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STARWALKERS Episode 22: "Wiped" by TS Caladan

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1 STARWALKERS Episode 22: "Wiped" by TS Caladan on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:36 pm


Episode 22: "Wiped"
by TS Caladan

85 Earth years ago~

[translated]. The Centauri 'First Council' Science academicians were amazed, astounded, stunned, startled, bothered, bewildered, flabbergasted, confused, unsure and a bit dizzy because of what they had just observed on the screens. The flood of secret blasphemies and verified scandalous truths were too numerous to copy or endure as "mind-films" (mental movies) were continuously seen. Visuals that materialized into form from the mind of the child were simply unbelievable, shocking heresy and very much against the highly respected 'Laws of Centauri Science.'
       Few Remorans inside the windowless Viewing Hall allowed those genuine feelings or reactions to be seen or expressed on the surface. Suppressed emotions were fine-art skills among Centauri. They always held back feelings, controlled them, mastered them. The last things the cold, earless bastards wanted to resemble were dumb, big-eared Earthlings only 4 light-years away that went around a yellow sun. 
       But to withhold truth, the real truth? Such deceptions should not be policy among actual scientists.
       Psychics and highest mystics were correct about the child. The boy was special. 
       Records, without copies, were stored in the Great Archive. Most of the information was unavailable to typical Remoran citizens. Only elites accessed the files. Usually. If historical or theoretical data contradicted the "Law" or the "Order" or the way old scientists thought and preached about the universe, the information was lost, denied, hidden, made inaccessible or super difficult to find (never totally deleted).
       Was it a mistake to have the boy within the occult Circle of Enlightenment and under the Great Crystal and to have displayed his images of past and future? Was it an error to view the truth, expose the knowledge, even to the "Masters of Science" in the Academy?
       Pembark, head academician, more of a politician than a scientist, made the final decisions; his words were Law. What to do about the boy and the 32 esteemed scientists that saw the controversial material no one had previously imagined?
       R'maugzhe Staak remained still and entranced under the Crystal and inside the Circle. He never moved. The child disassociated with the present universe around him and was only in tune with yesterdays and tomorrows. 
       The famed Science Academy did not accept the fact of reincarnation. Because of the boy's visions, precise memories and accurate prognostications, now they had to. Or did they? Will the population of Remor be told what Pembark and the 32 elites discovered?

       As hard as info on the screens were to view for the earless Centauri Masters, Pembark made them see the main points all over again...

       The boy was once a ruthless killer, a military leader named Ran. The ancients from Proxima Centauri called his troops "soldiers," but modern Remorans would call them "brutal criminals." They were REBELS, the New Movement away from good, warm, loving, "sensible" thoughts and actions and toward anarchy, disorder, fear and hatred. They were organized, anti-Machine, "punks," dressed as "police" and assumed authority and power.
       Ran wanted to leave home planet more than anyone. He saw the future, the 'writing on the wall' and the winds of changes to come. The violent, yet clairvoyant, Soldier clearly understood what was happening in the present: a slow "takeover" by the MACHINES. Ran warned his fellow "patriots" on exactly what he feared. He didn't view modern automation of an industrious civilization as the Wave of the Future. He wanted citizens to return to nature's roots: land, sky, water and trees, away from modernization and a dependence on Artificial Intelligence. It appeared the only way to institute a New Order was by force and even WAR against the pacifists with their Machines.  

       After thousands of Remoran Cycles, Ran's purple bloodlines (R'maugzhe) had crystalized into a powerful politician. She became "Gull" or Captain Duros of the arkship "Renner." Same dark qualities in father were passed along to distant daughter. Arkship Renner, under Command of Duros, founded the new home: Remus. In fact, she named the hot, hostile planet that orbited a red sun. Duros was the natural choice as Supreme Chancellor after the colony was established and developed.
       The blonde woman was a terrible tyrant, mad with power. She intuitively understood rebellion was over the horizon because of her massive executions and strict fascist policies. Duros slaughtered and wiped away every piece of opposition. She ruled by utter FEAR.

