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[Replay Weekend] The Sacred Plant docuseries

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1 [Replay Weekend] The Sacred Plant docuseries on Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:39 am


Free Replay Weekend - The Sacred Plant Docuseries
Our friend John, the host of the amazing docuseries The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed, is having a 48-hour encore screening starting today, November 11th – and I want to make sure you get the chance to see it.

If there’s ONE health or healing event you take the time to see this YEAR – this is the one.

Having to live with a chronic condition OR watch a loved one suffer is a source of pain on so many levels.

If you’re suffering, not only are you bearing the burden of your own diagnosis, but you have to live with the guilt of feeling like you’re not living your life the way it should be.

Or if you’re on the sidelines watching a friend or family member suffering, their pain is yours and more.

This series gives you the vital information you absolutely must have to find the healing you deserve, and The Sacred Plant gives you HOPE and ACTIONS you can actually take to make that happen.

I can’t express enough what you’ll learn when you watch. It’s the starting point to your healing journey.

If you missed any episodes, or if you want to see this all for the first time, the entire series will be available free all weekend long.

All you have to do is watch this powerful replay now to take control of your future and your health.

Ryan Mullins - Wake up World Founder.

P.S. John will be hosting a Q&A session on both Saturday at 12 noon and on Sunday at 12 noon to answer questions, give more insight into his own journey and help you find the path to true healing.

Don’t miss out – click here now


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