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Chicago, POTUS, Who is in charge?

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1 Chicago, POTUS, Who is in charge? on Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:50 am


Firstly apologies if this is a repost

As an outsider I am not familiar with aspects of American internal law and order ways of doing things.

The story below raises some questions about the direction and/or level of trust in internal ways of dealing with crime.

As I understand matters which I confess could be wrong, all states have, or have access to a national guard for emergency situations.

All states have military positioned within that could deal with serious internal problems with large amounts of criminals if needed

So why is there this talk of troops under UN control stalking the streets of an American city?

A foreign army invited by public servants without consent has various historical names attached to such actions. They all mean the same and it is at best completely illegal

Chicago criminals killing Chicago criminals one would think makes the job of policing the place much easier

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

2 Re: Chicago, POTUS, Who is in charge? on Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:33 am


Yes! One would think that they would just let the gang bangers eradicate each other. I think they want to gentrify the city and remove all of the slum housing, called section 8 here, and make room for the upwardly mobile millennials.
When they knocked down the famous Cabrini Green Housing and moved the section 8 dwellers out to the suburbs they succeeded in doing just that. As such my little town of 20 thousand went from being called Woodstock to Hoodstock within a years time. The gang bangers have adapted to suburban living.
These gangs will make mince meat outta these UN guys in the sky blue helmets. LOL


3 Re: Chicago, POTUS, Who is in charge? on Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:30 pm


PurpleSkyz wrote:
These gangs will make mince meat outta these UN guys in the sky blue helmets. LOL

Depends where they are from Purpz

Any north west europe troops would look like playthings to the gangs, until the gangs found out not to upset them

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

4 Re: Chicago, POTUS, Who is in charge? on Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:52 am


MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA: Cook County Commissioner Asks The United Nations To Send Troops Onto The Streets Of Chicago

Posted on December 17, 2017 by Alex Thomas

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin recently met with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations during which he requested that the world governing body send troops onto the violence plagued streets of Chicago.
While no one can deny the fact that Chicago is essentially a warzone, the fact that a liberal city commissioner is planning to use United Nations peacekeepers to confront said violence should send shockwaves down the spine of any freedom loving American.
“We are headed to the United Nations to meet with the assistant secretary general to talk about the violence in Chicago, the gun violence in particular, the bloodshed that is taking place in too many of our communities, Boykin said at a press conference before the meeting.
Boykin then went on to stunningly reveal that he is actually seeking to have the United Nations police the civilian population in Chicago.

“Im hoping to appeal to the UN to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts,” Boykins continued.
After being asked by a reporter why he believes using UN troops to curb violence rather than actual American police would be a good idea, Boykin revealed that he does indeed want the requested troops to essentially become the police in Chicago.
“They have been able to help in places like Africa, where they have sent troops in, sent forces in, to help protect minority and vulnerable populations, so frankly I think the same can be said for here in Chicago,” said Boykin.

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While so-called conspiracy theorists have long believed that globalists forces would eventually send United Nations troops to the streets of America, we now have absolute, 100% proof that this is indeed the plan.
Liberal leaders in Chicago are now openly planning to declare martial law, complete with UN shock troops on the streets to police the American population.
Alex Thomas is a staff writer and reporter for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up – follow Alex’s work at our Facebook or Twitter.

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5 Re: Chicago, POTUS, Who is in charge? on Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:05 am


Hmmmmm, and this is also in direct violation of the United States Constitution..But hey, what else is new!

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