       To the complete and further shock of Pembark and the 32 academicians, young Staak's mind displayed more and more occulted truths, such as...
       'Discoverer of Remus' had a secret son, no one was aware of (until now). Chancellor discarded the child she had with a nameless/faceless "centurian," the only child she ever had. "It" was left in a remote, uninhabited, desert area by the father, under orders from the High Chancellor. Duros was made to believe her only son was killed by his father, which pleased the evil ruler now called "Queen."
        The son (R'maugzhe) survived, grew healthy and strong and assumed the name "Callas." He was recognized for his numerous skills and clarity of thought in villages and cities, as many welcomed a 'breath of fresh air' and freedoms: thought as a necessary balance against the cruel State. Callas was also known for HAIR, for being a "freak" dissident that grew his hair when the 'bald look' was the set-standard. At first, the counter-viewpoint was permitted to exist on Remus and extended itself to a degree. Why didn't the old Queen destroy the unknown man and his peace movement and his many bands of followers who were referred to as "Sensitives"? [Were rebels somehow connected to peaceful Machines back on Remor?].   
       Queen Duros was dead, but her horrible fascism continued in the form of a Republic. Power was divided and distributed equally to 12 regional, military dictatorships. 
       A supreme council of 12 ruled in her place. Their first Executive Order was for the military to kill all Sensitives and their leader, Callas! They did. Peace Movement on Remus ended with thousands of dead pacifists. No one knew they also murdered the lovely, sweet, sensitive son of Queen Duros and ended her and Ran's purple bloodlines. 
       Remusans and Remorans lived lifespans that lasted thousands of Cycles (longer than Earth years). Over vast stretches of time, lifespans lessened and only covered a period of hundreds of years. They had lost much of their psychic abilities. A significant number of "warriors" kept the look of hair-on-heads, but had forgotten the one who was the original inspiration.

       Young R'maugzhe Staak again showed the 33 highest elites of the Science Academy in the present that REINCARNATION was a clear fact of Remoran and Remusan life. His next incarnation on Remus was no direct bloodline, since Callas never fathered a child...
       Yet a humanoid called Cardic was confirmed to be the future descendant of Callas. This was the undoubted truth because of multiple verifications. Not because of bloodlines, but because there were distinct spiritual connections. The man was a MUTANT. He was an "X" factor, a virtual alien. He had a completely different type of audio-receptors. Instead of nothing whatsoever on the side of heads, HE HAD EARS LIKE EARTHLINGS, only longer and pointed! (Humanoids from Proxima Centauri knew of Earth people around the closest sun to their sun at the time, but dared not make First Contact).
       Cardic (R'maugzhe) was a spy. The famous "genetic freak" was sympathetic to Remorans and not Remusans. Cardic had the ability to hide secrets with his sharp, trained mind. He lived a false life as "Proletariat" and held public office (even with "funny ears"). Remusan psychics understood how brilliant and how much of a "forward-thinker" the elder statesman was. He was respected by the totalitarian militarists of Remus. Yet. All the while, Cardic reported to the Leader of the Machines back on home planet. Cardic gave up secret information such as troop movements and invasion plans to his hero, to the beautiful android who sent him to spy: Ganmor. Who would suspect a long-eared Remusan, famous for his freakish appearance, as a Machine-sympathizer?

       Cardic's family also carried the strange gene that gave them holes on the sides of heads, lobes and extended ear-appendages. All other Remusans had nothing on the sides, not even slight indentations (as yet).
       One particular member of the Cardics called Ailia [another Staak incarnation] carried on the family "espionage." She had secretly saved thousands of lives on Remor: men, women, children and Machines. Senseless killings of Remusans in battles also decreased because of Ailia's efforts. No one knew of her heroic actions. Then. She was discovered as a spy and everyone knew! Ailia was publicly executed as well as all the 'freakish' Cardic family members with distinctive ear-appendages.
       In time...the idea of Remusans with any type of visible ears...passed into legend. It was forgotten by the general public and suppressed by the very few academicians and historians that were aware. They feared: ears and similarities to non-psychic Earthlings were the way of the Future.
       Today. It wasn't only one or two elders who contained the secrets. Now 33 members knew controversial truths and so much more, all because of the boy's unexpected visions on screens in the Hall. Possibly the greatest blasphemies were the facts hidden inside Nostik Texts of Saruk. A very different prehistoric age of peace and love on Remor was not stories, the wild tales were REAL...
       The information was far from what scientists, military madmen or priests wanted to hear. Or the absolute truths about the ancient Holy One (Saruk) that even colonists on Remus venerated.

