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7 Reasons People with Intuitive Personality Are Often Misunderstood

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7 Reasons People with Intuitive Personality Are Often Misunderstood Intuitive-personality

Those with an intuitive personality are often misunderstood. We think and act differently to our family and friends which can be frustrating for both sides.

It is natural for humans to want to be understood. In fact, it is one of our deepest desires. That is why we look for a soul mate . We are searching for someone who ‘gets’ us. For those with an intuitive personality, this can be frustrating. We think so differently to many people around us. Our family and friends may struggle to understand us. This can make us feel isolated and alone and as if we will never really fit in.
There are many reasons why people find it hard to understand intuitive personalities, but I have listed below some of the most common ones. If you recognize yourself in them, you certainly have an intuitive personality.

1. You never just accept something at face value

When someone tells you something as fact, you will rarely just accept it, especially if it doesn’t fit in with the way you see the world. As an intuitive, you will want to explore this new information and look for examples, evidence, and personal resonances. However, you will not dismiss the information either. You always strive to remain open-minded.

2. You feel on the edge of society

Because of you unconventional way of thinking, it can be hard for you to find a place to fit in. You find the conventional beliefs and values of mainstream society confusing. You identify better with those on the fringes of society, the ones that conventional folk think are a bit weird or eccentric. Because you have to spend time with family, friends, and colleagues who don’t understand you this can be hard.

3. You can always see another side to the story

Your intuitive personality helps you to understand things from other people’s point of view. You understand that nothing is ever black or white. Because of your intuition and empathy, you prefer not to judge others – after all, you haven’t had their life experiences so you can’t know why they behave the way they do.
Your motto might be the Native American proverb: ‘Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.’

4. You have a broad range of interests

Having an intuitive personality means you are interested in a variety of things. You love the strangeness of life, mysteries and the unknown. You would find life boring if you had all the answers, but you love to learn more and develop.
Others can’t always understand your drive to learn and your constant curiosity. There are a few things that you are simply not interested in, though. You aren’t competitive and don’t seek power over others. You are not overly materialistic and value relationships and experiences more than wealth and material possessions.

5. Your idea of success is different from others

Your idea of success is to have made a positive difference. You would like to be remembered for helping people or making the world a better place. You probably value love, kindness, creativity, and compassion. Conventional success such as pay raises and promotions, fancy cars and big houses hold no appeal for you.

6.You often mistrust authority

As an intuitive , you can easily see where authorities such as governments are letting people down. Because there is so much inequality and corruption in modern life, you have lost faith in authority figures.
You can’t bear to watch media stories full of negativity and fear because they make you despair of the world. You wonder how the unethical billionaires and politician’s sleep at night!
Above all, you just can’t understand why there is violence and hate between people.

7. You overthink things

As an intuitive living in a far from perfect world, you may be prone to anxiety, worry, and depression. This is because you feel the pain of others so deeply. You would love for people and all living things to live in peace and harmony. Others think you are naïve, but you can’t understand why peace is so hard to create.
You also have a tendency to overthink things . Because there are so many sides to every story and no clear path to follow, you find it hard to make decisions sometimes.

Closing thoughts

Having an intuitive personality can make life hard. It often leads to us feeling misunderstood and sidelined. However, there are many benefits to your sensitive and kind soul. You should celebrate this aspect of your personality and learn to love yourself just the way you are.
If you don’t fit into conventional society, try not to worry. There are lots of other folk out there who think in a similar way to you so seek them out and find your tribe.

Thanks to: https://www.learning-mind.com


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