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Breaking Old Agreements - The Four Agreement By Don Miguel Ruiz

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Consciousness Of Economic

I met Mr. Ruiz back years ago, he came to Reno. It was right before he became famous, in weeks he would be on Oprah and his work would skyrocket out of this world. Out of all the gurus, shamans, medicine workers, teachers, masters that I have studied with and been trained by, Ruiz had energy that I witnessed that I have never seen in Another person since. There was a situation with one of Ruiz students during the Reno talk and it created an uproar in the audience where I was. Ruiz just stood up and this energy came out of him and circled everyone in the room, no words were said, this energy removed conflict in our minds and hearts and the whole room became quiet and at peace. Emanation, he was a true master of not only his own power but the world around him. To this day I understand that I will never have that certain kind of power, that is the power Ruiz is and has developed. I, however, had strong, ball busting energy like a bulldozer, always has been that way for me. My shamanism work is learning how to control my power better and to use it only for the good, the betterment, help this world in the best way I can. Power takes a huge amount of work to get it focused, get ourselves focused. I will never forget Ruiz and the most beautiful energy I have ever witnessed on this earth!


Thank you C of E that was excellent.

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