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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Pizza Too Spicy For Alex Jones? Changes Pizzagate Stance the DAY Before D.C. Protests!

Pizza Too Spicy For Alex Jones? Changes Pizzagate Stance the DAY Before D.C. Protests!

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Alex Jones’ MK Ultra Puppet Retraction re: Pizzagate?; the “Investigate Pizzagate” Demonstration in DC, and the Latest Google Slap on Alt News [videos]

 Posted by Starship Earth: The Big Picture  

Some believe Alex Jones was “coerced” into his retraction about Pizzagate. What do you think? MK Ultra?
He looks the fool when the FBI’s own documents show their investigation revealed “code words” for pedophilia activities.
And now the Dr. Phil show. There’s a torrent of truth washing over our planet and there’s no stopping it.
I suspect that the courage and candour of people like Kendal, Cathy O’Brien, Fiona Barnett and Toos Nijenhuis will open the door for others to come forward.
The NYPD is livid that Comey won’t investigate/prosecute Weiner, Hitlary Clinton, John Podesta and the rest for child trafficking. It sounds like  Comey may wind up in front of a committee again and this time he won’t be able to lie his way out of it.
It’s getting really crazy out there with regard to the news—fake and otherwise. Info wars? Oh, yeah. Like never before.
Today is the scheduled Demonstration to demand an investigation into the Pizzagate claims; Lafayette Park in Washington, DC.
(It’s no wonder Obama’s hiding in Figi.)
Here’s a live stream of the event, and there are others. Thanks, D.

While the BBC can’t keep their facts (or lies) straight, Google is playing the censorship game again—this time with DAHB00777.
His channel? There it was—gone! comments, too.
Google-slapped! Sorry, DB.  Other ‘Tubers may want to check their own channels and comments as there seems to be a game of hide’n’seek goin’ on.  ~ BP

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Dear Alex Jones: When all the Pizzagate children are brutally killed, who will give voice to their stifled sacrifices?
Posted on March 25, 2017 by State of the Nation has seen the massive body of Pizzagate evidence generated by James Alefantis and his Comet Ping Pong Pizza Parlor

What follows is just the Pizzagate tip of the Pedogate iceberg!

Pizzagate: The Sick World of Pedophilia, the Washington Elite, John Podesta and the online sleuths who uncovered a globalist elite pedophile ring.

What is pizzagate? Why is this subject being suppressed in the network news media, online and on social media?

By Patric Kerouac
Posters over at Reddit and 4Chan have been conducting an investigation following the John Podesta e-mail leak (Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman) and the results are beyond surreal: They’ve uncovered a elite globalist child trafficking network which celebrates its tendencies using code words and disturbing artworks. The term for this scandal is known as # Pizzagate.
In the article Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta Invited to an Occult ‘Spirit Cooking’ Dinner by Marina Abramović, the author explained how a mundane dinner invitation found in the Podesta e-mail leaks was actually a clear link to bizarre occult ceremonies happening at the highest levels of power. While that by itself was rather shocking, it appears to only be the tip of a very disgusting iceberg.

Several online communities effectively unearthed a strange network of high-powered people who, through art, events and social media, actually celebrate a culture that revolves around death, torture, cannibalism and … child abuse. Most of this disturbing material was not even hidden, it was out there in the open, exposed on business’ walls and posted on social media.
Furthermore, an analysis of the Podesta e-mails revealed that the network appeared to communicate using code words to cover up their shady dealings.
The epicenter of this entire thing is, believe or not, a hipster pizza place named Comet Ping Pong.

Comet Ping Pong and the Pizzagate Connection

Comet Ping Pong is a ‘family friendly’ pizzeria where people can eat, drink and play ping-pong.
The Comet Ping Pong menu contains a logo that is strikingly similar to the ‘child lover’ logo used in these circles. Also, Play Eat Drink = PED.
The owner of Comet Ping Pong is James Alefantis who is, for some reason, ranked #49 in the top 50 ‘Most Powerful People in Washington’ of GQ magazine.
Alefantis as featured on the GQ website. He is described as ‘D.C. Radical Chic’.
Alefantis’ boyfriend is David Brock, the founder of the George Soros funded pet project and liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America. He was described by Time magazine to be “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party”. The power couple was heavily involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
An invitation to a Clinton fundraising event featuring ‘Chef James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong’, Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta and others.
Here’s an e-mail sent by Alefantis to John Podesta.
A leaked John Podesta e-mail from James Alefantis sending Hillary’s ‘pizza logo’. Alefantis is therefore in direct connection with some of the most powerful people in the world.
Alefantis is very connected to very powerful people. Now let’s look at his Instagram account, which was publicly accessible until 4Chan began prying in. The account is filled with bizarre and disturbing pictures – often involving small children. Here are some examples (I can’t even post them all).

