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Linda Moulton Howe Part 2: Self-Activating Intelligence of Dragonfly and James Webb Telescopes

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Published on Oct 20, 2017

One of the most anticipated astronomy breakthroughs since the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes is expected to come from the James Webb Space Telescope now scheduled for launch in October 2018. The JWST will have the Earth's best resolution and sensitivity ranging from long-wavelength visible light (orange-red), through near-infrared to the mid-infrared. It's theme is to “see first light,” meaning as far back in time to the beginning of this universe as possible. It will have great clarity of vision because it's going to be launched to the second Lagrange point 930,000 miles from Earth (see illustration below) where the combined gravitational pull of the Earth and the Sun will allow the James Webb telescope supported by its spacecraft to circle around the Lagrange 2 point in what is called a “halo orbit.” That means the gravitational balance will always keep the JWST near the Lagrange 2 point. Once in place, the James Webb Space Telescope has four main research goals: 1) to “see” back in time as far as possible to first star and galaxy creation in this universe after the Big Bang. 2) to understand star and planetary system formations and conditions for the origins of life. 3) to study the universe in a wide range of infrared frequencies in contrast to Hubble's seeing in visible or ultraviolet light. 4) to solve the mystery of star KIC 8462852 that has become famous for great variations in dimming light which has provoked the serious question: did an intelligent civilization build an energy production device around that star? Professor van Dokkum at Yale University would add a fifth category — to look at his catalogue of faint, massive objects such as the dark matter galaxy Dragonfly 44 to see what more can be learned from infrared about the extraordinary 99.99% dark matter galaxy that Prof. van Dokkum calls the “dark twin” of the Milky Way Galaxy. Watch part 1 here: Read the full report here: For more incredible science stories, Real X-Files, environmental stories and so much more. Please visit my site To stay up to date on everything Earthfiles, follow me on FaceBook @EarthfilesNews and Twitter @Earthfiles. Be sure to subscribe to this Earthfiles Channel the official channel for Linda Moulton Howe Have you seen all the playlists on our channel? Earthfiles 2017, Richard Dolan, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe, Linda Moulton Howe on Truth be Told TV, Roswell UFO Festival, Earthfiles Podcasts and much more!


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