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Ascension – The Biology Of Altering Perception

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Ascension – The Biology Of Altering Perception
Posted by AbZu

art by Cameron Gray
by Janie Carter,
Guest writer,
On the 11/11, I received a large download of cosmic information related to ascension as I was falling asleep. It was a long stream of images and concepts – I hope I can do justice to translating this amazing 5D language of light into the limited 3D language of words.
Below is the double-triangle symbol that I saw and that I will use throughout the article. There was a lot of information so I am going to break the article down into three parts.

Let’s start by defining ascension. The word “ascension” implies a direction but it is not UP, it is not even really OUT. The best way to describe it in 3D language is MORE. As in MORE perception. It can also be described as LIGHT – but not as in the opposite of dark, but as in the opposite of DENSE.
Reality is not actually a creation or manifestation – and by this I mean it is not something coming into being – it is a result of PERCEPTION. Nothing comes into existence – it is only perceived, or not perceived. Everything exists in energetic form as pure potential and what constitutes our reality is defined by what we are able to perceive from All That Is, Has Been and Will Be. And this can differ collectively and individually which we will get to later.
So changes in reality are not changes in something existing or not, but are changes in how we perceive energy.

The Biology of Perception

Biologically, perception occurs via the space between out neurons. Have you ever wondered why the nerve is not a single, connected tube? An uninterrupted channel (like a wire) is much more effective at carrying an electric signal – yet our neurons are strings of cells with gaps in between them, which are called synapses.

Everything that is, has been or will be exists everywhere in space, so it also exists in the space between our neurons. And it is in the synapse that the process of perception takes place.
Our DNA transmits a signal – a frequency – that represents everything about Who We Are. This signal is a complex interaction and summary of all our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, along with some of the collective beliefs, thoughts and emotions specific to each individual.
As our DNA transmits this signal, the energy from the All That Is contained within our synapses either resonates with, or does not resonate with, our own personal signal. All energy has the potential for us to perceive it, but if it does not resonate with our unique signal then we cannot perceive it. Whereas the energy from the All That Is that resonates with the signal from our DNA causes the specific energetic frequency to SLOW DOWN between our neurons. It is this slowing down within our synapses that causes the particular frequency to become DENSER and hence able to be received by our SENSES, or PERECEIVED.
This is the Law of Attraction in action.
The human mind then translates the perceived energy by responding and reacting to it and giving it meaning. This is what constitutes the human experience.
“Perception is what is most important. At all moments you are transmitting your reality.”
~ Sananda

The Amazing Multi-Dimensional Human Senses

We perceive via our senses.
Typically, when we think of the human senses we think of the basic 5 senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These are the human senses that perceive the DENSEST and SLOWEST energy. In other words, they make the energy appear tangible in our current construct of reality, and therefore more acceptable to the human linear and logical lower mind.
These 5 basic senses are 3D – by that I mean they are only able to perceive based on a single point of focus that then moves through a linear progression of time and space.
But we have many, many other senses – in a way the human body is all “sense”. Everything in our body is designed to perceive energy and translate it into meaning via our mind. When we digest food what we are really doing is perceiving the frequency of what we believe to be food and then responding to this by absorbing and processing it. When we fight off an infection we are really perceiving the frequency of what we believe to be a germ and then responding to it with our immune system.
All we are ever doing is receiving, perceiving and responding.
These 5 basic senses only perceive very dense frequencies that have been slowed down a great deal as a result of the strong, prevalent collective beliefs and thoughts. But we also have senses that do not require frequencies to be slowed down across our synpases to the same extent for us to perceive them. What these senses perceive is not as dense or tangible as the chair we are sitting on, or the screen we are looking at. They perceive faster and therefore less dense energy that cannot be perceived with our 5 basic senses.
Some examples:

  • INTUITION is a sense where we perceive a feeling or knowing that resonates with us and we then translate it into personal meaning.
  • IMAGINATION is a sense where we perceive a future from amongst all our potential futures, and by focusing on it we make it denser and slower. The more we focus on it and slow it down, the more we are able to perceive it as something tangible with our basic 5 senses – hence it becomes a part of our 3D reality.
  • MEMORY is a sense where we perceive a past from amongst all out potential pasts. This means our past is NOT FIXED, but must resonate with the current story we tell ourselves. The more we focus on that version of the past the denser it becomes and the more it becomes a tangible memory.
  • DREAMING is a sense that allows us to perceive seemingly impossible events or situations, that most of us think are not “real”. Yet astral projection and lucid dreaming provide an acute perception in dreams that provide a multi-dimensional experience that seems as real as reality.