A young girl with her arms taped to a table with a man standing behind her. One of the comments say “This is pretty creepy bro.” This is beyond creepy bro. A young girl inside a basket … as if she was about to be bought. Many pictures allude to buying and owning children while preying on this innocence. A closeup picture of another baby. Alefantis’s (aka jimmycomet) posted #hotard – which is slang for ‘being a ho and a retard’. Yes, he posted this next to the picture of an INFANT. Another strange pic involving a child and a weirdly placed yellow beads necklace. Also, notice the hashtag #chickenlovers.
Here’s a definition of ‘chicken lover’ found with a basic web search.

A pic of a German baby doll for sale. Buying babies appears to be an important hobby. “Pills n’ bills” before a trip. The comment ‘Ping Pong in London sounds tempting’ is obviously code for something else. A picture posted by the barman at Comet Ping Pong. It heavily alludes to the fact that ‘pizza’ means something else in their strange code. A screenshot of child beauty pageant girl wanting pizza. A baby holding Euros. Why? Making out with a dead dog. Don’t google “babybirding”.
A closeup of the eye of a dead pig. For some reason, Alefantis posted a picture of a cavernous room. EVERY SINGLE comment next to this picture is EXTREMELY CREEPY, almost as if they knew that something awful was about to happen there. A bizarre, ritualistic, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’-style pic involving young people. This is the mural prominently on display at Comet Ping Pong by artist Arrington de Dionyso. It depicts strange people holding the heads of smaller people. This is another painting de Dionyso. His work often contains MKULTRA-related themes such as dual personalities (two heads), the exploitation of children – often mixed with occult symbolism.
A regular guest at Comet Ping Pong is the performer Majestic Ape from the group Heavy Breathing.
A screenshot from a video of Majestic Ape hosting a birthday party at Comet Ping Pong. A screenshot from one of Majestic Ape’s music video where she jokes about … sigh.
Here’s another video of that Ape joking about … sigh.
Another ‘radical’ artist that is close to Comet Ping Pong is Marina Abramovic.
A picture of Marina Abramovic posted by Alefantis holding a bundle of sticks. Abramovic on the cover of dust magazine covering the eyes of a shirtless child. A screenshot from Marina’s ‘Spirit Cooking’ video where she throws pig blood at a statue shaped like a small child. Lady Gaga and Marina at the 20th Annual Watermill Center benefit in a place called ‘Devil’s Heaven’ (can’t make this up). They are partaking in pretend cannibalism. Lady Gaga with ‘a friend’ during the same event. Why are there children there? RUN AWAY KID!
The Podesta Wikileaks dump revealed that John Podesta and his brother Tony were personally invited to Marina’s Spirit Cooking event. Pizzagate has also shed some new leads in a European child abduction case that implicates the Podesta brothers.  The new revelations are shocking and shed light on the global scope of this depravity.

John Podesta

PIZZAGATE: John Podesta sitting in his office during an interview. Hanging on the wall is painting that clearly alludes to cannibalism. This is not even the last time you’ll see references to cannibalism in this article.A screenshot of John Podesta sitting in his office during an interview. Hanging on the wall is a painting that clearly alludes to cannibalism.
John David Podesta was the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama. Wikileaks released thousands of Podesta’s e-mails and it was soon discovered that an inordinate amount of messages referred to ‘pizza’ and ‘hot dogs’. Often times, these words were used in bizarre contexts and in sentences that did not make any sense.
PIZZAGATE: One of many e-mails where ‘pizza’ clearly alludes to something else.One of many e-mails where ‘pizza’ clearly alludes to something else.  PIZZAGATE: Some observors believe that hankerchiefs are used as ‘mementos’ of abuse. This is a paitning from Monarch mind control survivor Kim Noble depicting the abuse of a victim. There’s a piece of cloth underneath the child. The child’s body appears to be levitating, which alludes to dissociation after extreme trauma.Some observers believe that handkerchiefs are used as ‘mementos’ in MK abuse. This is a painting from Monarch mind control survivor Kim Noble depicting a victim being abused. There’s a piece of cloth underneath the child. The body appears to be levitating, which represents dissociation after extreme trauma.
Read a full article about Kim Noble here.
PIZZAGATE: This is an ad for Comet Ping Pong which appears to use the same symbolism.This is an ad for Comet Ping Pong which appears to use the same “dissociation” symbolism.
Then there’s John Podesta’s brother Tony, whose strange taste in art has even made the news. Here’s an article from the Washington Post describing how guests were ‘horrified’ by the art inside Podesta’s bedroom.

