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Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks

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Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks  Illuminati+shqip

Satanic Sanhedrin of Warlocks

Satanism is sadism. In most cases Satanists are openly evil while Luciferians which are also sadists use false light of materialism and religion to conceal their depraved nature. Luciferians are also more driven by greed. Michael Aquino is a top Satanist in the United States who worked for the US military as an intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare. Michael Aquino was a member of the Church of Satan and he later established the Temple of Set. Set was an Egyptian deity that represented destruction and chaos. Don Webb is a high priest of the Temple of Set today. Michael Aquino established his Order of the Trapezoid within the Temple of set at Wewelsberg Castle in Germany to honor the Nazis which used this location. The Nazis were involved in occultism and openly carried out human sacrifices. The word holocaust means a wholly burnt offering. Aquino studied their beliefs for establishing his satanic cult and knighthood. Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan and today Peter Gilmore is a high priest of the Church of Satan and top Satanic warlock and mind controller in the United States. Peter Gilmore has a very high level of authority within secret societies and extremely sadistic. Gilmore’s wife is Peggy Nadramia and she is also a Satanist. Anton LaVey’s daughters Karla LaVey and Zeena Schreck are high level Satanists today. Sammy Davis Jr. was a well known member of the Church of Satan and was also a Jewish convert and Roman Catholic Knight of Malta. The royal families run organized religions and also run secret societies including Satanism, Setianism, and Luciferianism.
Ozzy Osbourne is one of the highest level Satanists in the world along with his satanic family and members of his band like Zakk Wylde. His rock group Black Sabbath is named in reference to the Black Mass which is a satanic ritual that has known origins in France. The earliest documented Black Mass was held by Queen Catherine de Medici of France. The Medici family have been linked with witchcraft numerous times. Ozzy has a song called Mr. Crowley in reference to Aleister Crowley who is one of the most well known Satanists. There are reports of Aleister Crowley admitting to sacrificing hundreds of children. Ozzy Osbourne even bit the head off a bat at a concert. Ozzy Osbourne is a descendant of the Osborne family which were the Dukes of Leeds and British politicians. George Osborne is a British politician today. Osborne House located in East Cowes was a former residence of the British royal family. A high level Satanist that I am aware of is a man named Carey Cowles and he is involved in human sacrifice and electronic harassment. Many occultists came out of England and were involved with Freemasonry and the Royal Society like Francis Bacon, Thomas Browne, and Alice Bailey. Jay Z wore a shirt using Aleister Crowley’s motto of “do what thou wilt.” Jay Z has worked with the music producer Rick Rubin who is a high level satanic warlock in the music industry. Rick Rubin produced Black Sabbaths album called 13 and has also worked with the Dixie Chicks. The Dixie Chicks supported the West Memphis Three who were three teenagers that were convicted of murdering three young boys as a satanic ritual. Johnny Depp is also a major supporter of these child murderers.
Marilyn Manson is a member of the Church of Satan and he oversees many Wiccan cults as a back up for the Luciferians. The Rock music industry is filled with Satanists and Luciferians like members of the bands Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, and rock musician Henry Rollins. Insane Clowne Posse are horrorcore rap group and very sadistic Satanists. Their Juggalo cult members are satanic as well. The hand “sign of the horns” is a common satanic symbol representing the inverted pentagram with the horned goat Baphomet inside. This symbol is often used in the rock music industry and also used extensively by Luciferians in politics, entertainment, and Hollywood. Barack Obama and George Bush can be seen using the sign of the horns frequently. The Church of Satan and Temple of Set follow masonic formats using degrees and initiations. Most Freemasons worship Lucifer. Satanists worship Baphomet. The construct of Lucifer is the false light that conceals his real identity or essence which is Baphomet a goat faced hermaphrodite. Satanists and fully initiated Luciferians are involved with torture, human and animal sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, and sexual sadism. Luciferians and Satanists are not much different except for their outward appearances. Luciferians are more effective because they blend into society better. Satanists are extremely dangerous and malicious. They are involved in the broader plot for total human enslavement which is the agenda of the New World Order. These groups use witchcraft which is mind control, satanic ritual abuse of children, deception, chemical warfare, and other covert methods of tyranny.

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