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The Truth Shall Set You Free – If you Shall Be Like Me

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The Truth Shall Set You Free – If you Shall Be Like Me

May 6, 2018 Ines Radman 

I love this guy C. W. Chanter below. He started out with 45 views on YT and is now reaching over 2000 views. Why do I love this guy? I love him because he shares my thoughts 100%, it’s almost spooky that he might be within my frequency and is able to tap into the mass conscious truth. Below are links that go as far back as 2014 on the subject of David Wilcock alone. If you do a search on him, there are many more posts but I don’t have time to search in detail.
Thanks to many of my readers, they made it very difficult for me to take time out and things are really starting to speed up, the disclosure is in full swing. I have received so many emails asking me to keep writing and I can’t disappoint, truth is, I need to keep trucking.  I wrote about disclosure and it’s not about disclosing aliens, it’s about HUMANITY disclosing the ugly secrets that have been hidden from us. Disclosure is in full swing which means it will get crazier and uglier out there as the beasts fight for their lives and control.
Stay tuned for some new info on Veronica Keen; one of my readers sent me an interesting piece and has given me permission to post his email. I need some time for this to find all the posts I wrote on Veronica.
I am not saying this CW is right. I’m not saying I’m right. I’m just saying that we share the same views, you are the one that will decide whether it’s truth or not. I love the way he thinks, I think the same way. It’s obvious he spends a lot of time researching the folks that he talks about, but I just FEEL these people and try to present a different way of thinking for readers to deecide if the information is true or not. In the end, truth is only relevant to you and how it works in your life. You see, whether Trump is a Russian agent or not doesn’t matter to me. The truth about him is irrelevant to me and my life, but some truths are worth contemplating, especially if they directly affect our lives. We have been deceived by these so called GURU’s who claim to have access to higher intelligence. You see, if you think that only ONE person on this planet has access to higher sources, then you’re just as crazy as Katherine E. May, David Wilcock and Simon Parkes. Let’s not go into Alfred Webre that I have exposed years ago for being an idiot with dementia. Who ADMITS he was invaded by AI and yet we are supposed to believe that he is on our side? This is FUNNY. That people will choose to believe one person and on the basis of: “I know, trust me, I have access to secret intelligence.”  Yeah right, and I had dinner with Putin last night, he’s a great lover too! Enjoy! I would really encourage you to listen to more of C.W; if for any reason, for learning a different way of thinking.
For those of you joining the blog in the last year, I encourage you to go back into older posts to see where it all started and why I chose to write on this blog. I want truth, I want disclosure, I want humanity to get angry and finally do something about it.

Thanks to Ines at:


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