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Petitioning United Nations – Support the Keshe Foundations Technologies

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United Nations: Support the Keshe Foundation’ technologies for power, water, food, space

Petitioning United Nations – Support the Keshe Foundations Technologies
Posted on September 14, 2012
United Nations: Support the Keshe Foundation’ technologies for power, water, food, space

by Dirk Laureyssens
Antwerpen, Belgium
Thanks to J.

Your Excellency,
We, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, ask you urgently, but
respectfully to use your prestige, knowledge, experience and the
UN-network to support and promote the space technology, water
technology, power generation technology, environmental systems (direct
CO2/CH4 capturing, nuclear waste cleaning), protein and food production
systems, all technologies of the Keshe Foundation, developed by Nuclear
engineer Mehran Tavakoli KESHE ( It has been proven safe, clean, productive and virtually an unlimited source of energy.
With this technology we will be able to reverse the damage done to our
planet Earth and replace the environmentally harmful energy systems we
have so long depended on.
In addition to this, it is our opinion the Keshe power technology is the
only independent point-of-demand technology that is able to give
rapidly electricity to the 1,5 Billion people, our brothers and sisters,
which lack electrical power today. Within 15 years that number will
grow and become 1,6 Billion (because the new grid infrastructure is too
Where electricity will give those 1,5 Billion brothers and sisters a new
freedom and dignity and a decent life. Local electricity with Keshe
plasma reactors will give them the possibility to create local business,
give them communication systems, tools for distance education,
irrigation pumps, etc. this move bringing prosperity, freedom and peace.
When there is the Horn of Plenty (logo of the Keshe Foundation) then
there is no political need to steal the water, the resources or the food
of other nations, with this the present geopolitical conflicts lose
their essense.
Mr. Ban Ki-moon, all inhabitants of our planet believe that your
willingness to stand behind the Keshe project will lead to and will
deliver prosperity, dignity, equality, peace and personal freedom to all
of us.
We, the people of the Earth, thank you in advance for your efforts to make Earth a better place to live.
An inhabitant of the Earth.

Sign the petition at:


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