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Anna von Reitz ~ Public Announcement to the World: We Have Revenued

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Public Announcement to the World: We Have Revenued

Posted on August 3, 2017 by David Robinson
  Justice Anna von Reitz
In response to my solution— nationalizing the banks and keeping the account system intact— I have gotten back no end of palaver about Glass-Steagall and the evils of investment banks and derivatives and the corrupt Securities and Exchange Commission, blah, blah, blah.
The people responding in this way are so indoctrinated that they can’t read the words on the page and grasp what I said.
In America, the word “national” means “state”. This is because this country is composed of fifty separate nation-states. Therefore, “First National Bank of Anchorage” means “First State Bank of Anchorage”. And when I say, “nationalize the banks” I clearly mean that the states— the actual states— should take over the banks operating within their borders and force them to operate in a responsible and honest fashion.
In our case, because of our unique heritage and foundational structure, every state is a separate nation with its own statehood compact. In America, the word “international” means “interstate” and vice-versa. When you cross over a state border, you are entering another nation— just like when you cross the border between Belgium and France.
By agreement, the states have relaxed their borders to promote trade and transportation and via the infamous “interstate commerce clause” they even authorized the federal service provider running the delegated services contract the responsibility to “regulate” interstate trade so as to expedite it and ensure free access to goods and services. That does not imply that the federal government has any special right to meddle with banking conducted within any state of the Union.
I said we need to “nationalize the banks” and so the talking heads naturally assumed that had to have something to do with federal take-overs and federal legislation—— pardon me?
We have fifty nation-states. Banking is the business of those states, or in international “waters”, it is the business of their primary association of states, doing business as the unincorporated United States of America.
The only banks that the Congress is supposed to control are commercial banks and they aren’t doing the job. So when I say “nationalize” the banks, I am saying bluntly and purely that the states need to exercise their actual statehood compacts and take over the banks within their borders, including the failed commercial banks which are now bankrupt.
Any non-existent federated “nation” run by the failed and chronically corrupt “U.S. Congress” needs to get out of the kitchen. They were dumb enough and corrupt enough to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act and let loose the final corruption of the commercial banks, thereby proving beyond any doubt that they are incompetent to transact any business related to us and our states. The present situation should be enough to convince anyone of that.
Every commercial bank on this planet is bankrupt and subject to its creditors. We, the American states and people, are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors. Those who would “presume” that we abandoned our assets would be making a self-interested and criminal false claim on abandonment without any sovereign power or standing to do so.
When you delegate power, you retain the right to take back that power in the face of the obvious failure of those delegated to perform.
The members of Congress, the Presidents, the Judges, the various Generals, and the whole shebang have been given Due Notice and Due Process for over twenty years, telling them politely, point-blank, that they are not getting the job done. Their job performance is either non-existent, or it is incompetent and inadequate to meet the requirements of any contract we have with them. So the grounds for the severance is already there, and in fact, it already exists.
They have not provided the services they have contracted to provide and have otherwise messed things up so badly that nobody in their right mind would continue to pay them for such “service”. They have been given plenty of Notice and Due Process releasing them from their contract, and that is fortunate, because the federal Municipal government has been bankrupt and in liquidation since 2015 and the federal Territorial government has been bankrupt and in reorganization since May.
Read that—- even if they wanted to do the right thing now, they couldn’t, because they are in receivership all the way across the board.
Now what? We, the American states and people, are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of both the Territorial and Municipal United States. Back in November of 2015, we chose new federal partners in order to preserve the actual Constitution—-which would otherwise be vacated by these federal bankruptcies.
The American Native Nations have separate federal charters formed by Treaty, similar to the statehood compacts, and are therefore “federal” entities without being subject to the federal bankruptcies. They aren’t merely “franchises” like the State of State organizations.
By partnering with the Athabascans and the Lakota Sioux to be our federal service providers under the constraints of the actual Constitution, we have provided the means for a smooth transition of our constitutional government despite the bankruptcy of the failed despots in Washington, DC.
The responsibility of government resides with the unincorporated United States of America and with the individual sovereign states and in the face of the incompetence of both the Territorial and Municipal United States, the federal role has been transferred to the American Native Nations and the responsibility for the individual state government functions returns to the actual land jurisdiction state governments.
We are “re-venued” and in a position to reclaim all our assets.
We have issued our renewed Sovereign Letters Patent, we have updated our National Trust, we have established our International Trade Bank, we have clarified and established our standing on the public record, we have a viable international currency — the American Silver Dollar — and via our federal partners, the American Native Nations, we have representation in the United Nations.
We have placed our non-UCC and agricultural liens upon all the State of State and STATE OF STATE organizations as well as their parent corporations. We have established our international private registered indemnity bonds and we have also established our international payment bond so that there can be no complaint against us and no suit brought against our sovereign assets.
We are not bankrupt simply because our Housekeeping Service goes bankrupt and our assets are not subject to their bankruptcy, either.
And this is all possible precisely because in America, “national” means “state” and because the unincorporated United States of America is and has always been in control of all aspects of international powers, both delegated and non-delegated, on land and on the sea, retroactive to the moment the British Monarch and the then-Pope secretly breached our national trust in 1822.
We are free to write our own future and to recoup from past history all the assets that are owed to us and to our actual land jurisdiction states of the Union.
All this is possible because in America, the word “nation” means “state” and because the unincorporated United States of America is still here, still functioning and still acting under the retained rights of the American states and people.
I wish to draw it to everyone’s attention, again, that America is not the “United States”. These are two distinct and profoundly different entities each foreign to the other, and they always have been.
The bankruptcy of the federal Municipal and Territorial United States in no way implies any bankruptcy on the part of the Continental United States— meaning the actual states and people — who are in fact the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of all Municipal and Territorial United States holdings and franchises.
Please support the continuing effort to bring these facts forward. Our team is working around the clock to make sure that every impacted government and every American who stands to be swindled otherwise, is made aware of the circumstance. We need your help and support to spread the word and pursue the legal and other work necessary to reclaim the birthrights of our own and many other nations.

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