These senses are multi-dimensional. They are able to perceive beyond linear time and space. They perceive events from the past, the future and from other locations than where our physical body happens to be. But of course we can only access these senses if they are aligned with our beliefs and we transmit a signal that allows them to be part of our human experience.
EVERYTHING is perception. EVERYTHING. So when our perception changes, our reality changes – our past, our present and our future. And the only way to change our perception is by changing the frequency of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are transmitted by our DNA.

Perception and Ascension

Just as our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions create our reality, so do they create our experience of ascension. And our perception has to shift in order to ascend. Let’s go back to the triangles.
In the red triangle the bottom point is a single point of focus and perception. In other words, it can only experience ONE reality as ONE perception point at any one moment – this is ONE dimension. This single point of focus experiences a linear flow of information as “time” as it steps from one perception to the next. In this case the flow of information resonates with the collective belief of “time”. This is where the large majority of humans currently perceive their reality: This is 3D – stepping a single point of perception through the false construct of time and space. This experience relies predominantly on the denser 5 basic senses to provide the perception of reality.
To explain changing perception as it relates to ascension means understanding that just because we only perceive a single point of focus through the 5 basic senses, does not mean there are not other points of focus. Whether these other points of focus are imagination and memory (our current human experience outside of time and space) or other versions of ourselves or past lives (our human having experiences outside our current reality), or are other humans’ or other beings’ points of focus does not really matter. What is important is that we accept that there ARE other points of focus and we can access them through other multi-dimensional senses of perception. Simply changing our belief that this is possible alters the signal transmitted through our DNA, which then allows our neurons to slow down the energy frequencies that pass through our synapses that resonate with this belief. In other words, we are able to unlock our multi-dimensional senses to perceive these other points of focus.
In this image below there are separate points of focus represented by the pink triangles alongside our individual 3D point of focus in red. Our ability to access these other points of focus depends on how far “up” the triangle of focus our beliefs allow us to be.

Do you believe you can see future possible timelines? Do you believe you had past lives? Do you believe there are other versions of you out there and you can tap into their experience? Do you believe you can connect with extra-terrestrial beings?
As we go further “up” the triangle we widen our range of perception and we can see more focus points. As a result we are able to perceive lighter (or less-dense) realities. Keep in mind there is no actual top of the triangle as shown in this diagram – it is instead an infinitely large triangle of ever-expanding perceptions!
This is how our perception is linked to ascension. Firstly, expanding our beliefs about what is possible is fundamental to the ascension experience. Then we respond with thoughts and feelings aligned with that belief so that our DNA transmits a frequency that resonates with multi-dimensional perception. Then we experience our own amazing unique version of our personal reality.

Individual versus Collective Perception

The default perception is provided by the collective consciousness – which is a sum of every individual’s beliefs and perception who is part of the collective. These are the “rules” of reality that humanity has chosen to play by at this point in our evolution. This collective perception provides the default guidelines the majority live by – like the concepts of time and history as examples. If we are not aware of the fact that the collective perception is not “real” – and that much more is possible – then we simply follow and live within the collective reality. This does not provide for much change within the collective because we only ever transmit the frequency of “what is” from our DNA, causing us to only perceive more of “what is”.
It is only when we open to the fact that we can have our own individual experience of reality, that we do! And it is only when we start to perceive the reality that we want to, that this feeds back into and expands the collective beliefs about reality to be more than “what is”. This is the reason we are here – this is evolution in action.

How to Alter Perception

So ascension is all about changing beliefs and therefore changing perception. Here is what you can do to sense and perceive more of multi-dimensional reality:
1. Believe multi-dimensional perception is possible – read about others experiences and expand your ideas of what is possible.
2. Align your thoughts to these beliefs and intend to have more multidimensional experiences yourself.
3. Align your feelings to your intentions and imagine having these experiences – really feel what will it feel like when you have that experience.
4. Expect multi-dimensional perception – have the attitude that it will happen, with no expectation about how or when.
5. Take inspired action that aligns with your expectations and look for proof in 3D reality!

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