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Stand UP and Be Counted

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Stand UP and Be Counted

 Stand UP and Be Counted Long-Man-of-Wilmington
Until now, no one really knew what the Long Man of Wilmington symbolized.

Hello, all. We were given explicit instructions early this morning on what to do. This isn't for everyone, just for those who can do it. You know who you are. If you have some imagination and some energy, you can do it. You're not being asked to do anything unless you feel called. This harkens back to this post , which we hope you explored.

For those who know: we are all literally known as "The Event People." We are scattered all over. This is what the spirits and higher-order beings keep calling us, but we just thought they were being nice. They weren't. They were being literal. We are to take a much more active role than any of us expected. Here's what to do.

From now on, at each meditation, after you ground + protect + connect , those participating are to imagine their "light bodies" expanding to ONE THOUSAND FEET, standing tall. Your body is an imaginary one, made of light, just an idea, but a powerful idea that is all-powerful. Imagine yourself huge and tall and glowing, towering over the surrounding area. Then imagine you hold two staffs of light -- one for the One (that's all of us), and one for SOURCE. Those participating are The Event People, acting as light bridge in the middle, a conduit for SOURCE energy coming from another dimension as well as from inside you. As you stand tall, hold the staffs as per the above example, then extend the ends to the center of the earth, the tops into the sky past the thin blue line of atmosphere. Remain vigilant. You are a literal light anchor.

 Stand UP and Be Counted Spiritual-warrior

Do this as long as your meditation lasts, as long as you reasonably can. Sometimes it will be quite difficult, or overwhelming. Hold fast. Our job, the reason why we're here, is to literally serve as SOURCE conduit for The Event, holding enLIGHTening rods for SOURCE energy coming in (aka, "Wave X"). THAT'S the meaning behind The Long Man of Wilmington carved into that chalk hill, only it's not a man, it's a giant light being -- it's US that someone saw long ago. Many of us have been doing this anyway, but with only one staff. Now we're going to ratchet it up a notch and invite more people to do it with us. 

Now, as to the countdowns, some extra info. The countdowns are for OUR activities as light anchors. We didn't fully realize this, before. The SOURCE energy comes in all the time, gets stronger all the time, to the zero hour (and well beyond), holding fast at our light stations as long as we can. This was always to be the way The Event happened -- that is, with our help. It's not just SOURCE. It's all of us, working together with SOURCE. Those who were waiting for the heavens to open up and do everything for them need to set that fantasy aside and do the work. We cannot be passive any longer.

 Stand UP and Be Counted Stand-up
Stand UP and be counted!


PLEASE don't go stand out in the weather with lighning rods to try and anchor the light. You'll only get yourself killed.

 Stand UP and Be Counted Struck-by-lightning
7.26 gigawatts!

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