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Dark Journalist: UFO Deception with Joseph Farrell, Walter Bosley and Alexandra Bruce

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Dark Journalist: UFO Deception with Joseph Farrell, Walter Bosley and Alexandra Bruce

Last night, I joined Daniel Liszt, Joseph Farrell and Walter Bosley to talk about the missing secret Zuma satellite and the many things that don’t add up about the NY Times UFO story. Our conversation is ultimately about the current state of ufology and it really starts to get cooking after the first hour.
Joseph Farrell believes we’re living in a paradigm shift, noting that the crumbling of the Tom DeLonge-NY Times UFO story marks the last hurrah of this post-war era attempt to control a narrative; that ufology can no longer continue to operate in isolation from other fields; that we’re ready for some mature reflection and interdisciplinary scholarship on the subject.
I weigh in to say that the main complex of things that’s held back ufology, keeping it ghettoized for so long has to do with the prospect of alternative energy and the complete dissolution of the global status quo presented by non-petroleum-based energy. Viable alternative energy is tantamount to the collapse of the petrodollar and therefore of the dollar as well, without which the US cannot pay for its military empire spanning the globe.
When you have Saudi Arabia saying that they’re going to “go green”, when you have Russia, Iran and China bypassing the petrodollar, buying and selling petroleum with yuan and with other currencies, you inevitably have the collapse of the American UFO cover-up and its latest limited hangout, the To the Stars-Elizondo narrative.

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