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Sevan Bomar - "Truth Will Always Stand"

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1 Sevan Bomar - "Truth Will Always Stand" on Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:19 am



The Light Workers Media
Published on Nov 16, 2017

Sevan Bomar - "Truth Will Always Stand" Audio clip from The Keymaker Episode 2 With Sevan Bomar on Truth Frequency Radio recorded on November 14, 2015 Ancient Origins Of Duality Full Show: MP3 Archive: Episode #2 This Episode of the Keymaker centers around discovering the origins of duality in order to decrypt the barriers placed within our consciousness that prevents true creativity. It examines the symbolism and objects often embedded in to our subconscious as literal enemies in order to keep us locked out of balance. Ideas such as The Apple, The Pentagram, Eve, Adam, Lilith, Lucifer, Wisdom, and Creativity are all collapsed in to being variations of the same concept. Armed with this knowledge you are able to eliminate fear with real techniques such as tightening your sphincter to transcend the lunar body that corresponds to fear, regret, excessive thought,and lack of focus dubbed as “The Monkey Mind”. Enjoy! The Keymaker is the next sequel in the series of interactive enlightenment hosted by Sevan Bomar, a world renown Metaphysician who has heralded some of the most advanced concepts pertaining to progressive spirituality. This show is designed to bring you the latest and most effective news, knowledge, and techniques based on decades of application and experience. It features a unique question and answer platform that allows viewers to gain solutions to the toughest queries related to human activation. Sevan is known for his publication, The Code to the Matrix, and multiple networking platforms that he has designed including The Resistance, Astral Quest, and Secret Energy. With over 17,000 members worldwide lending input and support you’re sure to experience a life changing transformation every show! if you would like to send your questions in for review, you can do so by filling out the Q & A form located at Truth Frequency Radio is a team of individuals committed to elevating the consciousness of humanity. While our foundation is built upon working together, our team is diversified enough to take different positions on various subjects to provide you a 360° view of what is important to you. We never hesitate to discuss topics that other outlets deem “taboo”, out of fear of losing advertisers or affiliates. And best of all, we provide you the information you need to empower yourself! The views and opinions of hosts, guests and callers may be completely contrary to the views and opinions of management or other members of our team. However, we pride ourselves on this type of diversity. We know that differing opinions are necessary for conscious, awakened thought, and we want you to be well-equipped to handle the changes our society – as well as our mother earth – are experiencing." We Activate Humans At Secret Energy "Real products that activate dormant spiritual abilities" Etherium Gold, Shilajit, Colloids, Synergy Crystals, Ayurvedic Formulas amongst many other elements can be found at Youtube channel:


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