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Hospice Worker Walks Up To Dying Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps – Then They Catch This On Camera

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Hospice Worker Walks Up To Dying Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps – Then They Catch This On Camera

Often times people are reluctant to put their loved ones into hospice care. That might not make sense at first glance. Hospice care is supposed to be trained nurses helping to take care of elderly patients who aren’t capable of taking care of themselves. That sounds great, right? Well, there’s frequently horror stories about the elderly being treated poorly, and those stories scare people off of hospice care.
But this video is going to fight against those sad tales. Here’s a hospice care nurse who really cares about his job, and more than that he cares about the elderly people that he works with. You’ve got to watch this! It is sure to help change your position on hospice care, and it’s certainly putting out a positive image.This is a truly moving video that comes from the Austinburg Nursing & Rehab Center in Austinburg, Ohio.
Click to WATCH: Hospice Worker Walks Up To Dying Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps – Then They Catch This On Camera

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How timely this post is.
The love of my life was hospitalized in June of this year and released home to me under hospice care. She received incredible love and attention from several hospice nurses, aids, volunteers, clergy and social workers. They wanted me to let them bring a hospital bed to better move and position Her dying body. I asked that they allow Her to stay in our bed so that I could hold Her sweet body at night during Her last days. This made it difficult for them but they obliged. She transitioned in our bed with me and a neighbor who also cared for Her at Her side. I had Her for 7 glorious yet terrible days in our own bed.
After Her transition hospice reached out to me for grief counseling which was incredibly helpful. My counselor was an incredible counselor as well as a Reiki master who took a holistic approach. Yesterday was my last counseling session with her and I have signed up to be a hospice volunteer and look forward to sitting with people going through the transition and being present for them.
The down side is that, as in much of this greed driven world, hospice groups are being bought out by conglomerates and the hospice numbers are being cut back and the wonderful care they give is being compromised and even in some cases eliminated. 
How sad that this wonderful service to others is being  damaged by the people in charge who are service to self only.


I was hoping you would see this post William.

Takes a special person to do hospice work. The young man above and you also fall into that category!



Thanks Purpz! It provides a healing situation for all involved. The patient, the family & friends and the hospice worker too.


I'm grieving now and probably always will but I'm trying to give back. Through a series of synchronicities I might be buying a 'cello this week to use in hospice. I'm a bassist but at least for now It's too difficult to carry around with the amp and a 'cello is half the size.
Also through a series of synchronicites I found a  place to volunteer 5 minutes from my office. 
I am being guided through all of this.
As crappy as the world situation is in all of it's forms we are guided and can fulfill our life mission while the tower of babel crumbles. And hey, if it crumbles on my head, so be it, I'm doing what I need to do.

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