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Clif High – Interview with Sand Coin Ceo Ruslan Pichugin

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clif high
Published on Oct 17, 2017

Interview with Ruslan Pichugin CEO of SAND coin. While he is an accredited attorney (advocat), his focus is the business of doing business, in this case, the vehicle is 'sand', build-able sand. His training as a lawyer will be a leading tool in his progress as SAND coin continues its harmonious relationship with the Russian officialdom, all the while keeping the vision of being in the 'hole' business. The core concept is a quarry to remove the sand from Sand coin's hole in the ground, and to sell the sand to the growing construction business around Moscova, and within greater Russia as both the local (renovation) road, and the new Silk Road (One Belt Initiative – a joint Russia China project) ramp up their activities. Then as the hole is revealed by the removal of the sand, to begin the profitable business of filling up the hole, so that it may be covered up, and the construction of buildings on the property can begin. All three phases are profitable, and combined may take Sand coin out a decade or longer (depending on demand rates for the sand). white paper: We also discuss general cryptocurrency impact on Russia, the population, and how this is impacting their officialdom. Ruslan is a sharp minded fellow with very good vision, and the skill of appropriate timing. Sand coin is a very excellent example of what our data has been describing as a class as 'transport coins' that will involve the movement of commodities to customers.


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