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Two Key Things That Got Overlooked About Project MK Ultra

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Consciousness Of Economic



This is a good video for those who want a bit of a different take on things. What I did not hear them say is just where they are in their programs. When I say on here that they are THAT GOOD, its because I have had personal contact with some of the MKUlra beings and clones. These programs have enabled them to take the memory of an 80 year old man and transport it into a child, hense, a new person.  These tricky guys are good, very good, and are so far advanced from humanity that even the thought of progress against these guy is almost laughable. There is a power struggle of the powerful going on on this planet and humanity is not involved. And we wait, as a major change is on the way....

3 Not as many Humans on Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:13 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

I tell people most humans are not humans on this planet. Been conscious since my star family pushed me in here. I think, feel and notice that maybe 30 percent of what we call human on this planet are human. The rest make up clones, time travelers, holographic, gangle dopplers, several types of et hybrids from all kinds of places ( i have noticed 3 human & et hybrids. one grey and human, one anunaki and human and 3rd reptilian and human hybrid) and do not forget those androids or humanoids. It is why most of us cannot communicate with others and are abused..once they find out we are human there is a program in all of them to damage us. yep this is the most fuked up planet, place i have ever been. i tell my star family never send anyone here ever again, ever, i will never be right for infinity on a soul, spirit level, this place is hell. not hell on earth but hell its self.
Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff


Ahhh Hell......There are several older texts that agree with you on that one....and yes, this is one dysfunctional planet....

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