Podesta’s most notable piece is Louise Bourgeois’ ‘The Art of Hysteria’ – a sculpture of a headless man violently arching back. This sculpture was posted by Alefantis on Instagram. He apparently visited Podesta’s home.

The sculpture depicts the violent physical reaction of patients suffering from hysteria.
“The physical tension of the hysterical arch – an intense muscular contraction, resulting in immobility and paralysis of the limbs – is emblematic of an equally extreme emotional state. Bourgeois makes this highly vulnerable position even more so by suspending her male figure from the ceiling.”
National Gallery of Canada
Bourgeois was inspired by studies on hysteric women. The subject of her art is however a man. Pizzagate: The Sick World of Pedophilia, the Washington Elite, John Podesta and the online sleuths who uncovered a globalist elite pedophile ring.Bourgeois was inspired by studies on hysteric women. The subject of her art is however a man.
The sculpture is also strikingly similar to one of Jeffrey Dahlmer’s headless victims. We won’t post the picture in this article but it can be found here. Dahlmer was a serial killer who abused and cannibalized young men. He often placed his victims in symbolic positions and took pictures of them.
An article from Washington Life describes Podesta’s love from Marina Abramovic (do see the links connecting?) as well as “under-the-radar” artist named Biljana Djurdjevic.
“If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend superlobbyist Tony Podesta. Known about town as a legendary political “fix-it” man, Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic to those who are much better known (like French sculptor Louise Bourgeois). (…)
Currently he has collected from 40 different artists in some depth, with his top five being Marina Abramovic, Vik Muniz, Bourgeois, Olafur Eliasson and Antony Gormley.”
– Washington Life, Inside Homes: Private Viewing
Podesta has a large paint of Djurdjevic in his living room. Here’s another painting by Djurdjevic.
Rationalize it all you want, but this is a painting of a child being tortured.
Recently, there have been some extremely shocking revelations about the Podesta brothers Madeleine McCann and their stay in Portugal a few years ago. The video in this link is shocking and shows that the tentacles of Podesta and his pedophile friends is global in reach.

If anything can be learned from this is that if you have enough money, power and political connections even pedophilia is not off limits to you and the “Real Fake Media” will even try to cover for you.  The preceding link was a “fact check” done by the New York Times which was very light on fact checking. None of the bizarre artwork or numerous facts about this pedophila ring were actually addressed. The author of the fact checking piece clearly has not one shred of journalistic integrity or humanity covering up this savage group with a puff piece.   

In Conclusion

This article only contains some of the findings uncovered by ‘private investigators’ online. What has been exposed is, most likely, only the tip of the iceberg of a huge, complex network that has many ramifications. Each thread could probably be investigated further and lead to even more disturbing facts connecting even more high-powered individuals.
Going through the material of this article is a difficult and painful process, but it exposes the true mind-state and philosophy of the occult elite. They publicly celebrate a specific culture of death, abuse and dehumanization through their art and events, leaving us to only speculate about what they do behind closed doors. The symbolism in the above images is in perfect accordance with the occult elite’s culture that I have been describing on Vigilant Citizen for years.
The “Pizzagate” investigation reveals, at best, the disturbing culture of the elite and, at worst, an all-out child trafficking ring. And don’t believe that only Democrats are into this. This is the true culture of the occult elite, a circle of powerful people who operate far above political parties, and far above the law.
How far down the rabbit hole does this pizzagate go? Who will stand for these innocent children? Who will stop these savages from violating the innocents? Will pizzagate be the scandal that brings down the DNC and the houses of Soros and Clinton?

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