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Earthquake hits Tehran, Iran and Northern Yukon, Canada

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Earthquake hits Tehran, Iran and Northern Yukon, Canada Unnamed3-498x243

2 dead, 97 injured after M5.2 earthquake hits Tehran, Iran

Posted by TW on December 22, 2017 

Earthquake hits Tehran, Iran and Northern Yukon, Canada Tehran-earthquake-december-20-2017-location


Two people have died and nearly 100 were injured after a M5.2 earthquake hit near Tehran, capital of Iran on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.
The quake hit at a depth of 15 km (9.3 miles) at 19:57 UTC (23:27 local time) just 2.8 km (1.7 miles) WSW of Malārd (population 56 745), 20.2 km (12.6 miles) S of Karaj (population 1 448 075) and 40 km (25 miles) E of Tehran (population 8.1 million). The USGS reported the quake as M4.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).
According to the head of Iran's hospital emergency services, a 70-year-old woman died after suffering a heart attack and a 10-year-old girl died of elevated stress. In total, 97 people were injured and around 50 of them were admitted to hospital.
The quake caused no major damage but tens of thousands of people spent the night outside for fear of aftershocks, AFP reports. Many of them did so in their vehicles with the engines switched on for warmth in the wintry conditions, exacerbating the thick smog that has enveloped the capital all week.


Unusual Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Hits Just Below Arctic Circle in Northern Yukon, Canada

A rare M5.0 earthquake hit Northern Yukon on December 22, 2017, just below the Arctic Circle. This is the 6th largest quake ever measured in the area and the largest tremor this year.
The 5.0 magnitude earthquake, the strongest recorded in the province this year, struck at 08:00:12 AM (UTC). The epicentre was located 219km S of Fort McPherson, Canada at a depth of 1.7 km (1.05 miles)e.
While seismic activity is not uncommon in northern Yukon, this is the first earthquake larger or equal to M5.0 in 10 years. This year, the previous strongest quake was a M4.4 quake 8 months ago.

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