       The boy had stood, motionless, under the Great Crystal and within the Circle of Enlightenment for hours. Pembark and the elites were astounded. Nearly the last piece to unimagined puzzles of reality was the undisputed FACT that the future held the incomprehensible:
       ALL REMORANS AND REMUSANS WILL HAVE VISIBLE EARS, like Earthlings, only pointed! And RED blood like Terans! Remorans will audibly HEAR and the entire psychic level of the Centauri Race will have dropped down almost to the level of Terans (Earthlings)!
       Pembark ended the repeat or highlights of the boy's mental transmissions [transgressions]. Screens in the Great Viewing Hall went blank and black. Master of the Science Academy and 'First Council' on Remor paused. He was unsure what to do. Then he knew what he had to do. A small iso-fact inside R'maugzhe's innocent brain pushed Pembark over the edge and into a firm decision.
       The "last straw" was, for some strange and related reason to ears, brother Remusans, the military branch of Remorans, will replace green Andorians from warm lush/woodland Andor as the 23rd member of Starwalker Command. All in less than a Cycle. How was that possible? Or a hundred other heresies now vivid and alive inside the minds of the scientists in the Hall? Something had to be done about First Council~
       Pembark, top Secret Scientist, had the mind of R'maugzhe Staak WIPED CLEAN! Supposedly, every trace, gigabyte, terabok, scrap, iso-file, image and "mental movie" of the heresies inside the special boy was deleted, gone and permanently erased~
       Funniest thing happened...
       Screens were turned back on and were tuned to young Staak as he blinked a few times and came out of the trance and his glazed expression. The boy suddenly SMILED, which once more surprised the crowd. Shocker was...the real boy remained the same, physically: He only had the normal earholes with normal Remoran implants and 9% makina. 'After Resolution,' of course...


      Gasps were heard from elite scientists that never gasped. Could the boy have visualized fantasies? Were the images unreal? It would explain why no one had purple skin~ Only Pembark had a proper view of what this meant. It was the future and a connection with lowly, pink-skinned humans. The boy was the future. The Master wondered if the wiping had worked? Maybe he didn't have to kill the boy? Maybe Staak's dreams were personal: innocent hopes and nothing to be concerned about? Anyone R'maugzhe "merged" with would discover certain bits removed, holes in the mental tapestry. Secrets were safe. No. The special boy was needed tomorrow and will continue...

       ...But not the 32 that had witnessed the images on the screens, today

85 Earth years later~     

       "Staak. Staak? Commander Staak!" Captain Church yelled at the First Officer on the bridge to finally get his attention.

       The Centauri snapped out of it. "Sir! Forgive me. Ah...Captain?"

       John was concerned. "Are you all right, Staak? Is it your..."?

       "No, sir. It's not."

       The pair were hardly heard by the others on the bridge. Most returned to their duties.

       "What's going on? I waved my hand in front of your face a few times as you stared into the scanner..."

       Staak explained, "I was..."


       "Distracted. Yes. I was distracted..."

       "Not like you, Staak. Day-dreaming?"

       The Commander asked, "May I ask you a serious question, Captain?"

       "Sure. You want privately?"

       "No. It will be quick. The word: wipe..."


       "I know it's a brainwashing term, as in 'mind-wipe.' Is it also used to mean...kill?"

       "That's your question?"

       "Yes, sir."

       "I guess so. Wipe you out, rubbed-out, snuffed...wiped. Sure. Why would you ask that, Commander?" John was curious and also a few others who heard.

       Staak frowned, in sudden extreme sadness. He was very uncomfortable. Was the Centauri near tears?

       "I...only realized at this moment, sir..."

       "Yes?" Church asked.

       "I may...(swallowed) I caused...the deaths of 25 brilliant men and 7 brilliant women...before I was four years old."

       John Church felt Staak's pain and nearly cried for him. He told his repressed friend: "Staak...I...I don't know what to say, except...I know you weren't to blame. And you need to move on; that was a long time ago. I order you to move on."

       Silence captured the entire bridge crew. Now the others paid attention.

       The Commander was put on the spot...

       Inside his head and purple heart, Staak panicked. Emotions in public. He controlled his panic and did an impression of a human, to relieve his pain and horror. The Commander stared right into the eyes of the Captain as he'd done a hundred times before when his words were important. He clearly stated with heavy feelings: "It's so damn easy for you Machines, isn't it? You don't feel ANYTHING...empty, cold cogs. Mindless. Heartless. Not like us Bios, huh?"  



      The Commander remained not that great in the Joke Department, but his 'acting' wasn't too bad. He explained, "All right. It wasn't that funny. My weak attempt at moving on..."

       A few small laughs circulated.

       "Like you said, Captain." Commander Staak found it 'sensible' to make his friends almost laugh at his lame joke, rather than make them cry~


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