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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » BLOOD TYPE ~ RH NEGATIVE ORIGINS UNKNOWN » RH- ~ How can we combat chemical pregnancies once and for all?

RH- ~ How can we combat chemical pregnancies once and for all?

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How can we combat chemical pregnancies once and for all?

 rhesusnegatives@gmail.comOctober 17, 20170

Chemical pregnancies occur when there are antibodies present and the fetus is not being given the chance to develop. Women in this case show up as being pregnant, but shortly after discover that they are not, but do not have any recollection of bleeding or any other signs of losing the fetus. The enzymes basically attack the fetus and sort of consume it as the size is minuscule.

Conception takes place, the embryo implants and a pregnancy test is positive but a miscarriage occurs before anything can be seen in the uterus or on ultrasound. The only evidence of being pregnant is the chemical reaction that caused the test to turn positive.
Chemical pregnancies have long been considered mysteries, but the explanation is quite simple:
In many countries, women receive the Anti-D shot (if they are rh negative) after giving birth to the first rh positive child, because you cannot build antibodies fast enough to destroy a first rh positive fetus. Anitbodies also cannot build unless there is contact with rh positive blood and unless you have had something like a transfusion done, which of course would always be done giving a compatible rh negative blood type, the assumption with women without children is that antibodies are not in existence.

This is one of the biggest fallacies out there in terms of allowing harm to be caused due to simple laziness and following long outdated SOPs.
A woman can have antibodies built from previous pregnancies ending in either miscarriages or chemical pregnancies. But that is often taken into consideration which is why so many women who have had a series of miscarriages will usually wind up carrying a child successfully to terms when finally her pregnancy is being termed “high-risk” and the Anti-D shot is being administered timely and antibody screenings accompany the care.
So why do so many women have to first go through losing children before the doctors come to terms with the fact that rh negative women need special care?
Of course, the key to avoiding pregnancy problems is demanding an antibody screening before you become pregnant, be the pregnancy planned OR accidental.

your time of becoming pregnant is a process of nature the medical industry should adjust to. Not the other way around!
Just because you don’t plan to become pregnant should not mean that you have to suffer the emotional trauma of happiness turning into a miscarriage or the fetus simply “vanishing”.
So what can you do if you are open to becoming pregnant and want to avoid having a bad experience if you do?
You find a doctor who shows interest in helping you as an rh negative woman and understands your need rather than looking at your blood factor as an inconvenience.
If you have a physician who cares for you properly and puts this at the forefront of his caring for you, share his information with other rh negative women.
That is why you need to have an antibody screening BEFORE YOU BECOME PREGNANT.
Yes, this is an inconvenience. And yes, it costs money. And no, insurance companies are not interested in granting you your needs based on the fact that you might want to get pregnant rather than the “condition” already being present.
The main reason a woman never before pregnant and without known contact to rh positive blood in her lifetime carrying antibodies is one known amongst many skilled physicians, but never properly advertised and taken into consideration with rh negative women as a whole:
If you are rh negative but your mother is rh positive, it is highly possible that while in the womb, your blood could have mixed with hers.
This of course is the same way that it happens when the fetus is rh positive and the mother rh negative causing the *haemolytical disease?* to begin with.
So while the antibodies of an rh negative woman attack the rh positive fetus, the D antigen (rhesus factor) of the rh positive mother getting in contact with the rh negative fetus will cause the antibodies to be built in the fetus causing him or her to be born with the antibodies.
So even if 25 years later this rh negative fetus, now a woman, is getting pregnant with an rh positive fetus, this unborn being will be attacked immediately by the antibodies stemming from the mother’s time in her mother’s womb.
So if you have a physician telling you there is no way you can carry any antibodies and should just keep calm, make sure you mention having an rh positive mother if you do. Because the sad truth is that many physicians will completely ignore your needs otherwise and allow you to have one miscarriage after the other. Sometimes because of indifference, but oftentimes due to complete ignorance.

Most miscarriages are avoidable. But it requires dedication on the part of the physician(s) to help prevent such.
We are more than just numbers, so it’s time to name our claims:
Have you ever demanded an antibody screening before being pregnant? Have you found a physician understanding your needs and want to share his name with rh negative women looking for the same solution?
Getting an antibody screening done BEFORE a pregnancy can help avoid a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy.
If so, please share the information freely. Reward him or her by promoting him or her to other rh negative women in deep need for such care. I will not accept comments which are negative and potentially slanderous as I cannot verify any such information and if indeed a doctor caused you harm by being indifferent, then you should connect with other women who have experienced something similar and consider suing that physician or medical institution.
It seems that money is the only voice and even when the top doctors know what to avoid, in the end they are just employees doing what they can do fatten their paycheck, so only when hurting this income potential will necessary actions be taken.
Waiting for changes to happen is not usually reasonable. And badmouthing a docor also is not useful unless you take actions on your own.
This is why we on this blog want only solutions. And solutions includes sharing good experiences so other rh negative women can read them and contact those who have helped others and give them their business.
You can comment here, on Twitter or Facebook!
And I hope that if indeed you have a great physician, you share the info. Do not assume all are like this. So what you might consider not important, actually is. And until we unite against the indifference that continues being shown after 50 years of Anti-D shots on the market, we will have our needs ignored, our rh negative blood factor treated like an inconvenient condition and see more and more of the same sad cases continuing to pop up without proper changes even be considered.

Those of you who have an rh negative partner, do not need to worry about this.
Of course, you can avoid this by finding a partner who is rh negative as well. But since love comes when it comes, it is time that we protect ourselves and one another on all levels. And this is the one that is long overdue.
To promote a doctor who took good care of you during your pregnancy, use Twitter or Facebook or any other social media outlet by using hashtags:

# (your city or county) + #rhnegativepregnancy

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