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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » HISTORIES MYSTERIES » 12000 Yr Old Mountain Sized Statue Found In Africa?

12000 Yr Old Mountain Sized Statue Found In Africa?

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There is one that is similar in New Hampshire, it is called the 'Man in the Mountain', I have seen it with a 'spruce tree' that someone tied underneath the 'chin' to make it look like it had a beard-There is another one in 'Franconia Notch', New Hampshire that is called 'Indian Head'- Trees resemble a headdress from the top of the head back-


yay you found your train smilie! :)



I did, thank you!! It's a nice one, too!!!


Yeah Terbo, unfortunately the "Old Man of the Mountain"  aka "The Great Stone Face" collapsed in May of 2003. It's not officially known for sure how old it was, but it was at least 198 yrs. old. There had been many attempts over the years to preserve the 'Ol Man' using steel cables etc. to hold it together, but finally the support structure of underlying rocks gave way and most all of the Ol' Man with it. At least 'Indian Head' still stands.

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Thank you, Marty, for the info on the 'Man in the Mountain', I was not aware of it crumbling to the ground- The last time I was at 'Elephant's head' at Crawford Notch, was in fact, the last time I saw the 'Ol Man, around 1997, and saw it before I went to 'Elephant's Head'- Sat up there, drank a couple of beers, and ate an Italian sandwich that day on Elephant's head, I think it was on a Saturday, toward the end of the month, in July- It was a very warm day that day-I used to go up there all the time, as I loved it there, and enjoyed seeing the 'miniature' look of the tourist train from The Conway Scenic Railroad-I rode on that in years past, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all that were on the train! It is beautiful in the fall, with the changing of the seasons, all the different colors of the trees-


*BUMP* -For Marty-

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