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Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” plus more

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1Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map”  plus more Empty Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” plus more on Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:33 am


Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees

January 12, 2018

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map”  plus more Hjhjjhtrtrt-696x348
Article and resource curation by the Infomaniac
Original “Q Web” map by Dylan Louis Monroe
Source for over 95% of this material:
Google    Bing    The Wayback Machine    Facebook Groups     Twitter
Please submit suggestions to the MemeLab.

Article updated January 11, 2018 with many new resources, a good number of them very large and high resolution.
The material presented below has primarily been collected the old-fashioned way: Google. Aside from Dylan Louis Monroe’s remarkably detailed “Q Web,” almost nothing is new that the the Alt Media crowd hasn’t had access to. This should not be construed as a “drop by Q Anon.”  This is a reasonably organized and presented collection of notes and diagrams from a few bloggers and memeologists, that’s it. We are not affiliated with Q Anon nor any organization.
All of this information is intended to be shared and reposted, including this article in its entirety. That said, this is a dynamic article with more maps and diagrams being added and Dylan has and will continue to provide updates, revisions, and a number of additional products. It is suggested that you link to this article so readers and researchers will have access to the newer material, but the important part is getting the bulk of the open-source information to those with ears to hear and eyes to see.
If you have additions for this collection, please get them to the Meme Lab Facebook group.


This is a list of Sections each containing several images.
Items listed in bold are featured High Resolution Diagrams. 

  • How View And To Save These Images
    Viewing   –   Saving A Single Image   –   Saving The Entire Archive
  • Introductory Overview Viedos
  • Q Web By Dylan Louis Monroe
  • The World Government – Bureau D’etudes
  • New World Order Organizational Chart
  • The Conspiracy To Rule The World 2.0 (2014)
  • The Cabal – Theoretical Functional Relationships
  • The Global Pyramid Scheme
  • Neo-Feudalism: Corporatocracy vs. Capitalism
  • The Committee of 300
  • The Illuminati
  • The Elite Network
  • The Bildgerberg Group: Global Corporatocracy
  • Operation Mockingbird: Mass Media Mind Control
  • The United Nations
  • NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • United States Shadow Government Treasonous Conspiracy Webs
  • Skull and Bones Secret Society at Yale
  • The CIA – The Central Intelligence Agency
  • The DOJ and the FBI
  • Sean Hannity Connects the Dots
  • Connect the Dots: Follow the Money
  • The “Scandal Free” Obama Administration
  • Fetullah Gulen and the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Network in the United States
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – The House of Saud
  • The Vatican
  • The Three Rouges: Satan, Lucifer, and Moloch
  • A Conspiracy of Conspiracies: The Grand Global Conspiracy
  • Exopolotics (Map of Star Trek and Star Wars Universes)
  • Map of the Alien Invaders (“Map of the Alien Lifewaves“)
  • Resources
  • Videos Referencing and Linking to This Article
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

Many of the images are high resolution. Clicking on most images will expand them to their full-resolution so you can zoom in on them and read them easier. Images where a high resolution source has not been found are not linked but may still be viewed by right-clicking and selecting “Open in new tab.”
The collection is over 250 images, many high resolution. If you find that your browser lags each time you click Back, you can Right-Click, “Open image in new tab,” and view the images other tabs.
If you are reading this and the URL ends with /amp/?__twitter_impression=true then you are not reading the article as it was intended as it has been designed for a specific column width. Deleting that part of the URL allows you to properly view the site on Through the Looking Glass instead of through the Twitter filter. It’s a free WordPress site, so there’s no advertising or clickbait except for what WordPress drops in.

  • Right-click, “Save image as…”
  • Some high resolution images are linked off site and you may need to save the higher quality image from there.


  • Right-click, “Save as…” anywhere on the web page that is NOT an image.

    • For example, RIGHT CLICK THIS BLUE TEXT and select “Save as…”

  • You will be prompted to save an html file that INCLUDES A FOLDER WITH ALL ASSOCIATED IMAGES
  • Navigate to the folder
  • View by Details
  • Sort by Type
  • Move the JPGs to your archive folder
  • Trash the non-JPG files

Some of the high resolution images are linked off-site and may require you to go there to properly complete your collection, but the above technique will capture the majority of the images preventing you from having to right-click your way to a carpal-tunnel flare-up.
Thanks to all the nameless, faceless contributors to our collective knowledge base, especially for that which is available on the interwebs.

Introductory Overview Viedos

There are several dozen highly detailed images below, and navigating through them may seem quite overwhelming. There’s an army of Alternative Media Reporters and Vloggers who are providing excellent analyses that provide a number of alternative narratives that might be closer to the truth than the official narrative pushed by Mainstream Media (MSM). At the top of this post appear a number of videos that provide overviews of the collection of maps before you go diving into the collection. At the bottom of the article are other video reports referencing this article. If you create a video, please send the link to someone at the Meme Lab.
Vloggers, know that the posting of the link in your videos has exponentially increased the traffic on the article. You are having a massive impact on connecting your viewers to the material you are recommending, WordPress analytics clearly show this. If possible, please do not include the /amp/?__twitter_impression=true in links to the article so your followers can view the site as intended.
The SGT Report does a great overview starting at 3:05 and is covered through the rest of the video.

XtremeRealityCheck has done a great job providing an introduction to our collection of dozens of maps, diagrams, org charts, and family trees:

YouTube vlogger kinninigan of has also produced a good introduction, with different insights than XtremeRealityCheck.

Thanks to: zIKY at:


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