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Published on Mar 27, 2017
We shot this video from the Apex area near Nellis Air Force Base outside of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 26, 2017.

I put together a group UFO hunt on Sunday night. We initially went to a spot out of town out in the desert where we thought we would have a good view of the Air Force Base. There were seven of us to start but after about and hour another car showed up and parked. They got out of the car and fired a shot the opposite direction. Earlier there had been several vehicles to the west of us that had been shooting but they finally left. We weren't seeing anything and having people wanting to shoot guns around us was uncomfortable so we moved to the last spot I had been when my car went bonkers with locking itself and flashing its lights. Bill and Susan went home but Luis, Jonathan, Heather, Donald and I went to the other location and tried again. We waited a bit and then I noticed numerous lights swirling around in the sky near Red Rock Canyon on my side of town. We were there to try and film lights at Nellis but ironically they appeared about thirty miles away much closer to where I live. It was incredible because I counted at least eleven UFOs. Even through the night vision camera, I could see one that was red and another looked yellow. I had zoomed in but I noticed at the very beginning that there were two more red UFOs up higher and out of the picture. There may have been more than a dozen. We all took turns looking through the night vision camera. I had my camcorder but realized that it was missing the SD Card. I had left it plugged into the SD Card Reader on my computer. At times we could see them visually without even using the binoculars. Soon after we started filming three police cars came and parked about two hundred yards away from us with lights flashing. Soon after a police helicopter arrived and began circling, shining a spotlight down on something. We had no idea what they were looking for. The helicopter finally left but the police cars were still there when we left even though we had been filming for more than one hour. Both Donald and I had the same idea to move to the area where we ended up and I am really happy we did. This video is off the hook.




Published on Mar 27, 2017
I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 25, 2017.

This video is the full-length camcorder version of the night vision video I recently published called " UFOs Brighter Than Any Other Lights In Las Vegas." The reason it is so late is that it took all day yesterday to put it together, upload it to YouTube and finally to do this testimony about it. I know it is long but many people prefer it that way and I was pretty much commenting most of the time. There are scenes in here that show how enormous and how bright these lights actually got. I estimate that they were at least thirteen miles from my home and possibly farther. To have the light be so big and bright that far away could mean that the objects or object was very large in size. The past three or four days have been very unusual because military helicopters have been going back and forth into and out of the Spring Mountains day and night. It is also unusual for me to have captured stunning videos for several days in a row. The video from last night when I had four other witnesses with me was off the hook. Something big has to be going on.







Published on Mar 28, 2017
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Published on Mar 28, 2017
A week ago a UFO was witnessed as it emerged from the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico.
A chief engineer who witnessed the UFO emerging from the water filed a report with NUFORC.
The object reminds me of the photographs that were leaked in 1995. These pictures were taken from the USS Trepang submarine in 1971. In these pictures we can see enormous UFO emerging from the ocean and hoovering above it. In some pictures we can see the object going down in a cloud of smoke.











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