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Out Of Mind » TRUTH IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES » CONSPIRACY & FALSE FLAG EVENTS: PAST & PRESENT » The City Of Austin Texas On Lockdown As Serial FedEx Package Bomber Terrorizes Community

The City Of Austin Texas On Lockdown As Serial FedEx Package Bomber Terrorizes Community

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The City Of Austin Texas On Lockdown As Serial FedEx Package Bomber Terrorizes Community

The package contained shrapnel made up of 'nails and pieces of metal', CBS Austin reports. About 75 people were working at the FedEx facility at the time of the explosion.  The latest blast follows a Sunday night explosion that was triggered along a street in Austin by a nearly invisible tripwire, suggesting a 'higher level of sophistication' than agents saw in three early package bombs left on doorsteps.

by Geoffrey Grider   March 20, 2018

A package ‘containing nails and pieces of metal’ destined for Austin has exploded and injured one person inside a FedEx facility in nearby San Antonio in the fifth bombing to rock the state this month.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The events right now unfolding in Texas with a crazed serial bomber blowing up people with nail bombs in FedEx packages shows you that guns are not the problem. The real problem is the wicked heart of man combined with the fact that we are living in the last days before the Rapture of the Church, and the wheels are starting to come off the bus. There have been so many knife, gun and bomb attacks in recent years that we have gotten used to all this as the new normal. Indeed, as I am typing this, news coming across the wire tells me of a school shooting in Maryland happening right now. Ever feel like the entire fabric we exist in is beginning to collapse? That’s because it is. 
The wounded employee was taken to hospital after suffering a mild injury in the explosion at the distribution center in Schertz, about 65 miles south of Austin, shortly after midnight.
The package detonated as it was moving from one conveyor belt to another and the female staff member, who was not hit by the contents, was treated for a headache, possibly caused by a concussion.
Federal agents say the package is likely linked to four other attacks this month in Austin, some 80 miles north-east of San Antonio, that have left two dead and four injured. Authorities say a ‘serial bomber’ is at large and have warned that the devices appear to be getting more sophisticated.
The package contained shrapnel made up of ‘nails and pieces of metal’, CBS Austin reports. About 75 people were working at the facility at the time of the explosion.

The latest blast follows a Sunday night explosion that was triggered along a street in Austin by a nearly invisible tripwire, suggesting a ‘higher level of sophistication’ than agents saw in three early package bombs left on doorsteps.

It means the carnage by the serial bomber that has terrorized Austin for weeks is now random, rather than targeted at someone in particular. Authorities don’t appear closer to making any arrests in the five bombings.

FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee said although it is still early in the investigation, it was likely all five bombings are related. She didn’t have details about the size, weight or description of the package that exploded.
It comes as President Donald Trump was criticized for his silence over the Austin bombings, where most of the victims have come from the city’s historically black and Latino neighborhoods.
Unlike other attacks, such as the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, which Trump was quick to label an act of terrorism, the president has remained silent about the Austin bombs.
The first two bombs killed black men and investigators believed that the third, which injured a 75-year-old Latina woman, may have been intended for a black family’s home – raising the possibility they were a hate crime.
Sunday’s trip wire bomb, which injured two white men on a sidewalk, went off shortly after police made a rare public call to the suspect to explain his motives.
The trip wire explosion forced police to warn nearby residents to remain indoors overnight on Sunday as investigators looked for links to the three other package bombings in the city. Police have still been unable to determine a motive for the string of bombings, which have killed two people in Austin and put the city of nearly two million on edge. source

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