to be “State Justices” saying that they don’t hold with the Constitution and don’t believe in state borders.
It goes to prove what I said last week— they are representing their own “states of mind” and assuming that their opinions are “law” and that, at the very least, is delusional.
Proof in their own words that they are not acting as “justices” of any American state and are not taking the correct oaths and not defending the Public Law can be had by listening to the call playback.
Every other word is about God and “Heavenly Father” and it is clear that these myopic individuals think that they are on a mission from God, but religion has been held separate from government in this country for a very long time and for very good reasons.
As a State Justice myself I find it excruciatingly hard to bear, because for every one of those people claiming to operate as a “State Justice” who doesn’t have a clue what that office is or the laws and duties attached to it, there are a dozen of us who do. And we are getting painted by the same brush along with the yahoos in the crowd.
People who are aghast at the things they are hearing coming out of the mouths of Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton and the so-called “Judge Micky” —-who made it very clear tonight that she, is in fact, impersonating a State Justice— have been calling and sending desperate emails: Judge Anna! What do we do? We’ve got nutcases trying to represent us! Help! How do we shut these people down? They aren’t representing our state of the union….and they are making us look bad!
Here’s the answer—- and unfortunately, it’s an answer I have been giving out for a long time. (1) Get involved. Level heads are badly needed. People with a real knowledge of the law are needed. (2) Form your Jural Assemblies. Run, don’t walk— to this website: The Michigan General Jural Assembly is doing it right and they can help you do it right. (3) Hold your elections for county court officers and assemble your Grand Juries and Trial jury pools. As part of that process try your best to weed out the nutcases, and if you do elect a Bad Choice by mistake, you can recall them.
That just happened in Illinois with a Grand Jury Administrator. You can do the same thing with State Justices who go off the trolley.
These people are occupying your public offices— or pretending to.
It is up to you to vet them and make sure that they know their stuff, that they are making an honest good faith effort, that they are acting in accordance with the Public Law of your state of the union— and if they aren’t—it’s your responsibility to shut them down, and recall them by recall election process.
That’s the way Americans do things when they have to be done.

Thanks to:




Truly Off Base -- The Tempest in the Teapot Phenomenon

By Anna Von Reitz

The witch hunt continues unabated.  When will the people supporting this nonsense rebel and do what has to be done to curb this destructive, hateful, ego-driven behavior?

I told everyone what happened when I invited Bruce to my May conference in Anchorage last spring --- he tried to commandeer it and use it to promote his own agenda.

This has been his modus operandi ever since.  He does these rude and ego-driven things while loudly proclaiming that he is doing "His Father's Will".

Another thing came out of the May conference.  Bruce hired two of the team members to do research related to the then-ongoing Bundy case in Oregon.  He promised them $5,000 each to do the work, they agreed---- and then, when they performed above and beyond the call, Bruce nit-picked and refused to pay them.

The situation would be analogous to this--- you walk into a butcher shop and order twenty pounds of hamburger and agree on a price.  When you come back, you are given twenty pounds of fillet mignon, but you get angry and stomp up and down because its not hamburger, so you refuse to pay and stomp out.

That's Bruce Doucette in action. 

I wound up paying the two men out of my pocket, because I felt responsible for the whole debacle. 

Now the same kind of small-minded irresponsible crud is going on again, only this time, the target is Bella Haywood. 

On a teleconference call, Bruce offered to pay for 25 Marshals badges.  He gave $1000 to the Marshals program to cover the cost of this.  No effort was made to ascertain whether or not the people on that call had been through the vetting process and accepted to serve as Marshals.  It was just "assumed" that they were.  Now, several months later, the badges still haven't been produced and some of the people on that call are upset. 

"Where's my badge!  Bruce promised!"

Well, the fact is that whether "Bruce promised" or not, some of the people on that call probably aren't vetted to become Marshals, and since nobody has gotten the badges yet anyway, they have no cause to complain.  But they are out causing trouble and griping and slandering over $35 of benefit they haven't received and casting aspersions on Marshal Haywood's character because of it.

Where's the guarantee that the people on that call were vetted to be marshals?

Where's the agreement for a specific date to deliver the badges to those that were?

Obviously, Marshal Haywood wasn't cranking the badges out of her garage.  She is dependent on the suppliers of such goods.  She didn't make any promises with dates attached.  

And Bruce and his buddy Hamilton are out leading a witch hunt and demanding an audit of the Marshal program funds over this $1000 Bruce contributed to pay for 25 badges.

Except that it would be a breach of security, I'd stuff his $1000 and his 25 badges up his butt, and never speak to him again,  if I were Chief Marshal Haywood.

But all this begs another question--- when you see people doing this kind of disruptive crap time after time, pursuing their own agendas, making irresponsible and ill-defined contracts that they then make assumptions about and go bonkers over --- you have to wonder (1) are they space cadets?  and (2) are they well-intentioned or not? 

Bruce is trying his best to tear apart the whole Continental Marshals Service and Bella Haywood in particular over $1000 split 25 ways.  Where's the common sense in that? Especially given the facts and the circumstance? 

Short answer--- there isn't any.   Short answer --- this whole "drama" is worse than seventh grade.  It shouldn't be happening.  Any adult worth the name should be spitting on the sidewalk and walking away.

Even if Bella Haywood "stole" his $1000 and used it for other purposes in the meantime, so long as there is a $1000 in the program fund, who's to say anything like that?   Money is fungible.  Was that Bruce's $1000 that was spent or $1000 donation made for something else? 

And what the ________ does it matter?  What matters is that we have a competent Continental Marshals Service in the field beginning to do the work that the people of this country so desperately need done. 

Anyone offering to break that up and destroy it for any such petty reason, is truly off-base. 

See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

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Your State is Your Nation

Posted on March 16, 2017 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
The latest mixed-up quasi-patriot gobbledygook is that you can change your nationality on your birth certificate (in some states) and that if you claim to be an indigenous “Moor” you can reclaim your status as a landowner.
I have news for everyone, you don’t have to tell a lie— that you are a “Moor” or any follower of “Islam”— to regain your status as a landowner.
Go down to the Recorders Office and record your land titles in your Christian upper and lower case name and have the Secretary of the Treasury switch your ACCOUNT (UPPER CASE NAME(S)) over to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury.
Your state of the union is your nation. It always has been.
Neither the “United States” nor the “United States of America” have ever been sovereign nations. They are “unions” or “confederations” or “federations” of sovereign nations operating as “states” in international jurisdiction.
To reclaim your birthright and land ownership requires you to adopt your nationality as a Texan, Wisconsinite, Minnesotan, etc.
You never, ever claim to be a “Moor” unless you really, truly are one—- if you would be dishonest enough to allege that you are a “Moor” while standing there white as Frosty, the Snow Man and having no ties to the religion of Islam, you are all perjuring yourselves in front of Heaven and Earth and deserve to be prosecuted for it.
So get your heads back out of your butts and get moving according to the history and the truth and reclaim your true nationality—and do not be confused about this again.

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